Good News Everyone!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Popping in with some good news for a Sunday morning….

Following popular demand…we’ve launched Futurama Addicts! (so apparently you guys can peer pressure me into doing more work…)

Yes, that’s right, I’ve lost my mind!  But, what else is new?

So join us for the “fun”…or slow TinyCo torture…and a trip around the world over a Futurama Addicts!  Like TSTO Addicts, but will likely get cancelled in it’s prime. 😉

You can catch us two different ways, same great site, or  Either option will bring you to the Addicts fun!

Keep in mind, it’s still a work in progress…so content will be added continually until we’re all caught up. So patience is appreciated! Oh, and if you’re interested in writing for FWOT drop me an email, we’re always looking for more writers! 🙂

Enjoy my friends!

32 responses to “Good News Everyone!

  1. Omg wtg. Thank you. I’ve been playing FWOT alot. Maybe an idea or tips post on managing both games. 🙂 This guy has some great videos on Futurama.
    However he’s mostly does them at the start of events and updates. Funny stuff worth the watch.

    I was trying to think of some things but they all seem to be common sense things. Let me know if you like the idea and if you want me to do a list. Keep up the great work. It is very much appreciated.


  2. I love Futurama, but I hate what Tinyco did to Family Guy. If EA had picked Futurama, I would have spent money, but reading through the quest line for the new event, I am glad I have not even dowloaded it.

  3. Wow! Definite bonus for me – thank you. While I still remain a loyal (yet passive (in terms of active contributer))) TSTOAddicts fan, somehow I have been mysteriously drawn / enticed [/ cleverly subversively manipulated] to the FWOT game… and I must admit I have found it to be overwhelmingly addictive. Therefore I would not be surprised if there are other similar low key TSTO Addict readers that have experienced the same experience and allure. Long story short – if there was one team that I would wish for to help the “United Players Association with Genuine Honest Supportive Intentions (UPAGHSI (yes, the acronym definately still needs more work ha ha)) navigate the game content it would be the TSTO crew.. That’s my 5 cents worth – thank you. 😃

  4. Cool, now if Tiny Co. would unlock the Entertainment District, that’d be good too.

    • Here, here.
      What the hell are they playing at.
      Also so far each event has been extended ever so slightly from the original deadline. However with this latest shoot out event it will require at least another 3 to 4 days for players to have any chance of completion.In my opinion anyway.

  5. The dialogue is engaging but the city-builder aspect is frustrating because some buildings can’t be moved, roads are difficult to place, and unlocking most land plots requires 400 Hypnotons which are only obtained on space missions (can’t use Pizza to rush) that can take up to ten minutes just to yield 50 Hypno, so your New New York is going to be a jumbled mess unless you invest an hour a day repeating space missions.

    • I have news for you, the land costs 900 Hypno as you progress through the game, however I now have a surplus of 9000 due to the fact that no new land has been released for weeks.
      If they don’t get their act together soon folks will be leaving the game in droves !!!

    • That’s cheap. My last piece of land costrd me 900 Hypnotons.

  6. I saw good news for Sunday, first thought before reading rest was yahoo another tiny tapper😠
    Just saying Princess Riley might like a sis or bro lol
    Couldn’t resist I’ve been so nice & quiet the brat had to come out.

  7. You crazy lady. Good luck. I have no interest in the game myself but wish you well.

  8. Tried Family Guy. Found it disappointing compared to TSTO (still looking for comparable TSTO game). if Futurama is similar to FG, I’ll pass. Good luck to you, Alissa. I don’t know where you get all your energy.

  9. Been playing FWOT for a while, not a fan.
    I’m not crazy about the battles, especially on my small screen iPhone.

  10. I waited for this game to come out. I downloaded it right away. I really suck at it. Lol. I can’t seem to finish any of the events. Mini or otherwise. But, I’m sticking with it. I love Futurama. I’m excited to get some tips! 👍🏻

  11. I haven’t played the game but, having played the Family Guy game and, seeing comparisons between the two, I probably won’t. 😐

    Best of luck with the site though. For your sake, Alissa, I hope they don’t do a Star Trek event! 😅

  12. Thanks. I will be visiting the new site. I’m still playing Futurama… Although it has many things that annoy me about the Family Guy game (i.e. the chore of unlocking characters), I’ve pretty much given up on their mini events. No interest in the current Borat Kid event as I was so close to unlocking Monique in the last event before it ended on me, I’ve become very frustrated with it. So I try not to invest too much energy or enthusiasm into their events as all too often I get so close to unlocking a character (i.e. Lrrr) just before they pull the plug on the event which means all that work beforehand was for nothing.

  13. Just as I decided to stop playing it.

    Still, if I play again I have a great source for information.

  14. I tried it a few weeks ago, and didn’t get anywhere near the same vibe as TSTO…so I let it go. May try again, now that there is a support system in place…we’ll see…🤔.

  15. Good luck!

    This site has been of great help to me, especially when I first started playing 3+ years ago. So I’m sure the new site will be just as helpful to those who choose to play it.

  16. If it’s tinyco forget it! TSTO RULES!!! A #1!!!

  17. I think you have to play FWOT with a totally different mindset to playing the TSTO. Forget about completing events unless you play constantly & with real money.
    I just enjoy having a go but don’t get too worked up when i can see it’s pretty obvious some of the tasks are almost impossible to finish.
    If you like keeping busy the Worlds may be a good compliment to Tapped out. There are no lulls in this game.

  18. Awesome! Thank you very much. I’ve been hoping for this

  19. Congratulations team and good luck 🙂

  20. And….good luck to those running the site,
    but Alissa, you shouldn’t get too involved, as we need all your attention for Simpsons

    Do you have a time-turner like Hermione Granger?


  21. With my Monorail? You must be kidding….my devices can’t handle another app

    but good luck to those who play


    • The app is lite so far. I use Android but logged in on my old 2011 iPad2 to activate the iOS-exclusive Pharaoh Bender skin and was able to play for 20 minutes without crashing.

  22. I tried. Really hard. Unlocked Lrrr (but failed for Ndnd). Gave it a chance, BUT…
    • Annoying sounds
    • Buildings difficult to tap for harvest
    • No task-completed navigation like in TSTO
    • Horrible german translation – leave english as main language
    • NNY looks messy especially when you have to place several buildings (Omicronion invasion event)
    • Impossible to play for casual gamers
    Not my game.

  23. I tried playing this game. Sadly it’s basically the same as The quest for stuff. I hate the way you have to unlock characters in this game. So I’ll pass.

    • c0mpu73rguy- Ditto! I watched a couple of the video guides on YT & saw that it was the same unlock character system, so I won’t play it either. I’m going to follow & read the Addicts site tho☺️…..💜X

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