4th of July Items Are Here!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Grab those sparklers because 4th of July items are back in stores!

What’s been added this year?  What’s making a comeback?  Let’s take a look….

So basically every item is returning, EXCEPT…this year’s premium President!  And this year that President is…

Dwight D Eisenhower

Eisenhower’s 4×4 w/ Ike- 150 Donuts

Now onto everything that’s coming back around…


American Flag- $5,600

Patriotic Box of Fireworks- $5,600

Liberty Bell- $50,000

Lincoln Memorial- $100,000


Pinwheel Firework- 40 Donuts

Box of Fireworks- 60 Donuts

Lisa Liberty Statue- 75 Donuts

Fireworks Barge- 80 Donuts


4th of July Mystery Box- 75 Donuts…here’s where you can get past Presidents (Lincoln, Washington, Nixon & Roosevelt) and other American themed items…(yes, I’ll have a post breaking the contents down)

ALL 4th of July Items Leave Stores July 5th…

And that’s it my friends!  There is a little 4th of July questline to follow, with very short tasks for Bart and Lisa, but beyond that this is it!

What are your thoughts on the returning content?  How about seeing President Eisenhower in our games (even if he looks a bit like Bob Hope)?  Think Patric’s excited for another golfer? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

126 responses to “4th of July Items Are Here!

  1. I notice the placement of the items move over one spot each time you open the mystery box. Does the placement have anything to do with which you get or is that random ?

  2. Didn’t realize how much of a premium player I’d become until this mystery box arrived – only 2 items in my M-box, an eagle NPC (didn’t want) and Washington, who I’ve wanted forever. Got lucky in past with boxes, but not this time… got the eagle :-(. So the way I see it Washington is costing me 150 w/a bonus bird. All good though, I got most of the other presidents on past deals (except Lincoln who I bought immediately :-))!
    My current debate: buy Ike now – he does seem like pretty good deal w/the bonus% (looking forward to Alyssa’s SIB analysis) – or wait till he hopefully returns next year at a discount. Gonna sleep on it, usually I wait for the deals, but leaning toward a buy on this one.
    PS – I’m weighing in with Alyssa on the past Presidents party leanings debate – some things have changed, but the core principals of parties remains the same.

  3. Why dont i have the bell or the lincoln statue in my store???

  4. Normally I do 1 or 2 to get some new characters and then quit while I’m ahead. Unfortunately, this time it went really bad for me and I ended up getting nothing but buildings each time. Of course the more buildings I got the better my chances of getting a character so I carried on. I managed to get just 2 characters before my donuts ran out. Now frantically farming KEMs to try and get the 3 remaining presidents that are left in the mystery box.

  5. Probably the fastest Task(s) to initiate 4th of July (now the Noobs can purchase prior 4th Goodies) …. yet surprised there wasn’t 1 new Freemium 🤔

  6. So Mystery Boxes are now well-established as a thing. This displeases me. I want all but two items – and which do you think I received on my first two attempts?

  7. Oh, I really want to try on this (even though I still have in my mind that last time I tried a mystery box, because it went very bad), but I’m hoping Booberella to make a return before the event ends… They brought early itens back in the end of some of the past events, maybe they will do that again this time.

  8. How do I get the July 4th items?

  9. My only choice in the box was Freedom the Falcon, and I picked him right up. Yes, he’s an NPC, but I’ve been waiting for him and he was bundled with something I always had the past couple years so I could never get him. Now I love tapping on him and watching him fly around my town 😊

  10. Hi
    I don’t know if anyone know but if I don’t have the presidents and I buy a mystery box how many possibilities I have to get one president?

  11. Porscha Schuler

    I love the boxes I have one left and that looks to be Richard Nixon. I’m still debating on the other items. I did get what I wanted from the box though.

    • Nixon’s fun. “Oh you’ll pay.” And my favorite line: “DON’T THINK YOU WON’T PAY!” Sometimes you have to turn up the sound. =)

  12. I got retrolad and washington. I am quite happy 🙂

  13. I love the 4th of July Mystery Box…. That being said, I’m really after the Springfield National Park. My family and I love camping and I have a nice “camping” section in my Springfield. I have bought four boxes so far. 1. Was Americantown, eh… 2. Was Honest Abe, I like him and the cabin is cool. 3. The Republican Headquarters, boo… 4. Nixon, I’m cool with that as well. I don’t have that many doughnuts…. I try to KEM farm, but I only have one million in game cash so I can’t go crazy. If anyone has gotten the National Park, how many tries did it take? I’m really scared the the next box will have the Presidental House, and I’m not to crazy about the Retro Lard Lad. I love this site, I’m on it all of the time!

    • JASON – I got the National Park with TR for my B Game at the very first attempt. I couldn’t believe my luck☺️….💜X

    • I bought two mystery boxes and got the National Park (with Teddy Roosevelt) on my second try. My first box contained George Washington and the tree.

  14. bought 2 mystery boxes (so far) and got the two standalone buildings for the Presidential Estate and the Republican Party HQ, boooo… will probably spend another 150 donuts as I want at least ONE former president roaming my town (as I have none)! hoping for either Lincoln or Washington, but my mystery box still contains Retro Lard Lad and Americatown/Sailor Kumiko, so the Mystery Box gods can still mess with me yet >_<

  15. Lenroy Jenkins

    I usually play KEM Farmium style at a break even pace but catching a whiff that presidents might return, I upped the pace for the past week, burning through some reserve cash too. I only has Lincoln and got the presidential estate, Nixon, Teddy, Laird Lad, Republican HQ and something I can’t remember. I only have Americantown/Kumiko skin and Washington left and 180 donuts. I also picked up Blackbeard and the ghost ship earlier and my last donuts are going to my final two mystery donuts while I work on replenishing my donut stash. Unfortunately I’m probably going to miss out on Eisenhower’s 4×4 and Johnny Tightlips in my vault, but I think I’m getting the most value and endorphins this way. Plus, as a KEM farmer I should be grateful to have obtained so much already. Happy tapping everyone!

    • Make sure you keep investing in %-boosters whenever possible, and use the Mystery Box (the permanent one w/ Mr. Burns’ picture) to get the best boost per donut spent. It sounds like you’re where I was a few months ago, still having to stretch and prioritize whenever a new batch of premium items became available. Now I’m at 2106.62%, and it’ll take me just over a day to get the 675 donuts for Eisenhower plus all 7 of the “4th of July Mystery Box” items I have available. Then it’s back to saving up for Wailing Walls come October… 🙂

  16. Somebody wanna play the “guess what president will come to Springfield next year” game? My bets are Ronald Reagan or John F. Kennedy

    • Is there some reason that no one has mentioned Thomas Jefferson or Ben Franklin as choices for the game? I know Franklin wasn’t a president, but he and Jefferson were certainly more influential in the direction this country took than…Eisenhower?

  17. Ugh. My head hurts. I didn’t have any of the presidents and wanted them all. I have been KEM farming, but I was still far short of getting all of the presidents. I resorted to rat trap delivery truck farming. I spent about $30 million to get the doughnuts I needed. I’m now down to $16 million. Oh well. It was worth it. I will replenish my doughnuts with my KEM farm. I never pass up characters these days.

  18. I just blew 450 donuts on mystery boxes (of course I got the estate and americatown first) but considering all those presidents combined were at least 600 donuts, I consider it a pretty good deal. I’ll probably wait on Eisenhower, unless the buzz here is that he’s a great character to have. Time to farm some more donuts!

    • Eisenhower doesn’t thrill me either…too much military stuff already this year…will wait till he comes back next year. I did finally get the National Park, tho, with Teddy…seems like a long time since he was last offered. Yippee!

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