Homerpalooza 101: Quick Note About the Icons (Nope, I’ve just lost my mind…)

I’ve deleted the contents of this post.  Too much confusion on it and speculation and that’s not what I want to do.  So you know what?  We’ll all find out what happens when Act 2 hits…

I’m leaving it live though so y’all can speculate in the comments together.  I’m out of the speculation and file interpretation game….

For now…let’s all go back to being crazy, at least I will.  I’m getting too old for this….


89 responses to “Homerpalooza 101: Quick Note About the Icons (Nope, I’ve just lost my mind…)

  1. P.S.

    Future Bart Simpson makes a living playing Guitar on the Street, but isn’t a Springfield Character who can Jam? (c’mon EA! I’m calling this out!) 👎

  2. Rock (Act 1)
    Pop (Act 2)
    Rap (Act 3)

    Wish EA would learn not to offer NPC’s as a Prize (but they won’t)!😄

  3. hmm. Opera Krusty can’t preform for event currency?

  4. My guess, since all we can do is guess at this point, is that 1. the icons tell you which of the three stages (rock, pop, hip hop) a character can play on and 2. all characters can play at the other venues (simpsons house, moe’s, KEM in Act 1 – no clue if these will still be options in later acts). As we get more stages (with potentially different values) you’d have to calculate which combination of characters at what venue gives the best payout. OR – there may be a greater payout if the character has the icon and and plays on that corresponding stage vs. a different one.

  5. Holy camoley – I just figured it out!! The icons indicate which stage they need to play on to earn 5 points towards leveling up! I just sent Maggie to play in a different venue than the main stage for the first time and, while she earned the usual number of cuffs, she didn’t earn the five points towards leveling up! And, looking at my other jamsters and comparing their icons to where they’ve began playing, I can see that this set’s to hold true all over!

    • *seems to hold true

    • I should add that, so far, we only have the rock main stage, so basically they won’t earn points for playing at any other venue, I think. But later, when we have the other main stages, either as separate stages or as skins to the current main stage, then you’ll have the option to decide which to use to help others level up or not.

    • Hey Sandra, my posts on Jam Sessions will have more details. But I’m pretty sure that’s not right. You should be getting points for sending the Rock characters to any of the 4 Rock Stages.

      • All I know for sure is that, the one time I didn’t send Maggie to the main stage, she didn’t earn her 5 points.

        • I gave up trying to figure it out…I just spent 12 donuts upgrading all the “one star”players, and now I’m happy 😊. Not for everybody, but if 12 donuts can make my day…it’s a good day😄.

          • It actually takes 16 donuts to upgrade a character to the next half-star. However, each time you send a character for a Jam Session, this reduces the donuts required to upgrade by 1 donut, as each donut awards you 5 of the 80 (or equivalent to 1 Jam Session) required to increase your Star Rank by half a star.

    • nah, this isn’t right…. i don’t rotate any of my performers, and i’ve upgraded them all half a star already, besides, i just collected from the venues now, and watched everyone gain 5 points towards leveling up. not sure what you were observing… must be having a rockin saturday night sandra! 🔥

    • I think I have noticed that jamsters with similar icon make more money when they play together. Lisa and BGM make WAY more money together than Homer and BGM. j/s

      • I’m pretty sure this is not accurate either.

        The reason Lisa and BGM make more than Homer and BGM, is because Lisa has a higher base Star Rank than Homer. Unless you’ve upgraded Homer to the same Star Rank as Lisa. Homer’s base Star Rank is 1 star, so he earns 25 event currency. Lisa starts at a base Star Rank of 2, so she’ll start earning 50 event currency, double what Homer makes.

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