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Christmas 2017 101: Re-Gifting Machine

Note from Alissa: Some of you are asking what happens when you clear out the box.  The box resets and all of the prizes that are in there reset, so you can win them all again…at least for Act 1. So that means A LOT of Ice Tiles and multiple land tokens and snowy hills.

Cheers Christmas Computing Companions,

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Christmas has invaded Springfield and when you think of Christmas, the first thing that should pop into your mind is gifts! The second? Re-gifting bad gifts!

One fun new element to this event is the introduction of the Re-Gifting Machine game.  It is very similar to the SciFighter at the PolyVac, introduced during the SciFi event.

So let’s break down this Re-Gifting Maching…including how to play the game, what happens if you win or lose, and what prizes to expect from the Mystery Boxes…

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Silly Simpsons News: Everything is Awesome!

So how are my favorite Addicts doing?

Wookiee chiming in with a little bit of silly news about The Simpsons.  I’m sure by now a lot of you have heard about The LEGO Movie, right?  Well, me and my little Ewok went to see it last week for a little Daddy-Daughter time and I have to say it was quite awesome.  For anyone who has seen it, is that “Everything is Awesome” song still stuck in your head?

Push For Awesome

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