Black Friday Sale *** SPOILERS ***

Bonjour Beautiful Business-minded Bargain Box Budget Buyers & Barterers,

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Many times we state we only put up Spoilers when we feel there is a specific need or good reasoning behind it. The main issue is EA can, has, and will change their minds on us and the information when it goes live may be different then initially “teased” to us. That being said, I also know MANY of you just want to get an idea of what Buildings, Characters, and Decorations may be coming up on Black Friday. Therefore, I think this is one of those times that we can put some Spoilers up. 🙂

I have compiled a list of those “teased” items, just beware these are indeed Spoilers and due to early release on the info… what you actually see in YOUR game may vary on item and timing. Always double check YOUR game to see what pops up in YOUR game and be sure to come back on Friday for the most accurate information on how these sales will play out for YOU. 🙂








First up… the main idea of these sales…

  • Unlike past years (where twelve old item returns for a discounted price, one at a time, every hour, twice a day, each day of the sale), this year’s sale will feature a variety of Mystery Boxes.
  • The items in your Mystery Boxes are items you do NOT already have in your game OR they are items that you may be able to get more than one of.
  • If you already have all the items from a Mystery Box in your game, and all of the items are unique, you will not see that Mystery Box. If you have ALL the items already, you may not even see a Mystery Box at all… or a very very limited few.
  • As with any Mystery Box, it’s a mystery which of the items within you will receive. So if you want one particular item, it may take several cracks at that Mystery Box to get said item.
  • This is a list of items in the Mystery Boxes based off of the information at the time of this post. EA can change that information at anytime before the Sales go live in your game.



As of right now, there will be 8 boxes available for purchase on Friday and Saturday. Here is a list of items contained within these 8 boxes listed alphabetically:


 Box 1: 20    (23 items)

Abandoned Store, Banana Dictatorship, Blocko Store, Candy Kevin, Donut Truck, Dragon Bundle (Red Dragon, White Dragon and Yellow Dragon), Duff Racer, Fake Toll Booth, Guitar Central, Hot Springs, Imaginary Bear, Inflatable Gorilla and Baboons, IRS Drone, Macaroni’s Shed, Mr. Sparkle, Old West Sign, Piece-of-Crap Car, Pokey, Prospector, Quick & Fresh, Stunt Bike, T-Ball Stand, Water Show Fountain.


 Box 2: 50    (15 items)

Baby Gerald, Duff Statue of Liberty, Fancy Farms, Father Sean, First Bank of Springfield, Havana Private Home, Helter Shelter, Hugs Bunny, Ice Cream Truck with Ice Cream Man Homer, Lobster Island, Maison Derriere with Belle, Mojo Helper Monkey, Power’s House with Laura Powers, Springfielde Glenne Condos, Wilted Rose.


 Box 3: 50    (25 items)

Abercrombie and Rich, Bookacinos, Claus Co., Costington’s, Donut Store, Gas and Grub, Guinea Pig Rescue Center, Hammock District, It’s a Wonderful Knife with Gino Terwilliger, Know What It Seams, Lotto ‘N’ Liquor with Dewey Largo, Mapple Store, Nick’s Bowling Shop Bundle (Nick’s Bowling Shop and The Other Nick’s Bowling Shop), Ordnance Express, Sequel Stop, Sportacus, Sprawl Mart, Springfield Farmers Market, Springfield Pet Shop, Springfield Mall, Stoner’s Pot Palace, Things Unnecessary, Tomorrow’s Costington’s, Try-N-Save, You Only Own Twice.


 Box 4: 60    (16 items)

Chinese Junk, Easter Island God, Ferris Wheel, Five Corners, Gone Fission, Little Lady Justice, Old Mine, Radstation Air Fortress, Rolling Rock, Satan’s Anvil, Satellite Station, Simpson’s House Boat, Stonecutter Table, The Mayflower, Training Plane, Yellow Submersible.


 Box 5: 70    (17 items)

Bastille, Beach House, Blarney Castle, Column Mansion, Crouching Panda Hidden Egg Roll, Duff Center Arena, Incubator Think Tank, King Homer’s Skyscraper, La Belle Frottage, Little Lisa’s Recycling Plant, Moe’s House, Rio Days-Inn-Ero, Rocket to Your Doom, Royal Tokyo, Simpson’s Laser Tag, Springfield Greenhouse, Wholesome and Son’s Publishing.


 Box 6: 80    (15 items)

Bear Cave, Carl’s Dad Caverns, Golf Course, Half-Pipe, Kamp Krusty with Kamp Bart, Kwik-E-Mart Central Office, Mount Carlmore, Murderhorn, Springfield Falls, Springfield Gorge, Springfield Hunting Supplies with Grant Connor, Springfield Sign, Sugarloaf Mountain, Tailgate, The Scoutmaster.


 Box 7: 80    (19 items)

Brandine, ESBN Sports Desk with Anger Watkins, Ginger Flanders and Amber Simpson, Italian Villa with Francesca Terwilligers, Jimbo, Krustylu Studios with Sideshow Mel, Ling Bouvier, Lucius Sweet, Motherloving Sugar Co. with Diabetty, Powell Motors with Herb Powell, Rocket Car with Lampwick, Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers with Lucille Botzcowski, Shary Bobbins, Shauna, Sleep-Eazy Motel with Miss Springfield, Sophie Krustofsky, Springfield Coliseum with Drederick Tatum, The Wiccans, Unfinished Shed with Chester Dupree.


 Box 8: 1  token (11 items)

Bandit Fort, Donut Boat, Health Spa, Himeji Castle, Mansion of Solid Gold, Mars Colony, Nerd Bundle (Doug, Benjamin and Gary), Polo Field House, Radish Station, Shadow Knight’s Throne with Shadow Knight, Shapes Gym with Muscular Marge.



On Friday, I will have a series of 8 posts highlighting all the items within each of the eight Mystery Box. You will have all day Friday and all day Saturday to purchase these Mystery Boxes, so don’t panic if over 16 hours have elapsed and you haven’t seen a post on the Mystery Box you are eager to learn about.

If you have none of the above items, it will cost you 7,330    to unlock all the items in Boxes 1 to 7.

Box 8 requires 1  token each time you want to open it. While you will earn one free token on Black Friday, in order to obtain additional tokens, you will have to spend your real-life money to purchase a dozen donuts, a stack of donuts, a truckload of donuts, or a store full of donuts.

In addition to these 8 Mystery Boxes, there will also be a ninth Mystery Box on Sunday released for Cyber Monday.

Again, this Post is all speculation at this time. I wouldn’t be surprised if they extended the first eight Mystery Boxes to Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and pushed the Cyber Monday Mystery Box to Monday. They may also add or remove items between now and then. But again, time will tell.


There you have it. Some returning and most sought after items brought back into our games for some great sales and bargains.

Any favorites you have been wanting show up in a Mystery Box? Any Mystery Box really tickle your fancy? Any Mystery Box you just suggest everyone pass on? Which boxes are the best offers in your opinion? Other offers you wish you had seen? Let us know. You know we love hearing from you.


201 responses to “Black Friday Sale *** SPOILERS ***

  1. I got the Reddish Station and completed the quest. It tantalizing shows me the Sideshow Bob Mais Clones icon, but at the end……… (wait for it)………. no possibility to get them. This gets me p****d!.


  2. I wanted the duff racer for 20 Donuts from the bronze box. I noticed it change positions each time I click on the box I positioned it underneath the donut button and clicked and whoa-la I got the duff racer for 20 Donuts at 2.25% bonus.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This week is looking up! Got the nerds from the freebie token box (only thing I wanted in it), and tossed 160 donuts to the character box and nabbed Sideshow Mel and Tatum!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Dewey Largo only cost me 550 donuts!
    He was the only thing I wanted and there were 11 items in the mystery box. Of course he was the last thing to go! Oh well. I got lots of stuff I didn’t need, but several things I had wanted but didn’t really want to spend donuts on initially.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I got Costington’s with Mr Costington for 50 donuts. I’ve been wanting Costington’s and didn’t realize he came with it. I’m happy. 😊



    Got Springfield Gorge for 90 donuts! It was on my wish list for a long time, but 250 donuts was always out of my reach.


    • Sweet. Thats a nice grab. Number one on my wish list was Herb Powell, and he was the first character I grabbed from the Character box. Grabbed all of the characters eventually.


  7. Box 7 seems to have the BEST odds for this Tapper (Characters with Buildings), although I’d ❤️ Father Sean for 50 sprinkles (not worth the gamble, though) ….

    Back to Kem Farming ’til Sunday (this is better than unleashing new Deals every hour for 3 days) 👍

    Liked by 1 person

  8. So here are my stats

    Gold box – got shadow knight with the free try, won’t do any other
    Silver box – 11 items on offer, I would like Maison Derriere, but don’t really like the chances…
    Bronze box – 22 items on offer, no playable character, pass
    Building box – 14 items on offer, pass
    Character box – 5 items on offer, will get them all
    Decoration box – 15 items on offer, pass
    Great Outdoors Box – 10 items on offer, one with character, but with those chances, pass
    Retail Box – 14 items on offer, pass

    So overall, I will get more things than usual during black friday, but I’d rather have the option to choose what I get… At least most characters are in one box…

    Liked by 1 person

  9. I have the exact same situation as Angela. It’s even happening in Krustyland.
    I imagine EA will fix it when they can. Meanwhile, I’ve imposed a period of silent meditation on my Springfield.


  10. So, I have none of the Mystery Boxes available, which is not really surprising since I have almost all items (and several of some). However, since I opened the game this morning (and then closed it and opened it, and then repeat 2x), I have that sound when you get donuts or complete a task running constantly. Anyone have this problem?


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