Springfield Jobs Act 1 is Nearing the End…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a reminder that Act 1 of the Springfield Jobs Event…Ends TOMORROW April 6th at 1400 GMT (10am ET).

Once the Act 1 is over you will no longer be able to earn Picture Prizes for free. So get everything you can before it’s all gone! (but remember to keep earning Pictures if you haven’t unlocked all of the prizes because the closer you get to unlocking the next prize the lower the donut cost would be should you need to purchase it when the next Act starts…)

Crafting will STILL be available in the next Act.

For a rundown on everything that was included with Act 1 check out our rundown post here.

Be ready for the Act 2 to start at 1400 GMT (10am ET) tomorrow morning  (April 6th)….

59 responses to “Springfield Jobs Act 1 is Nearing the End…

  1. It’s been a while but i was able to get all the prizes on the prize track for act 1. last time i was able to get all the prizes was when the casino update was live.

  2. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    I was on and starting Act 2 when I was kicked off. Now I cannot get back.
    I want on, NOW!

  3. David Billington

    Just gone back into my game at 2pm UK time and still an hour till act 2 starts. Could’ve put my characters on 4 hr tasks earlier as they would have finished for 3pm and gone out instead of being sat here… British Sumner Time which we are on GMT which we’re not are different. Grrrr

  4. Poor Kirk:


  5. I really wish EA would fix the glitch before the next act starts. Its just annoying, now. (and i want my stuff back)

    • We shoul organize ourselfs and sue them. This behaviour from EA is just wrong in cloud games. They should learn a lesson

      • Good luck suing for a Freemium game…that constantly asks you if you want to spend donuts. I am not a fan of EA. But, the premise of suing is ridiculous. Sorry.

  6. So does crafting current remain the same and will transfer over for act 2? If I have 1500 crafting currency now is it best to keep them for a head start on crafting act 2 items? Or will it convert back to 0?

  7. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    For me, I’m taking a break. In roughly 4 hours tasks will start to culminate. And I’ll allow everyone and everything to lie fallow- until Act2 begins.
    Time to rest and re-energize and be ready to charge into Act 2.
    I’ll be checking my town for visits, but I’ll back off my CHARGE!!!

  8. i must need some sleep .. i read the calendar as saying today was the last day of act I and not Friday morning. so, apparently, i have one extra daily challenge saved up when i could have used it already. now it’s moot to try to save 2.7k for another bonuts deal ….. or is it? IDK .. im so tired. *doh*

  9. Alias de la plume

    Is nana Sophie Mussolini worth buying if you don’t unlock her

  10. Nothing to spend $ on now that land costs 📦📦📦

    • For long time players the in-game cash is worthless.

      • … And to think back to the beginning when White Houses were so expensive… But thinking back, those were some of the best times when every new building was a treasure to add to our Springfield…

      • Except for turning on XP Collider and buying/selling Rat Trap Trucks or Blood Mobiles to turn money into XPs into donuts.

  11. Just wondering if anyone else had a cardboard box with a 1 on it and a donut, an Oscar and another few items it in show up in the Task Book this am? Maybe I just never noticed it before? O.o Doesnt do anything when you click on it… just collapses the Task Book by one task..

    Anyone else?

  12. Wil Henderson

    OK curious if anyone else is seeing a little cardboard box with a donut, what looks to be a gold statue and a Number 1 on it in the Task Book ? Suddenly appeared this am (or maybe I just failed to notice it before?) When you click on it it really doesnt do anything except expand/collapse the Task Book by one task

  13. I’m assuming it still makes sense to save completed Daily Challenges from yesterday and today and wait until after 10am tomorrow to redeem?

  14. When is the next addicts live?

    • We have a few scheduling conflicts. Tentatively it’ll be the 14th, but I’ll have an announcement post up once we’ve got it worked out. (the week before)

  15. I’m behind. 2k behind. Haven’t been enthusiastic about this game recently. Might skip next events until summertime or Halloween.

  16. Actually looking forward to Act 2…I just need to find the right place for the 13 “Police Call Boxes” I will be crafting.

  17. I’ve been so disappointed in the dropping of thieves into friends towns. I have had 100+ of them and dropped them into friends towns but the return back hasn’t been that great. Barely anyone is dropping them into my town so I’m wondering if people are getting less and just not able to drop them.

    • I’ve only gotten about 50! I wondered if others were having the same issue, but apparently not 😑

    • In all fairness, some players might not notice that they got crooks from you. I only happen to know when I come across one and can see the name after clearing it. They’re so easy to miss and when you have disabled push notifications, there will be nothing to alert you and after 4hrs they’re gone without trace. You can only be sure that someone got your gift when you see their name listed as having helped.

      • I’m only getting a max of 3 to drop a day on both my towns. I’m trying to spread those few out amongst my neighbours but being in Australia a lot of my friends can’t get to my drops even when I can send them something!

    • I am getting only between 2 and 3 crooks a day, I haven’t even been able to “return” all the ones I found. And then there are of course all the ones I completely missed, with no way of knowing where they came from. Might also be a time zone problem, maybe the people you dropped them on were asleep at the time. Since I am in Europe, but added quite a few (presumably American) people from this site, I ran into this problem before.

  18. i have been saving my little mask man for ACTII … so far 45 of them are at the ready. Forgot that the craft currency didn’t change and spent all of it on junk… (ARGGH-DOH!!!) oh well… on a side note: if you are my neighbor don’t think that I have forgotten you, I have been saving my little guys for ACT 2 and will be there again soon. 🙂 cheers! .

    • Just an FYI, there’s no point in saving them. They only earn crafting currency, which doesn’t change for each act. So whether you use them now or use them in act 2 or 3 the impact is the same for you and your neighbor…

      • Unless you have a daily challenge banked to drop 3 in a friend’s Springfield. In which case save 3. 🙂

        • Or you can complete it and not clear that task….if you don’t collect on it it’ll change over to act 2 currency and you can collect on it tomorrow when act 2 hits.

          • Oh right, it can still be banked pending collection. Thanks for the catch. I should know this stuff having played long as I have…

  19. Got Nana two days ago and just hit level 939 today! Bring on Act 2!

  20. Ugh! This event is too long. What a bore.

  21. theoriginalsteve

    will the continuing crafting still use the same crafting currency as act 1? (sorry if this has been answered elsewhere!). Thanks!

  22. Hey guys! Anyone know if that Lenny/Carl gondola animation is permanent after finishing the Act 1 finale?

    • I don’t think it’s a task for Carl and Lenny at the Gondola because it’s only a heist scene for the Act 1 finale. I think that the scene would be permanent after the event and that you can play it at the Museum of Super Fine Arts similar to the scenes from the Wild West event 2 years ago that could be played at the Town Plaza.

  23. Will the masks used for dropping robbers in neighbors’ Springfields carry over to Act 2? Or should I use them before I lose them? I’d like to save a few to have on hand for the daily tasks.

    • Yes, they’ll carry over. Use them or don’t. They’re not for act currency, just crafting currency. So it really doesn’t matter when you use them.

  24. Sorry. Not sure if it was covered in a previous post, but will all the items still be available to craft from Act I, or were they just available to craft during Act I and we’ll only be able to craft Act II items during Act II?

  25. The time it starts has now changed! For us Australians it will start in 25 hours which will be 9pm. Which means we lose a day! The beginning was tough but then it became much easier. I got quite a few bonuts and I have saved crafting currency to 1500, good head start for act two.
    Still too long though these challenges.
    I am off to bed soon. So good night! Good day to all the others!

    • Still 10a ET tomorrow according to my timer.

    • Another trick i saw from the last event..someone posted this up…save the last 2 days daily tasks till it changes then you have 3 tasks on the new act, gives a wee bit of a bump up

    • My timer for today in Melbourne Australia suggests midnight? I’m not loving this event where we have to place stuff we don’t want where we don’t want it to be! All the squareish task centre things are starting look the same. I think the shape maybe started with the campfire area from a few Halloweens back?

      The bits of trenches @ such from the last long update are all stored as I’ve no use for them. I’d prefer to craft whatever I want & place it wherever I want. Please hear me EA!

      Today I stored the horrid thing from the Harry Potter type update. (The events now so collide that I never bother myself with their names!) Item has no bonus percentage; No money earning capability & I keep the Burns character on a 24 hr task in the prison; So It’s just not useful. Especially when I can’t unlock land with my over 100 billion dollars in game currency & must use or wait for land tokens!

      I’m just letting all tasks pile up as of now 3pm Melb EST Aust; Including character jobs; In case anyone else is needed for the new tasks set to drop @ midnight. I’ve been hardcore on this game since before Whacking Day; But I’m now seriously considering giving it up!

  26. It took a while but am now really into this event. Great items, now I need lots and lots of land to design and away from the ocean not the mountains

  27. Finally. Who hasn’t finished and been waiting 5 days for the next Act?

    • wordsleadmeon

      I finished this morning. But easter weekend and my goddaughter’s birthday last week did sort of put a crimp in my tapping time. Wifi only tablet rarely travels with me.

  28. omnipotentwiz

    4.5……k…..to go…

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