Addicts Announcement: Addicts Live! Podcast!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Some exciting news while we’re waiting for Halloween to hit our games….Addicts Live! is now an audio podcast!

While you can still catch the Addicts Live! live stream (new episode will be airing this Saturday, with a special guest), many of you requested a way to just grab an audio podcast version…for when you don’t have the time to sit at your computer and watch us for an hour. And we’ve finally got it all setup! Audio has been tweaked for your listening enjoyment!

You can officially download and subscribe to the Addicts Live! Podcast on Apple Podcasts and Google Play Podcasts!

Currently all 15 episodes are up as Podcasts (don’t forget you can also view the live stream here) and new episodes will be available for Podcast listening shortly after they air.

Thanks for tuning into Addicts Live! for the last year plus!  We’ve all had a blast doing it and look forward to many more shows!

Now bring on Halloween!

37 responses to “Addicts Announcement: Addicts Live! Podcast!


  2. Going on 4pm here (east coast) …everyone on 1 hr tasks till 8pm.
    I even remembered to save my daily task 😊👍🎃.

  3. My day so far:
    Wake up, get ready, check TSTO Addicts and Google Play for update, drive to work…
    Work for 90 minutes, check TSTO Addicts and Google Play for update…
    Work for 30 minutes, check TSTO Addicts and Google Play for update…
    Work for 90 minutes, check TSTO Addicts and Google Play for update…
    Work for 60 minutes, check TSTO Addicts and Google Play for update…


    • Kinda sounds like my day, only replace TSTO Addicts/Google Play with game files and replace timing for every 15 minutes lol

    • Been doing the same, I just started around noon EST.

      Check here, check App Store updates.
      Check here, check App Store updates.
      Check here, check App Store updates.
      Increase checking as the day goes on.

  4. Hey Pat, why don’t you take one for the team and send your Homer on a 24 hour task. I know that will drop the Halloween event faster than you can say Free Donuts!

  5. Off topic but did they eliminate KEM farming? Went to buy the ne t round and they start at 14400😬

  6. Seems today I get to make a second set of tracks. Thank you EA

    • Me to, seems its open season for track building and bonuts until ea fix it, unless its meant to be like that now, nearly 9pm UK time, no update yet 😭

  7. Just subscribed to the podcast. I’ll listen at the weekend when I can gorge myself with b2b episodes. Such a cool idea. Thanks team😎……..💜X

  8. How long has Tiny Addict been in the banner? Sooo cute☺️…….💜X

  9. EA keeping us waiting as usual. 7 in the evening here in GB but it was as late as 10 that the last event dropped. So will do one more 3 hour run of Deep Space Homer & then see what happens.

    • ThatOneWeirdTap

      Yeah it’s nearly 8 now and still nothing. Homerpalooza did come really late so I wouldn’t be surprised if Halloween was the same. If nothing comes by 11, I’m just going to send off the Chiliad characters and check for Halloween in the morning.

  10. Halloween, come out, come out, werever you are. 👻

    I am really hoping that it will come out today. Can’t wait another week 🙁

  11. I know you don’t know for sure, but do you think we will still get Halloween started today? Or is it now going to be tomorrow or next week….

    • Last few events have dropped later in the day. I’m still at work and past couple dropped right when I got home or while I was driving home. I would still wait patiently for the next 5 hours (i.e. no 8-, 12-, or 24-hour tasks).

      • I have been avoiding the 8, 12, and 24 hour tasks, was trying to decide if the next set was going to be a 1 or 4 hour. 🙂

      • Yeah, used to be noon-ish EST (feel like some happened 10 am).

        Last bunch, I’d get home from work, check here, and see the update went out while I was driving home.

  12. Is Halloween dropping today, October 3rd?

    • Halloween is October 31st, not today.

      But on a more serious note (or technically would it be a less serious note), Halloween Event might be dropping today. Only EA knows.

  13. ThatOneWeirdTap

    Is that an evil Bunny I see in the new banner? Or am I just seeing things..

  14. Off topic and may have missed it on Patric monorail post but I just completed the track +bonuts round and its resit, is this continuous or just an extra round!, thanks

    • I tried this last night and went short to see if it reset this morning (like it has since the beginning) and it did NOT reset this morning. Maybe it is a mistake that will be fixed in an update, but for now it is continuous for me.

    • It is continuous currently. I don’t know if there is an end date for it or not.

  15. Awesome! Thanks. Up until now showering was one of the rare times I didn’t do anything Tapped Out related…so much for that…

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