Episode Reminder: No Good Read Goes Unpunished (Season 29, Episode 15)

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Were you excited to see The Simpsons have another new episode last week? Did you enjoy the episode? Did it blow your mind how similar Krusty and Homer are in appearance? Can’t wait for another new Simpsons episode? Well you won’t have to wait too long for the next such episode as The Simpsons is back this Sunday, with an all new episode! Woohoo!

So here’s your official TSTO Addicts reminder…all new episode, the season’s fifteenth episode, this Sunday, April 8th, on FOX (also half an hour earlier on Global in Canada)….“No Good Read Goes Unpunished”!

So what do The Simpsons have in store for us this week?

Here’s the episode information released from FOX:

“In an attempt to bring the family back together, Marge forces everyone to hand in their electronics and take a trip to a book store.”

Here’s the sneak peek for this week’s episode from FOX:

Be sure to tune in tomorrow night to see all the fun!

As always, after the episode airs we’ll have a full episode recap!

Are you excited for the new episode? Were you excited The Simpsons was back last week with another new episode? Did you prefer the Krusty plot or the Skinner plot? What do you think will happen in the new episode? Looking forward to another anthology episode? What is your favourite book? What’s been your favourite fifteenth episode of our favourite family over the past 28 seasons? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

10 responses to “Episode Reminder: No Good Read Goes Unpunished (Season 29, Episode 15)

  1. Didn’t understand in this episode why Lisa was unhappy with the ‘we’re going to go out and read’ thing. She reads all the time!

  2. This is very off-topic, but I wanted to ask if anyone knows how to trigger Jesus’s animation of pointing at the sky(presumably at God) with an angry face? It was posted here in the addicts website but I have never seen it in the game. I know that he summoned a dove when he completed a task(like making finger shadows, lol), but I’ve never seen him ponting at the sky angrily like which was shared here in the post “Should you buy Jesus?”. Sorry but curiosity just got the better of me.

    • I think its from when you send him on his 4 hour task (not the one to feel sad but the other 4 hour task) “Heal the B.S.” to battle at the Rigellian Christmas Spaceship.

  3. May I ask where that pic of milhouse in the post is from? I can’t decide if it’s funny or disturbing lol

  4. I only hope this Sunday’s episode is better then last week’s 💤 fest (about half of this Season’s episodes I have enjoyed). 📺🦄

  5. So does anyone actually enjoy these new episodes? I honestly would like to know…I really enjoy this silly little Tapped Out game, and I adored the show for the first 10-11 seasons…but watching modern episodes is so sad…it’s like watching an elderly loved one hooked up to life support against their will.

    • I do think it is subjective. I have enjoyed some of the newer episodes…but they do lack the heart of the “golden era.”

      As far as the game? Same feeling…

      • I loved Season 5, especially the Duffless episode with the hamster experiment, never really took to any of the seasons after that, but i love when the classic characters crop up. I was short of donuts for the barflies and Jacques, hope for another shot at them soon.

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