Put on A Mask! (Contest Alert!)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

As many long time Addicts readers know, we LOVE to spoil our readers with free stuff!  We love holding contests where we get to give back to you guys for being a part of the amazing Addicts Community!

Well guess what?  It’s time again to give away some free stuff!!  This and once again we’re partnering up with our friends at Fun.com, the company that delivers memories through a billion smiles, a million laughs and a few disapproving headshakes.   We ran a T-Shirt off Our Backs contest back in March from Fun.com and we all had so much fun that we’re doing it again!

So what’s at stake this time?  How do you win?  Wanna tell me to stop dragging it out and just give you the details so you can enter already?!  Alright, alright…stop shaking your heads at me and here’s a hint…


So Fun.com has an awesome line of Simpsons products…including the very T-shirts we gave away last March!  And for Halloween their sister site, HalloweenCostumes.com has an incredible line up of Simpsons themed Halloween Costumes!  Everything from Duff Man to Apu and even Radioactive Man too!  These costumes are seriously awesome!

And to celebrate Halloween Fun.com has agreed to give away some of there awesome Halloween Costumes to the amazing readers of this site!  How cool is that?!

You can check out Fun.com’s full line of Simpsons products here and HalloweenCostumes.com’s full line of Simpsons costumes herethey’ve got some great stuff!

Here’s the Deal…

Fun.com has graciously offered to give TWO of their exclusive Latex Masks to two lucky readers of TSTOAddicts!  How sweet is that?!

Here’s a look at the masks you can choose from….

Top: Homer, Barney, Milhouse
Middle: Flanders, Mr. Burns, Comic Book Guy

Bottom: Otto, Grampa, Willie

They have a huge variety of Latex Masks, Wigs and full costumes..these are just some of the ones that made me laugh the most so we’re basing the giveaway off of these 9.

Two winners will be able to pick which ever mask from the nine shown above they want…pretty cool right?

So How Do I Enter?  And More Importantly, How Do I Win?! 

First, let me say this right off the bat…this contest is open to Addicts Readers who are 18 years and older.  And…I worked with Fun.com to get them to open this up to ALL Addicts Readers (even those outside of the US)!  However, while we’ll do our best…we can’t guarantee these will arrive to any winners outside of the US and Canada prior to Halloween (US and Canada you should have no issues)

So we’re going to make this easy peasy lemon squeezy…to enter (you MUST be 18 or older), simply fill out the info below…

-Be sure to use a valid email when entering…as this is how we will contact you if you win

If you’re having trouble viewing the form, you can access it directly here

Once the contest closes the responses will be put into the randomizer at random.org and two winners will be chosen at random!

When Does the Contest Close

Contest closes on Sunday October 16th, 2016, at 11:59PM (ET)


  • This Giveaway is being hosted and ran by tstoaddicts.com aka The Addicts. Prizes will be fulfilled and shipped by Fun.com.
  • You must be 18 or older to enter.
  • Each contestant may only submit ONE entry! (Multiple entries will not be accepted. If multiple entries are submitted by the same reader only the FIRST entry submitted will be accepted. So pay close attention before you hit submit.)
  • Your valid email address must be provided when submitting an entry, this will be how we will contact you to let you know you won. (This is the email address you will provide in the submission form at the close of the Giveaway, they are not published on the blog and only viewable by the Addicts staff.)
  • Any email addresses we can’t confirm will be immediately disqualified from the Giveaway.
  • Winners will have THREE DAYS to claim your Prize by responding to our email. If we do not receive a response to Claim the Prize within THREE DAYS, you will be immediately disqualified (we’ve got to make this time shorter, so that they can arrive by Halloween). And we’ll award the prize to the next person in line (i.e. If one of the top 2 doesn’t claim their prize, then the person in the 3rd spot becomes a winner.  It moves down the list until we have both prizes claimed)
  • Invalid shipping addresses will be immediately disqualified from the Giveaway. So make sure you provide the correct one to us if we ask you for it via email.
  • This contest is open to ALL tstoaddicts.com Readers 18 and older.
  • Contest is open from Wednesday October 12th, 2016 until Sunday October 16th, 2016 at 11:59pm.
  • Prizes are Valued as follows:
    $29.99 USD
  • Void where prohibited
  • No purchase necessary
  • Addicts Writers, including Contributors and their family members are not eligible to participate.
  • If you have won a prize from Addicts in the past 90 days, you are not eligible for this contest (this means those that won the Better Put On Pants Giveaway are not eligible).
  • This Giveaway is not affiliated with EA, FOX, Gracie Films or anyone else in association with The Simpsons, and The Simpsons Tapped Out.

If you would like a copy of the Official Rules, email  TSTOAddictsblog@gmail.com

Oh as as if Halloween Costumes weren’t enough…HalloweenCostumes.com also just launched some fun minimalist Treehouse of Horror inspired posters!  And they’re all free!  Download them as your computer or phone wallpaper…or just print them out for fun!  They look awesome and are really neat for the true THOH Fan! 🙂


So check em out and have some fun!

And there you have it my friends…the latest contest for the TSTOAddicts Community!

What are your thoughts on Fun.com and HalloweenCostumes.com’s Halloween Line?  Which mask is your favorites?  Will you be picking any up? What will you be for Halloween? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

34 responses to “Put on A Mask! (Contest Alert!)

  1. Please add me play daily need friends with Krustyland user id p0ppyse3d.

    • You’ll have a much better chance of finding someone if you tap on the Add Friends option on the menu at the top than you will posting on this month-old post for a contest that’s already ended….

  2. Favorite Halloween memory: My daughter was 2 yrs old and we went trick or treating with 4 of her older cousins. The older kids took off and left her behind. My sister-in-law stayed back and walked with us. When her bucket got full, it was so heavy that she couldn’t stand up straight and was leaning over. I tried to carry her bucket but, she was having no part in that. My sis-in-law and I started taking candy out of her bucket and stuffing it in our pockets so she could walk straight. It was really funny that she wouldn’t let go of the bucket but had no problem with us taking the candy.

  3. My Halloween memory is from a music class that I took each year in elementary school. Every October in our classroom, the music teacher would have us play out a 5-minute skit of a man (played by one student) walking through a graveyard of dead bodies (lights shut off, all other students on the ground pretending to be dead) while the teacher played an eerie piano ballad, singing the story of the man walking through the graveyard of dead bodies, only to arrive at a mausoleum (the classroom’s closet) with a monster inside (another student). Well long story short, I was playing the role of the monster and really had to go to the bathroom. The five minutes wouldn’t go by fast enough. And when the student playing the man opened the closet door, it was revealed to the class that this monster couldn’t hold his bladder. Everyone laughed at me!!!! 🙁

    Oh you said FAVORITE Halloween memory?? 🙂

    I got my TSTO Addicts shirt today! Holy freaking shirt!! Fits nicely! We should have a shirt show-off! Haha.

  4. YAY!!! I just recieved my TeeSpring addict t-shirt!!!!!!!!!!
    so excited wearing to school tomorrow!!!!!!!

  5. This is so cool! I really hope I get lucky with this one because my dad and I would have so much fun with one of these. Thank you for letting the international tappers in on the contest fun (I specify “contest fun” because everything you guys do here is fun and SO appreciated!)

  6. What a fun contest! I’m not entering though, because I’ll never wear the mask so I’d rather it go to someone who will enjoy owning it more. Otto, Milhouse and Burns are my favs though!

    I have tons of great Halloween memories as it is my favorite time of year. We used to throw crazy parties a few years ago. One year we covered all the walls in giant sheets of white paper and blood splattered, bloody handprinted and wrote creepy things in blood (just red paint…) all over them. Good thing my neighbor downstairs was partying with us and the next door neighbor was deaf because that didn’t end till 5am. I was Edward Scissorhands that year. Another great one was when I was volunteering at a haunted house for Shriners Hospital for kids. I was a zombie in the corn maze and would listen for people’s names and then call out to them. I’d reach through the corn to try to grab them, chase people through the maze and do all kinds of stuff to scare people. I made a girl pee her pants! Best. Memory. Ever!

  7. While I like the look of the masks, I know I’d never wear them. I also don’t have any fond Halloween memories, as it’s a non-event. I tried trick-or-treating as a kid, and most people look at us bewildered and either tell us to go away or give us something lame like a tin of pineapple rings 😛 Now I’m an adult, I know I would be utterly dismayed if random kids turned up at my house expecting lollies haha

    • I should clarify that it’s a non-event in my country… it seems to be a primarily US-only phenomenon, and I know a few people who migrated from there who are dumbfounded that literally nothing happens on Halloween. No parties, no trick-or-treating… it’s just another day!

  8. I know this has nothing to do with the contest, but I want a skin of Homer with his head as a donut so bad. I would pay almost any number of donuts for that skin, I would never remove it, and I would always make Homer do outdoor tasks. They made Devil Flanders, why oh why won’t they make Donut head Homer?

    • That’s a good idea, now I want doughnut head Homer too. 🍩 They could do a funny little quest Line as well. Also unrelated but I would also Love Wendell as a character. Pretty please EA. 🐱🌸⭐️

  9. Very generous! Unfortunately, no female heads, so I think I’ll pass on this one and not take a chance on preventing someone else from winning who might actually use it. Now, of Lisa were an option, it might be a different situation… 😉

    • It looks like they have the wigs/headpieces and costumes for Marge, Lisa, and Maggie at the Halloween costumes site, but no actual masks. I agree, would have loved to seen more for women, and all of the Simpsons family.

  10. Whoooah, so glad this contest is worldwide! Thanks for that! Fingers crossed. 🙂

  11. Although I love them all! Specially the new Burns! (Want!) Homer is the one that is the hardest to find. I have Lisa (with her spiked yellow hair) & Marge (with her tall blue updo) purchased several years ago. Ive been unable to find a Homer or a Bart. I’d love to complete the family… Need need need!

  12. Thanks for this cool contest. I love trick or treating with my kids. My parents didn’t like Halloween, so I didn’t get to participate until I was older, so I love celebrating with my kids and seeing their fun.

  13. It was a bit difficult to enter the memory in the form with only a few words visible at one time. On the other hand, maybe I wasn’t supposed to write a short novel 😉

  14. We went to a Haunted House put on in a copper mining facility. Huge industrial building with steam everywhere. Inside set up like a prison with monsters behind bars. The pièce de résistance was a GIANT pendulum in an enormous room cutting open this living victim. The facility was the 900 pound gorilla!!!

  15. Would enter, unfortunately allergic to latex…

  16. Thank you, guys, for all the help you provide to go trough this little Springfield.

  17. Halloween memory:
    5th or 6th grade we thought we would throw rotten tomatoes at the grade school entrance. Just as we were winding up, the door opened a crack and we heard “I wouldn’t do that.” It was the principal !!!

  18. Cool contest. Glad it’s worldwide too! I don’t really celebrate Halloween but had a great Halloween once outside of the norm partying very hard!

  19. Flanders is really creepy looking!

  20. Awesome! 😀
    I can’t wait to hear everyone’s favourite Halloween memories ♡ …its absolutely my favourite time of the year…☆

  21. Appreciated that you opened this up for everyone. Unfortunately I don’t have Halloween memories, because there is no Halloween here…

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