Where Did THAT Come From- Count Burns Castle

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where did THAT Come From?


In this post I will be going over the Origin of The Count Burns CastleWhy is it in our games? What does it have to do with Halloween? Let’s dive into the Simpsons TV Series to find out more.

Count Burns Castle was brought into our games during Act 1 of the Halloween 2016 Event as Personal Prize #5  you could earn by playing the game.



I had covered this Episode in the past as we were given Count Burns for a previous Halloween Event. You can see the details here.



Here is a quick recap of the episode…

Season 5, Episode 5: Treehouse of Horror IV (Bart Simpson’s Dracula)


Springfield seems to be having a string of murders caused by… MUMMIES??!! At least that is what Wiggum would have everyone believing, but Lisa knows better. It is Nosferatu himself… VAMPIRE!

Mr. Burns just bought up all the Blood Banks in town. He also has invited the Simpsons Family to his “Country House” in Pennsylvania for a midnight dinner.


Lisa is not buying it. Something seems fishy. The Simpsons, all necks washed as requested, pull up to the “Country House” in Pennsylvania. Looks more like a spooky Castle to me.



There you have it, a Treehouse of Horrors episode drops yet another cool item into our silly games for our Halloween cravings.

Did you get Count Burns Castle? What do you think of it? Did you remember this episode? Anyone feeling a lil low on iron? Let us know.


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  1. Mrsnikkig1481 add me

  2. I think they could have been more detailed with the graphics for the castle.

    When you look at the detail, different shades of color etc for other buildings it seems not as defined. (Also maybe a little bigger so that it’s more to scale with other Halloween buildings)

    But now that I know it’s from that episode thoh episode, it brings good memories

  3. “Dad, do you notice anything strange?”

    “Yeah, his hairdo looks so queer…”

  4. Welcome back, Bunny! Will you be back to posting more regularly now? You’ve been pretty much MIA here for so long….

  5. Make a “should I buy” for the flashback thoh pack #2

  6. Bunny! *hugs* 🙂

  7. Oh, Lisa, you and your stories. Bart is a vampire. Beer kills brain cells. Now. Let’s go back to that. Building thingy. Where our beds and tv. Is.

  8. Bart (a la Night Gallery): We come now to the final and most terrifying painting of the evening. To even gaze upon it is [dramatically] to go mad.

    Homer: Aah! They’re dogs…and they’re playing poker!
    — At least they’re not playing pool.

    Bart: We had a story to go with this painting, but it was far too intense. So we just threw something together with vampires. Enjoy!

  9. Alex - abcampos2

    Hi Bunny !!!

    • Tracy - 1ltwoody920

      Yes, hello Bunny. Very glad that you are able to make an appearance. Hope you are up to visiting more often. Take care of yourself.

  10. That’s my favorite THoH. Makes me laugh every time I watch it.


  11. Ok on a slightly unrelated note, I used to play the Family Guy game (but I stopped playing months ago) so I used to regularly check out the FamilyGuy Addicts site back in the day

    I decided to take a peek there now to see what’s brewing there for Halloween, and I see new authors there (RussianTigger, wildthornberry88) …… Are they new mods, or just frequent “guest” posters??? I don’t see their avatars in the website banner

    • My understanding is they’re new mods….

      I don’t have any involvement in that site, or what goes on there anymore. (aside from their use of the Addicts name, and being sure they’re only using it in positive ways) So as far as avatars go, that would be up to Bunny to pay for them to be created if she so chooses.

    • Just helping out over at Family Guy Addicts and having fun doing so. As for appearing as an avatar, no need as far as I’m concerned as The Addicts will always be Alissa, Bunny & Wookiee.

      • Hi there. I didn’t see you writing posts there when I used to play FamilyGuy, so I got curious yesterday, when I saw a LOT of posts written by you & wildthornberry88, but still saw Alissa, Bunny & Wookie on the banner = ))

        Yup, Addicts is synonymous with the Trio …… but Im sure you’ve developed your fans there with your posts. Don’t you play TSTO?? I dont think I ever saw your name in the comments here (but there ARE several hundreds of comments here, so I wont trust my memory lolzz)

        • Hi Aafreen, yes I play TSTO, it’s my other game. I’ve commented here off and on but not as regular as I could or should. Must do better.

          I just started writing on Family Guy Addicts at the end of August. It’s been a real eye opener to the amount of work the Addicts have been doing over last couple of years. I’ve no fan club that I know of, well apart from my No.1 fan, Alissa, lol.

          Thanks for your kind words.

  12. Patric is doing Calendars & Bunny is doing “Where Did THAT Come From” posts ……….. The world does NOT make sense anymore!!!!


    • Bunny and Wookie have been sharing “Where did THAT come from” for a while. Not just Wookie. Bunny slowed down due to personal reasons

      • Ok, I just remember seeing a lot of “Where Did THAT Come From” posts from Wookie, so I made the (wrong) assumption that only Wookie writes these WDTC posts. My bad

        I hope Bunny’s issues get sorted out & she rejoins us here soon!!!

  13. That was one of the best THOH stories ever !!

  14. Why oh why, did they make the dirt road leading to the castle a different color than the dirt roads we place?

  15. I hope they offer us the Count Burns skin again.

    • It will be a limited time premium purchase soon (a bit steep at 120 donuts for the crypt and the skin I believe, but I’m not sure). At least it’ll be a straight up purchase, and not one of the random pumpkin prizes.

      • I checked for you. It’s 120 donuts for the skin and the coffin. Also still to come: returning devil Flanders as part of THOH bundle #4 for 100 donuts; new Gravedigger Billy with cemetary plot for 100 donuts, and Blinky Monster with Scary Dock for 170 donuts.

  16. Hey Bunny! This went straight into storage.
    Thanks for the reminder if the origin – good to see you back 😝
    Any Halloween 2D posts coming??

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