Reminder Thanksgiving Mini Event, Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals Are Nearing the End

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Hope you’re all enjoying the weekend!  I’m popping in with a quick reminder that the Thanksgiving Mini Event, Black Friday and Cyber Monday Mystery Boxes (as well as the Cyber Monday Special…Itchy and Scratchy)  are all set to leave our game TOMORROW morning, November 27th. (Even though Cyber Monday stuff just hit)

This is different than past events because it’s ending on a Monday.  So just want to give you all a quick weekend reminder to finish up those prize tracks, grab those premium items and prepare yourself because everything’s leaving on Monday. Out with Thanksgiving and in with *fingers crossed* Christmas!

Note: This is odd because the mini event ends on a Monday.  We’re not sure if this means Christmas/Winter will be hitting on Tuesday or if they have something else up their sleeves.  Personally, for the Addicts staff, the next big event hitting on the 28th feels early…but it’s EA so you never know!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend friends!


14 responses to “Reminder Thanksgiving Mini Event, Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals Are Nearing the End

  1. I played one more character mystery box and got the only character I absolutely did not want (DiaBetty). Now I’m debating one more character box, trying the retail box once or taking the big gamble on the Cyber Monday box in hopes of getting President Lisa (very slim odds).

  2. worst. black. friday. sale. ever. i should have never tried. 150 hard earned donuts wasted o. things i didn’t want. i really wanted dewey and knife, but got 3 buildings i didn’t care for. i wish i had got the smorgasbord instead. so sad on the inside. 😭 i miss the old sales…

  3. A break would be nice – does anyone think we might just have a week off and start next Tuesday?
    We went straight from Halloween to Thanksgiving and with these sales, I imagine that there are some people with quite a bit of re-designing to do or open quests to finish, not to mention prepping our towns for Christmas.
    I’m still holding out: no mystery boxes for me!

    • I suspect that we will get a mini-episode tie in this week…and the BIG Kahuna next week. At least, that’s what Alissa thinks…and I have stopped doubting her intuition a loooong time ago.

  4. It does seem odd that an update ends on a Monday than the usual Tuesday so maybe EA has some plans for the week and then after it would be the Christmas update. It could be an episode tie-in, something similar to the Superheroes update in the summer or maybe Springfield Heights 3. At least I have nothing in the Cyber Monday box but I might get the Holo-Bundle in the store because of the rebate.

  5. Anyoone having a sound effect loop? Multiple devices…task complete sound. Its really slowing it down. Goes away under settings/shop/rearrange mode.

    Please help.

    • It started just before final Thanksgiving task was completed.

    • I’ve never seen that on *multiple* devices before… but have you tried the standard advice yet? Usually, random sound effect loops will go away if you leave Springfield and come back. (That is, go to either the friends screen, or to Krustyland.) If that doesn’t fix it, then try force quitting the app on all of your devices and then relaunch.

  6. It won’t surprise me since I notice that for cyber Monday on can items today when today is Sunday

  7. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    Teleporters are back – addicts frequently ask for those. Will have to read previous posts by hosts – are they sequential or random in their effect.
    Other offering yields 0.75% for ten donuts which is decent.
    Awaiting results from other brave souls who purchase the Mystery Box. I’m not a big gambler.
    Onward to the great (grEAt) unknown!!

    • each teleporter is unique.
      you teleport to the location where you
      placed the unit

    • If you have 4 teleporters, each has a name (omega, theta etc..) and when you tap one, a pop up screen will allow you to choose which teleporter you want to go to. You just have to remember which one is where…which I always forget. They are handy on events… if you place one in the event area, it’s easy to get there from anywhere in town.

    • They each have an assigned Greek letter name, when you tap one, you are given the option of which of the other 3 you wish to travel to (so its not random but its not necessarily sequential either). I find this very useful during events where you need to collect characters on tasks that might be far away from one another, or when I was grinding a lot in SH and the railyard.

    • I was so hoping they’d add in more teleporters… I’m addicted to those, lol! Plus, my town has grown quite a bit the past few days, to accommodate all of the new stuff I’ve gotten.

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