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Turbo Tappin’ Homerpalooza Premium Stuff: L.T. Smash

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Wowsa!  Homerpalooza has made a big ol’ splash in Springfield!  What better way to cap off the summer than with a huge music fest in Springfield?!  Complete with not only the character we’ve all been dying to get in our games but loads of musical guests joining the musicfest…

Throughout the event we’ll be introduced to numerous premium musical guests to help bring jam!  Let’s take a look at a few of those questlines for the newest premium character to hit our games, LT. Smash.

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Gil’s Latest Gimmick: Details & Should You Buy Praiseland (& Rachel Jordan)?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Looks like Gil’s back in Springfield.  He returned to Springfield this morning, naturally with another offer for us.  What’s the latest gimmick he’s peddling?  Pearly gates of course!  Praiseland is here!

So let’s breakdown the details of this latest offer and determine if you should spend your donuts on this Churchy Combo….

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Addicts Bracket Challenge: Most Desired Character – A Retrospective!

Hey Tappers!

After a summer that saw 73 characters (64 including 8 combos) not yet in our games battle it out in 10 weeks of vigorous head-to-head matchups, we crowned the winner of the very first Bracket Battle on August 19th 2016 in this post here.

However, over the past year, we have seen many of those 64 characters enter our towns. So let’s take a look back and see just how much the game has changed over the past year.

Let’s start by taking a look back at the final Bracket:

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