Christmas 2017 101: Re-Gifting Machine

Note from Alissa: Some of you are asking what happens when you clear out the box.  The box resets and all of the prizes that are in there reset, so you can win them all again…at least for Act 1. So that means A LOT of Ice Tiles and multiple land tokens and snowy hills.

Cheers Christmas Computing Companions,

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Christmas has invaded Springfield and when you think of Christmas, the first thing that should pop into your mind is gifts! The second? Re-gifting bad gifts!

One fun new element to this event is the introduction of the Re-Gifting Machine game.  It is very similar to the SciFighter at the PolyVac, introduced during the SciFi event.

So let’s break down this Re-Gifting Maching…including how to play the game, what happens if you win or lose, and what prizes to expect from the Mystery Boxes…


Quick Breakdown:

The goal of the Re-Gifting Machine game is to prevent Robo-Funzos from destroying the Simpsons’ House (similar to how you protect your PolyVac from Robots in the SciFighter).



The objective is to clear as many Robo-Funzos in 15 seconds as you can, while defending your Simpsons’ House.


How To Play:

In order to play, you can either click on the Event Hub icon () in the bottom right of your screen and then click on the Re-Gifting Machine icon () to the left of the Event Hub; or you can directly click on the Re-Gifting Machine icon () in the upper right.

In order to play the game, you must have 15 re-gifting currency () to play. Once you have 15, click on the blue icon with 15 written in white to start the game.

The game will count down from 3 prior to commencing. You then have 15 seconds to tap Robo-Funzos that will be attempting to attack your Simpsons’ House. The Robo-Funzos will enter your game screen from all four directions.

In order to win the game, you must protect your Simpsons’ House for 15 seconds and not allow more than 4 Robo-Funzos to reach your Simpsons’ House. If a fifth Robo-Funzo reaches your Simpsons’ House, that game will be considered a loss.



If you win a game (survive 15 seconds), you will earn:

  • 75 event currency (),
  • 1 crafting currency () per Robo-Funzo destroyed.

If you lose a game (get hit 5 times within 15 seconds), you will earn:

  • 25 event currency (),
  • 1 crafting currency () per Robo-Funzo destroyed,
  • 7 re-gifting currency ().


Mystery Boxes:

Once you’ve won the game six times, you are offered an opportunity at a special Mystery Box.

Prizes in the Mystery Box include:

  • Free Land Token
  • Ice (5 pieces)
  • Large Snowy Christmas Hill
  • Small Snowy Christmas Hill

What are your thoughts on this twist to an existing minigame? Enjoying it so far? Have you unlocked any Mystery Boxes yet? What have you won? Thoughts on the Christmas Event in general? What are you most looking forward with this event?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


87 responses to “Christmas 2017 101: Re-Gifting Machine

  1. Alissa / Safi

    Do you know if the Funzo currency carries over to the next Act? After I get all the items in the quest line for Act 1, if I keep tapping on Funzo’s but do NOT use the re-gifting machine, do my saved Funzo currency carry into Act 2 so I can build my Act 2 currency faster?

    Thank you guys for ALL you do – you are A-MAH-ZING!!!


  2. What’s nice is you don’t HAVE to play the regifting machine every few hours or multiple times a day.
    Just clear your R.F.s, build up your wrapping paper & play when you want or have time

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  3. What happens when you win all the prizes? Do you get bonuts for every 6th win?


  4. I’m surprised that most people dislike the ice sheets. I’m just wishing that could get more than the 5×5 tiles that are available. So excited to be able to put my ice palace on ice.

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  5. My whole game crashed 2 hours ago after I pressed the button to open the (regifting) mystery box. I didn’t see the gift I was awarded so I went to inventory (still needs fixing EA) to look for the prize… what a chore! I couldn’t find it unless it was one of several land tokens that I have accumulated.

    I think that was the 4th or 5th time I played the game.

    I have an iPad Air 2.

    Anyone else have this experience?


  6. I think more events need this aspect included, meaning something similar to this game/the PolyVac game. I think it adds something to the game that we don’t normally get, and I like the mystery prizes. I have gotten the small Christmas hill and ice twice. I am sad that there isn’t more offered, but I am hoping for brand new things come Act 2. I love the land tokens, I will always love that they include them in prize tracks (and now mystery boxes).


  7. So it doesn’t matter how many aliens I tap, I’ll always get the same payout if I don’t lose? Ok, cool. The best I can get is 23 because that’s all they’ll send… Well, not true, I’ve seen a 24th Funzo appear, but it’s just as the clock reaches zero so he’s untappable.

    I seem to recall in the past with these sort of prize boxes, as you win a prize it’s removed from the prize pool, so you’re guaranteed to get them all. That doesn’t seem to be happening this time. I’ve had, I think 3 (or 4?) attempts at the box and all I’m getting are ice and once a land token. I don’t think I need any more ice, and I know I don’t need land tokens. I really want those Snowy Christmas Hills (at least one of each, but preferably a couple of each).

    Still, fun mini-game/nice addition to the event. Thanks for the Guide, Alissa.


    • You get one of each only, but there are 5 ice packs in there. I have had a land token and the small hill, plus ice, so I only have the large hill and ice available.

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  8. For everyone that is disappointed in the Ice Tiles, you can actually place items on them such as the Snow Simpsons (Homer, Marge, Grampa, Santa’s Little Helper, Snowball 2, Bart, Lisa and Maggie) but I think it only works for the ones without the bonus, Goat Statues from last year, Flanders’ Car, Ice Fences, Devil and Murdered Snowman, Ice Palace and King Winter’s Cave are some but I think they are mostly items that were released during Christmas/Winter events.

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  9. Robert Maldonado

    Am enjoying the Christmas event a lot. The mystery box ice, meh. I’m waiting to spend donuts till round two I think, nothing in round one I have to have. Love crushing the funzo’s.


  10. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    Down and dirty math
    Every 18 minutes a new robot appears = 3 per hour
    3 x 24 hours = 75 robots per day
    75 divided by 15 per round at the min game = 5 rounds per day

    8 prizes x 6 Winning Rounds = 48

    48 divided by 5 = roughly 10

    So, if you can win each round (game), in about 10 days you will earn all eight prizes.

    (I’m working toward prize #4)


    • Less than 8 days with no losses, and don’t forget the bank so you don’t need to tap all night.
      I did begin with 9 days and 8 prizes both being 720 robots, however …

      It appears that there’s only 7 prizes – 2 hills, 4 sets of ice and a free land – but I did need to double check that at…

      3 hours = 180 mins/18 mins per bot = 10 in 3 hours
      8 x above for daily total = 80 then x 8 = 640
      7 prizes x 6 wins x 15 giftwrap at 1 per bot = 630

      Remember 10 robots is 3 hours, so it’s 7 days and 21 hours for 630 robots and 7 prizes


  11. So far I’ve only lost because I wanted to see what happened when I lost. Sadly, I’ve got the mystery box 3 times and I’ve got ice every time so far. I see items on the picture of the regifting machine in the post though that aren’t available to be won, so I’m curious as to what will be added to the box.


  12. Where are the pieces of ice?? I won 5 and sand locate them?!?!


  13. Hi, guys! I am from Croatia and my english is not so good, sorry for that…
    After yesterdays update I have two problems and wonder does anyone else have the same. A button to collect all theese funzo guys in my Springfield doesn’t work anymore, I have to look for everyone one by one.
    Second problem is the screen – now everything is too close, I can’t make it little bit away. (Sorry, I don’t know how to explane it better). For example, to take a screenshot I can see 3-4 houses or just one building a little bit more bigger than a house. By the way, I have s8.

    I like TSTO very much, playing for 3 years, never had a problems…..
    I like also this mini game, until now I won free land token and small snowy Cristmass hill.


    • Hi Bianca!
      In the top right of your screen, you should see 3 icons, the middle one is a grey robo-funzo. If you tap thast, your screen will center on a robo-funzo to tap. It is not the instant tapping we were used to in previous events, but it is faster than searching them out by sight.

      I don’t know about the screen and zooming in or out…mhm


      • You’re right…. it’s not an icon to collect all but to find one by one and locate them. I wasn’t write it exactly…
        It doesn’t work for me from yesterdays update. Every time I touch it, always put me on te same place where’s no one funzo…. Until that update – all perfect.
        Now I will try to uninstall and install the game again….
        Maybe something will change with this and also that big zoom… it makes me crazy…


        • I had the issue with the funzo button where I pushed it and I could not find a funzo, even made the buildings slightly invisible. After a day I finally found the funzo. It was hidden and stuck in the mountain. It started to work normal after that.


    • Not sure what to do about the zoom function, if the ususally swipe movements don’t work…

      The button to collect all the funzo’s isn’t broken. All it does is take you to one so you don’t have to search them yourself. It doesn’t get them all at once, but it does help you locate them. Hope it helps.


    • Sounds like you need to uninstall and reinstall the game. I had the same zoom in problem and this fixed it. Not sure about the button but it may help.

      Just make sure you have a log in and password for your game before you do anything. 🖒


  14. The re-gifting game is fun to play and the sound is great – but the prizes are lame. Ok I got one land token, but sheets of ice??
    These prizes are as disappointing as the rocket mini game which I have been playing for ages and just keeps producing garbage to store when it manages to launch!


  15. Land tokens equal 3 million cash in my game. I’ll take those all day long…

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