The Future Of Futrama Addicts….

Hey Guys!

First of all, for those that don’t know and are interested…Futurama Worlds of Tomorrow launches (tomorrow) Thursday June 29th…

Now, just a quick note…as I know many of you are asking if there will be an Addicts site for FWOT.  I can tell you as of this moment there will not be one.

I’ve been able to play the game a bit.  I’m not a fan.  It’s a regurgitation of the Family Guy Game (TQFS), with different graphics.  Sure there are a few cool elements to it (I really like the Space Missions and fight element)…but it contains everything I hate about TQFS, and subsequently why I stopped playing it (TQFS).

I had high hopes for this game and was really excited about it when it was announced. But after watching some YouTube videos of game play and getting the chance to play myself, that excitement bubble was busted.

So while I would love to launch another site dedicated to helping the awesome Addicts community..I cannot write about a game I don’t enjoy playing.  It just becomes a chore for me, and that’s not worth it.

That being said, if there are any Tappers out there who would love to write about FWOT and just want somewhere to cover it let me know.  If there are enough of you I’m happy to provide the space for you to write, and setup some guidance.

If interested you can email me at


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  1. I have been playing course and I don’t find it too bad. I don’t feel the need to rush through it, like I did with TSTO. However the big event of Lrrr strikes back took me by surprise. So soon after the launch… really??!?!?!?! I was not able to complete the event due to a lack of characters. But still managed to get most of the freemium content. NdNd will not be possible for me…. But overall I have enjoyed playing. I understand why it not may to be everyone’s liking, as I can see why people would get frustrated with this model of gameplay. But if you are prepared to take it slowly, it is very satisfying when you finally have collected enough resources to progress. Unfortunately we all love to get games for free, so expect the F2P models to become more extreme. Believe me when I say I would rather go old school, pay for a game and enjoy it in its entirety rather than enter into these F2P models. It’s up to us – the consumers to just not download these anymore, if we would like to leave the world of microtransactions behind. Power to the people peeps!!

  2. I deleted TQFS after a year of total frustration with the game mechanics, events, greedy devs, etc. Sorry to hear that this new Futurama game is a rehash of a game that i grew to HATE.

    • TQFS has grown on me. If you don’t mind watching commercials and trying out games, you can get free clams.
      Futurama has the same principle, only you get slices of pizza 🍕 The game runs stabile now.

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