Bart Royale Prize Guide: Act 1, Prize 6 Pyro

The Teaser for this event said, “It’s a battle for the ages! Wait, we mean a battle of the ages – kids and adults are at war in Springfield! But what could cause this generational divide – Unfair bedtimes? Too many vegetables? Territory rights to the town’s new playground? (That last one was so specific it has to be true). Can Bart lead the youths to victory over Homer’s aged army and claim Springfield’s new Mega Playscape?

Uhm. OK…

This is the kind of event where you really need a “program to keep track of the players.”  Bart Royale is less like a “royal flush,” and more like a game of 52 card pickup! But, that said, we do get a load of new items that are fun, and in some cases darn right rewarding for our efforts!

Let’s take a look at the FINAL  Prize of ACT I:
Pyro- 63,000

Unlocks as Prize #6 on the Bart Royale Prize Wheel for Act 1.
Pyro- 63,000

Once you’ve collected 63,000  you’ll automatically be awarded Pyro and you’ll see the unlock message popup.

Once Pyro is placed, he will kick off a dialogue and set of tasks…

Rube Tube Pt. 1

Bart : Is that Pyro?
Pyro : Hey kiddo. How ‘bout an autograph? Not yours. Mine.
Bart : I’ll pass. What have you been up to?
Pyro : I’m in a competition for a trophy named Luann.
Luann : Oh, hey Chase. We had some fun times…
Luann : Fun, fun times…
Luann : But I’m back with Kirk.
Bart : Oh, man! Out Van Houten’d by a Kirk!
After task
Pyro : I need to be more than Luann’s ex-lover. It’s time I got back into the stunt business.

Rube Tube Pt. 2
Pyro : Hey kid, how’s the film business around here?
Bart : Pretty dead.
Pyro : Television?
Bart : If Krusty’s the best show, you’ve got a problem.
Pyro : What do people watch!?
Bart : Mostly ViewTube. Here, check out this guy. He makes top ten hits by GETTING hit.

After task
Pyro : Airbursts? Flash Pots? Gerbs? Pyrotechnics cost money. How can he afford these?
Bart : He’s sponsored and has tons of followers. He makes more money now then you ever did on TV.

Rube Tube Pt. 3
Pyro : If any Joe Schmo can film falls, hits, and explosions like this, then I can! I spent years as a stuntman and television performer.
Bart : There’s a little more to it than just pointing a camera at yourself…
Pyro : Mmmm…doesn’t look like it to me.
Pyro : One question though: Are cameras still as big as a toolbox and sit on your shoulder?
Bart : Here, let’s order you a NoPro.

Rube Tube Pt. 4
Pyro : Hey Pyro-maniacs! Pyro here broadcasting my first video.
Pyro : I’m going to show you some classic stunts from my day.
Pyro : None of this snorting cinnamon or taking golf balls to the nards nonsense. No, these stunts could actually kill me!
Pyro : Are you ready to be thrilled!? The heat is on, so let’s go!

Rube Tube Pt. 5
Pyro : Okay, how do I get this into the tube webs?
Bart : Let’s check out what you got.
Bart : *laughs hysterically* You’ve got the camera pointed at your face the whole time! All we see are your dippy facial expressions.
Bart : You look like you’re cleaning up barf and are about to blow chow yourself. I am definitely uploading this!
Pyro : NO!

After task
Pyro : I don’t know how I can face my fans now.
Bart : Pyro! You’ve got two million views already! And a puke sawdust company wants to sign you to a commercial series!
Pyro : Pyro is back!

And that’s it for Pyro’s Event Task Line…
However, Once you have Pyro, you can also send him on Event Currency Earning Tasks… he can Join the Other Adults in Battle

And After the Event is Over, Pyro is a FULL Playable Character!

His Indoor Tasks are: At Android’s Dungeon (Autographs), The Van Houtens (checking in on Luann), and Kwik-E-Mart (Accidental  Sightings).

That’s It for the Prizes in Act 1… but now, you can forget about the general tasks, and go back to collecting beer bottles to earn Bonuts! (just like my real life!).

After you’ve finished the questline (basically unlock General Bart and do one
more task) you’ll be able to earn Bonuts.  For every 6,000  you collect you’ll have a shot at 1, 2 or 3 Bonuts.

Tell us what you think of the Event so far! Are you laughing? Are you confused with why Luann seems to have been with half of the men in Springfield? Let us know what you think!

62 responses to “Bart Royale Prize Guide: Act 1, Prize 6 Pyro

  1. Busted my butt from day 1 to get pyro but unfortunately like 90 donuts worth away. This game really angers me sometimes.

  2. finally got pyro early this morning. i do have a questions though: if the final quest for ACT l is giving out “currency” will it pass over to ACT II currency if i decide to hold off on completing the pryo quests?? thanks for the calendar.

    • Alissa said that pyros quest should be available during act 2.

      I don’t think there’s any rollover currency though (separate from pyros questline which will offer more beer), those extra bottles you earn after getting pyro just go towards the bonuts you could potentially earn. Your best best to get ahead for act 2 is save up to 3 daily challenges for when the new act begins and also save your crafting currency incase we need to improve our defensive barrier like we did in act 1.

    • Not sure what happens if you hold off the questline, but I can confirm, that (in case you have bought him with donuts in act 2) his tasks are paid in cola (cans) instead of beer

  3. Another classic character in this event!
    I love Pyro and wish he had a visual job with Luanne, like Marge and the hunk pirate. I guess their visit needs to be unseen by little eyes.

  4. Hi Patric
    I’m gonna miss Pyro by about 6000 bottles. Should I buy him with donuts? How important is he for act 2 & 3?
    Thanks !

  5. I don’t see the ‘bonus Duff beers’ being applied; per ruffian: I expected that # to go up along with the percentage. Where is the bonus beer being applied.

  6. So, once you complete the prize track and get Pyro, you can collect bonuts by either continuing to send characters to the playground, or send them back to collect at the rail yard. Has anyone done the bonut math on which is better value? Thanks!

    • You collect bonuts by completing the main questline “Planet of Escapes” part 10 which is to send General Bart, Marge and Homer on 4 hour tasks, I got 3 sets of bonut rounds (9 donuts total) already and still working on unlocking Pyro so the bonut rounds are more easier to unlock than from the last 2 big events. The Rail Yard (RY) donuts depend on how often you can send and collect the characters, how many characters you have at available at the RY and whether you use the Monorail track or just store them and just get the donuts. I don’t use the Rail Yard much but I try to get at least one set of 5 donuts a week even though the limit has been removed.

      • Thanks, yes you’re right, the bonut rounds start after a certain point in the quest line. But of course you wouldn’t pull characters off the playground jobs until you have completed the prize track. What I’m wondering is whether it is better value, in terms of time and bonut return, to continue to send them to the playground jobs, or send them back to the railyard, once the prize track is complete.
        I typically collect 5 donuts from the railyard almost every day, probably 5 out of 7 days. So it seems better to send them back there. I was hoping someone smarter and less lazy than me might have done the math on which provides the better return; railyard bonuts or ‘beer-nuts’ (ha!). For now I’m sending the metal collectors back, as that’s what I burn through the most at the railyard, but the others are all still at the playground. It’s not really that important, I was just curious. Thanks for replying 😊

  7. Noticed this when you first posted, but no point in correcting until I knew what correct quest was…Rube Tube Pt. 4 is sending Pyro on his 4 hour stunt job, not doing “Bart of War part 4” for 8 hours. Simply matter of wrong image I assume.

  8. I’m normally quite good at events but I really struggled with this one. I don’t think I’ll be getting Pyro as I’m so behind. I played everyday too. So annoying.

    • Me too… I don’t understand. I’ve been playing regularly every day since the event started and I’m going to miss pyro. This has never happened to me during an event

  9. Would it be a more effective strategy to do pyros questline now while act 1 is still live or wait to tackle his questline during act 2?

  10. Pyro (aka Chase) 🤣
    👍 Up for being a voiced Character
    Obtained him yesterday
    Earned my Bonuts
    Back to Kem Farming
    (How to prep for Act 2?)

    Keep On Tapping 👍

  11. I need around less than 12500 duff beers to get Pyro but I would be able to collect from the characters and Ruffians in 2 hours before I go to sleep so it would be less, but with 2 days left on the act I will either get him with a few hours or minutes to spare or have to spend donuts on him. Does anyone have any tips on how I can get to him more easier and quicker without spending donuts or spending very few? Also, on the post for part 4 of the Pyro’s quest the images for it are for General Bart’s task and his quest instead of Pyro’s task and quest.

    • I dont know your sleep schedule but if it’s 8 hours of sleep you get, perhaps send general Bart on an 8 hour 120 beer earning task. He earns 60 for a 4 hour task but if you sleep for longer than 4 hours then those extra hours can be spent automatically doubling that. Keep in mind general bart tasks do not earn crafting currency but in the end it’s the beer that will earn you pyro and that extra maybe 120 beer could go a long way at the very end of the act. Be sure to visit your 10 neighbors each day to collect your 300 beer from them. The daily challenge is helpful to. If you get a 1500 beer reward task try Xing it in hopes of it being replaced by a 2000 beer reward. Good luck!

      • Hi bobq, thanks for your reply I usually get around 8 hours of sleep a day and I didn’t know whether it would be a better pay out on beers to send Bart at the Playscape or on a task in his General Bart outfit so I have been sending him at the Playscape because I’m still trying to increase the defence bonus for the extra beers (currently on 15.75%) and craft the trenches for it. I’m on 56500 since my last collection and currently have all the freemium kids and adults, the Crazy Iguana Lady and the Battle Dome for this event. I know if I can get to today’s calendar target of 58500 Beers by the end of today then I should be able to get Pyro tomorrow. I received a daily challenge today of 2000 beers today so hopefully tomorrow’s would be the same.

    • I just unlocked Pyro a few hours ago and just need a few more scraps to get another trench and get my defensive bonus to 20%. 😀

      • Oh major congrats, I’m happy you accomplished it and I hope my advice helped. I currently have 2 daily challenges waiting to be claimed and a 3rd is coming in a few hours so that when act 2 is launched I’ll be immediately ahead of schedule. I also have over 1000 crafting currency saved up so I’m prepared in that regard as well. Good luck in act 2.

  12. Josephine Kick@$$

    Liking it so far, looking forward to part 2 😃

  13. I got him today. Event was a bit harder than normal. I usually unlock the Act 1 final prize with at least 3 days left.

  14. I unlocked Pyro with 3.5 days to spare. The bonuts are rolling in, so I’m just finishing up all my quests and I’m ready for Act 2

  15. The TSTO has just about lost me as a player. I am tired of these lack luster events. Also I see no point in having friends in the game if you can’t work together to achieve goals. I liked the old events where having more than 10 friends helped and where you had to have good friends to help you earn more currency. Also why is there a currency cap on touching friends? Uhhgg. Just making event with a bunch of useless junk for me to store afterwards is NOT fun. Why not do a krusty land event or something. Seriously people!?

  16. Oh just another event with zero chance for final price of act 1. Why? Because the update came THREE days late, thursday night, just like every freakin event since I started playing over a year ago. First act, oh forget that one, nothing in play store, no update and no chance to catch up on 10-15k missing points.
    Why can’t they launch events like every other game I play, same time, for every player, to make it fair. I spent so much money on simpsons, logging in 4-5 times per day, no open quests anymore, all neighbor visits done, no issues with acts 2 and 3, normally, so, why can’t they actually give all players a chance for act 1 prizes, if the update is out, launch it for EVERYONE, same time??? What is the issue with that. Just incredibly lame and oh, 2/3 of players I added from here as neighbors quit already, apparently, wonder if that is one of the reasons….

    • Hate to tell you but if you bought the dragons teeth to max out your bonus plus on the premium items earlier on you could have completed the tasks. Here were my results.

      end of day actual
      1/25/2018 15134
      1/26/2018 22929
      1/27/2018 29593
      1/28/2018 34689
      1/29/2018 39510
      1/30/2018 50408
      1/31/2018 57970
      2/1/2018 63000+

      • Hate to tell you but I am surely not paying to cope with their mess-up, I’d rather quit the game… the teeth are an ugly, unnecessary item and I would’ve needed to buy a lot of them to get these numbers, and like 20+ bucks for a character, no, really not.
        I do spend money on the game, but on items and characters I like, specially if there’s discounts on them or packs. But not to catch-up on events where most other players do not have to, in the first place… prizes should be a reward you earn by frequently logging in. I’m a bit past 40k now, if I had 15k on thursday already (and not 0, due to the missing update), I would’ve easily made it (and looking at the rest of the numbers I actually doubt those missing 15k would’ve all come from the bonus… so paying likely would not have changed a thing either, it is at least a risky thing to try).

    • Wow…sorry you are having such trouble with the updates. I noticed that the iOS updates are often missing in my app store when others seem to already have them. I now try to force a “cloud” update (there’s a place in “settings” to do this) on my iPad and miraculously…the TSTO update appears in the store. Not sure what device you are using, but if you can force a device update next time, it may help.
      Good luck 😁.

    • I don’t know what platform you’re on that’s getting delayed, but do yourself a favour and install an Android emulator like Bluestacks (or similar). You’ll start on time every event

      • Bluestacks is what caused the glitch that cost me 11000 bottles. Bluestacks didn’t update, erased game currency, and synced to servers. I would not recommend Bluestacks.

        • I’ve been using it for years without issue. I switched to Leapdroid for a year or so, but that kept crashing consistently when displaying the Homerpalooza stages. Nox also crashes in the same way. I stuffed around with the settings on both for several days before giving up and going back to BlueStacks. As much as I dislike BlueStacks, it’s the only one that works properly.

  17. Will Pyro’s quest be available in Act 2? I’m just wondering if I should wait on the quest to earn Act 2 currency.

  18. I believe they miss the mark on some of these events. I’ve been playing since the beginning and thebbest two events in my eyes were stonecutters and whacking day (first) al8ng with monorail. These newer events are just mashing episodes together with random made up things like the playground you have to defend. Why didnt they do a barts comet tie in and use Flanders bomb shelter instead and you have to protect that from people instead of a crappy playground. So many cool things from that episode including alot of characters, (super friends). Could of had homers animated task on the roof in a deck chair. You could put the last bridge out of town for act 3 and see it blow up. A skin for moes tavern blown up (oh dear god no!)

    I think the developers at EA need to be forced to watch the first 10 seasons of the Simpson’s and get better ideas.

    I could go on and on but you get the idea. Their missing the mark by trying to do their thing. Dont take away from the Simpson’s. With things like this new playground, dodgeball court or that stupid orphan alley .

  19. I love the Helicopter ride in the store today👍😄. A perfect companion to the Paralyzer ride from the Fair event.
    Neighbors, I finally got the Paralyzer lined up perfectly to shoot the car into the school window ( you can see the ride car heading there in the picture) …give it a try next time you visit 😁.

  20. Sometimes I wonder if EA has just gone lazy with these events. Why would you not include Herman or grandpa minus the hellfish skin in this act? They touch on classic episodes but miss the mark with these events.

  21. I have 3 days left to generate the 11,777 I need to get Pyro. Hopefully I can get him in time. Missed a couple of check ins on my game otherwise I think I would have been fine. Oh well, will wait and see🤔

  22. I don’t like this event at all. As soon as it is finished all of this stuff is going in storage, unless it earns me some tax money. I am happy my fellow tappers are enjoying it though! Give me more Super Hero events any day and keep your Mad Max meets the little rascals.

  23. I’ve been earning bonuts after I compelted general Bart’s questline and I don’t have pyro yet, I got access to bonuts early by finishing the general Bart questline, I’ve already gotten 5 bonuts from it and it immediately finds all my ruffians by tapping “go to”.

    My question is should I hold onto all my crafting currency and save it until the next act or buy the battlescape?

    • I see no reason to not to craft as much as possible. Some have quests. Might as well as get those done if you have the characters available.

    • Could it be possible that you have pyro but accidentally tapped store instead of place?

      I’ve been earning bonuts for days and had stored him instead of placing. I’ve also bought all of the 1 time purchasable items and I’m now saving up scraps.

      • You get the bonuts available when you complete part 10 of the main Act 1 questline “Planet of Escapes” which requires General Bart, Homer and Marge instead of getting the last prize of the act. EA started doing this since the Homerpalooza event last year.

    • Tracy-1ltwoody920

      I crafted the goofy HOUSE FRAME and all it does it sit and do nothing.
      I’ve leveled up and the next item earns XP and $, but…….
      I strongly SUSPECT that Act 2 will add to the Beer Bonus. And THAT will require CRAFTING – but crafting what????
      So, I’m holding out on crafting and leveling up until I know what to craft

      Rotten cat just jumped on the bed and I need to feed him
      Later, folks

    • They’re not going to add new items to the crafting (at least they haven’t in the past), so spend away!

      Actually, I have a question – should I spend my crafting currency on items or on upgrading the beer bonus to 20%? Will that bonus help in Phase 2?

      • If you can finish Act 1 without adding anymore to your bonus, I would save crafting currency till Act 2. Nobody knows what will happen then, except that your crafting currency will still be good.

    • If you’ve hit 20% bonus then just hold onto it. No point crafting the decoration stuff until the end

    • The battle scape will be available thru the end of the event, so no hurry there. Seems likely we will need to build up another 20% defense bonus in Act 2 (using crafting currency). My thinking is…if you’ve already achieved the 20% bonus for the Act 1 playground, save the rest of your crafting currency till Act 2 (crafting currency doesn’t change). If the 20% defense bonus carries over, great, you can buy the battle scape with your savings…if it doesn’t, you’ll be ahead of the game in starting a new defense bonus. I’ll also be saving my last couple daily challenges to boost my new event currency total when act 2 starts.

      • Interesting to read all different perspectives on the matter. For the record I simply have no unlocked pyro yet, I have about half his prize track left to go. I was just stating that bonuts were available after finishing general Bart’s quest line as opposed to when you unlock all the act 1 prizes.

        Alissa said max out your currency bonus first (20% and you cannot exceed it). She also mentioned that more crafting items will be added or something along those lines in a previous event article.

        Thanks for the heads up on the house frame by the way, I won’t be buying it unless I have extra currency to spare at the end.

        I think I’ll go along with what Ebron said becausebit seems to make the most sense.

        Hey ebron, you seem to know your stuff, think you can give me your view on my question here please? (For the record I cannot read charts so please don’t offer me a chart to read)

        Thanks everyone for replying. Have a good day

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