Cyber Monday Sale *** SPOILERS ***

Bonjour Beautiful Business-minded Bargain Box Budget Buyers & Barterers,

(Today’s post is sponsored by the letter “B”)


Many times we state we only put up Spoilers when we feel there is a specific need or good reasoning behind it. The main issue is EA can, has, and will change their minds on us and the information when it goes live may be different then initially “teased” to us. That being said, I also know MANY of you just want to get an idea of what Buildings, Characters, and Decorations may be coming up on Cyber Monday. Therefore, I think this is one of those times that we can put some Spoilers up. 🙂

I have compiled a list of those “teased” items, just beware these are indeed Spoilers and due to early release on the info… what you actually see in YOUR game may vary on item and timing. Always double check YOUR game to see what pops up in YOUR game and be sure to come back on Sunday for the most accurate information on how these sales will play out for YOU. 🙂








First up… the main idea of these sales…

  • Similar to the eight Mystery Boxes discussed for Black Friday yesterday, Cyber Monday will consist of a ninth Mystery Box.
  • The items in your Mystery Boxes are items you do NOT already have in your game OR they are items that you may be able to get more than one of.
  • If you already have all the items from a Mystery Box in your game, and all of the items are unique, you will not see the Cyber Monday Mystery Box.
  • You will not see the Cyber Monday Mystery Box concomitantly with the eight Black Friday Mystery Boxes. Rather, once the Black Friday Mystery Boxes have expired from the Store, they will be replaced by the Cyber Monday Mystery Box.
  • As with any Mystery Box, it’s a mystery which of the items within you will receive. So if you want one particular item, it may take several cracks at that Mystery Box to get said item.
  • This is a list of items in the Mystery Boxes based off of the information at the time of this post. EA can change that information at anytime before the Sales go live in your game.



As of right now, there will be 1 box available for purchase on Sunday. [NOTE: Yes, I said Sunday. The game coding currently shows Black Friday Boxes on Friday and Saturday, and Cyber Monday Box on Sunday, not Monday. This “may” (“should” in my opinion) change between now and the weekend.] Here is a list of items contained within the Cyber Monday box, listed alphabetically:


    Box 9: 65    (11 items)

Big Digi-Ben, Electric Car Bundle (Blue Electric Car, Yellow Electric Car and Red Electric Car), Elysium Project, Future Proofed Home with LadyBot, Giant Robot, President Lisa, Rocket to Your Doom, Soul Extraction Institute, The Homer, Truckasaurus, Yard Work Simulator with C.H.U.M..




On Sunday, I will have a post highlighting all the items within the Mystery Box. You will have all day Sunday to purchase this Mystery Box.

If you have none of the above items, it will cost you 715    to unlock all the items within it.

Again, this Post is all speculation at this time. I wouldn’t be surprised if they extended the first eight Mystery Boxes to Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and pushed the Cyber Monday Mystery Box to Monday (seeing as how it is called Cyber MONDAY and not Cyber Sunday). They may also add or remove items between now and then. But again, time will tell.


There you have it. Some returning and most sought after items brought back into our games for some great sales and bargains.

Any favorites you have been wanting show up in a Mystery Box? Any item really tickle your fancy? Prefer Cyber Monday over Black Friday? Which boxes are the best offers in your opinion? Other offers you wish you had seen? Let us know. You know we love hearing from you.


53 responses to “Cyber Monday Sale *** SPOILERS ***

  1. Cyber Monday box is live in Australia! Along with the box there’s also the following available:
    Drone(30 donuts with a 20 donut rebate),
    Robot (30 donuts with a 20 donut rebate),
    Frink’s robot dog(60 donuts),
    Efcot Center(70 donuts),
    Ultrahouse 2(90 donuts),
    Re-Neducation Center(80 donuts),
    Future Monument(35 donuts with a 25 donut rebate),
    Give Apes the Vote Billboard(15 donuts),
    Springfield of Tomorrow Sign(35 donuts),
    Holo-Bundle(70 donuts with a 30 donut rebate),
    Teleportation Bundle(80 donuts with a 30 donut rebate),
    Human Test Subject(15 donuts),
    Hover-Copter(70 donuts),
    Black Hole(10 donuts),
    Cremo Bot(30 donuts),
    Frinkosonic MHV(35 donuts),
    Itchy & Scratchy Bot(60 donuts)


  2. Mmm, I want the Truckasaurus.

    But I am bummed that the giant robots can’t be rotated so that they FACE each other. What we need in Springfield is a robot face-off!!!

    Liked by 2 people


    I want the portal and Halo bundles along with a few other non mystery box individual items….are these coming on Cyber Monday? I just want to confirm because if not then I would use my donuts I am saving for those on the decorations Black Friday mystery box.


  4. Thanks Safi. I’ve never known the pleasure of these deals. Never had a mystery box. The only thing I’m missing is the Respectable Moe outfit. I don’t expect it to return but there’s always hope.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Mystery Boxes Galore

    Temptation, but I got Marge’s Mum with her Kabob Shack at Discount (now that’s a BARGAIN – no Mystery required!) 😀


  6. You know you’ve been playing this game too long (& spending too much money) when…

    … You have half the stuff offered in the biggest sale of the year! Still, a couple things I’ll gamble for, just to play the game.

    Liked by 2 people

  7. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    I’m so excited
    I just can’t hide it
    I’m about to lose control
    And I think,I like it

    A couple of hours and it is thanksgiving – I’ll see what appears

    Liked by 2 people

  8. Thanks for all the info on Black Friday and Cyber Monday boxes! To do Safi proud, I had been focusing on developing my bonus % for KEM farming and hadn’t been focusing on saving more than 500 sprinkles. I wasn’t expecting so many mystery boxes and now like others have said, am going to focus on a potential Box 7. Going to pick up the saving pace now though and be happy with my 630% bonus (+ Springfield Heights) which brings in about 88k XP per KEM with the Collider activated as well (good for 65-80 sprinkles per day for me)

    Liked by 1 person

  9. I wonder if there are non-unique items in the box, can you potentially get multiple of them, e.g. if I buy two boxes, might I get the same non-unique item in both?


  10. Thanks for the info. I already have the items I want from this box so that really helped my decision on which boxes to pick for Black Friday. Have a lovely holiday 🙂

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  11. Hmm not to sure about Cyber Monday. For me, it’s all about Friday, box 7. 😂

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  12. The only thing I really want is the mutant corn bobs and I couldn’t find them. The one that laughs while rubing butter on his belly is killer. Makes me laugh every time I find him in friends towns. Thanks for the great article.


  13. Some items i don’t know if they are in my town or not–So much stuff.

    I used to think the mystery boxes were a bad deal because of the logic presented below. 715 donuts for 1 item you want.

    I’ve since changed my mind. Here’s a few reasons…

    1.Cheap decor.
    2.Immediate benefit (cash/xp)
    3.I may like it later.
    4.Increased chance of getting what you want in future boxes, since the item is now in town.
    5.Best donut deals available.

    If you like all the items, its the exact cost as they say. Choose to like it and be happy. 😉

    Used to hate it, now I’m thrilled. Love them.

    Liked by 4 people

  14. elysium project cos of world of warcraft classic announcement


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