Addicts Live Announcement…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just dropping in with a quick announcement about the next Addicts Live…..

Mark your calendars because the next episode of Addicts Live will be airing Next Saturday (April 28th) at 12:00pm ET (for timezone converter check here).

The next episode will feature, as usual, our thoughts about what’s going on in TSTO, lots of laughs, our usual crazy antics and of course we’ll be fielding your questions.  Plus, you won’t want to miss our take on Act 3 (and the end) of The Springfield Job…

And those of you that can’t make the live stream, don’t worry a recording of the video will be up for your viewing pleasure after the stream is over.  So you’ll be able to catch the re-run. 🙂

Oh and if you missed any episodes of Addicts Live! you can catch up on them here.

Remember Addicts Live! is now a Podcast as well!  So if you missed any of the episodes and want to catch them again while driving, running, or even showering now you can!  Check out your Apple or Google Podcasts to download and subscribe.  🙂 

Remember, this is meant to be interactive.  So you’ll be able to ask us questions and comment as we’re live right in the comment section here!

And if you can’t make the live stream, but still have a question you want to ask you may do so in the comments of this post or by emailing us at

And remember, you don’t have to ask us personal questions.  Your question can be about anything TSTO related or not.  Need help with something in your Springfield?  Have a design question?  Stuck on a questline?  Ask away!

As far as what you’ll need for the live stream?  Well, nothing different!  No new program to sign up for.  Just check out TSTO Addicts on Saturday, April 28th and watch for the Addicts Live post around noon.  From there you’ll be able to directly play the stream…as if you were watching a regular embedded YouTube video!  Nice and simple!

Can’t wait to hang out with y’all soon!

16 responses to “Addicts Live Announcement…

  1. Josephine Kick@$$

    I might actually be able to watch it live this time! 😃

  2. Which female characters would you want to see in the game? Recent updates have mainly released male characters and some or rarely female characters with the most recent being Rose Quimby (full character) and Bootsie (NPC). I would like to see Sarah Wiggum, Judge Harm, Ned Flanders’ Mother (and father), Laney Fontaine, and Chloe Talbot are my top 5 female characters.

    • Isn’t Judge Harm the one with the houseboat? Would love to have a few houseboats and a Marina for my inland rivers/lakes.

      • Yeah, she had lived in a pink houseboat (1 Ocean View Drive) and a pet seal until Homer threw a cinder block at it and sunk the boat along with her grandmother’s quilt. I too would love more houseboats and a marina in the game which could be good for a summer event.

        • Yes, she was also a Bracket Battle character in the Most Desired Character bracket, as was her Houseboat in the Most Desired Building bracket.

          • I had forgotten they both were in the Bracket Battles which is a better reason on adding them. Do you know how many characters and buildings from the Brackets are currently in the game? I have noticed that Plunder Pete’s and Guy Incognito from the Bracket Battles are the most recent building and character added to the game at the moment.

          • I voted for her and the houseboat…was soundly trounced…🙄

    • Josephine Kick@$$

      You forgot grandma Van Houten lol. I would like more female characters… Sarah is the one I want the most. Most importantly, I want more visual tasks… Christmas tasks are still making me merry lol. Otto & Lisa are my favs😍

      • Oh yeah, I did forget her. She’d probably be chasing me with an olive branch shouting “Idiota!” soon for forgetting her. 🤣🌳 I would like to see more visual tasks for characters other than Homer since sometimes to visuals is not enough (especially when its with another character). It’s funny you mention Christmas tasks because in a friend’s town I seen Homer outside the Tower of Springfield in winter clothes pretending to ski. ❄️🎿

        • Josephine Kick@$$

          😂 @ Idiota! Definitely more individuals with their own visuals. I love having Homer dance in the beer rain 😃 So many fun tasks, wouldn’t it be cool if the employment office had a “all visual x hour tasks” option? I find 8hrs is s good choice for many visuals though.

          • I like the 8 hour visuals too for characters (not too long, not too short) but the 4 and 8 hour visual tasks can get boring after a while but that is not as bad as characters only having 1 hour and 4 hour visual tasks, occasionally it would be nice to see a character’s visual times including 8h and 12h, 4h and 12h, 8h and 24h etc. The Unemployment feature for visual tasks is a good idea to have with the UO and maybe there could be an updated version with “Send all on 2h, 3h, 6h, 10h, and 16h tasks”.

  3. Having searched the internet for the rollback glitch, I found, in a thread on the EA forums, that there is a fix for it. There are 2 fixes that some of the EA support staff are doing: 1) rolling back the game to a date that the player knew the game worked 100% (if the player knew at all), but this was a temporary fix and usually, the player encountered the glitch a second time (or third or fourth) all because, 2) some EA support staff know that there are some bugged variables and those reps who know this is the REAL fix, can go and find those variable, correct them, and once corrected, the bug is fixed permanently. However, 99.98% of the EA reps DON’T know about the bugged variables, how to find them and how to correct them, thus, thousands of players getting the old “we’re working on a fix” spiel. The forum user who posted the above stated that while the game works as intended, there are some things that will have to be redone. You may also find that your bonus percentage is actually higher as some of the hidden bonus percentages were broken when your game was hit with the bug. For those who would like to read the posts on the EA forum by a person who has had the bugged variables fixed, look for user hobbesisreal.

    Now let’s hope EA software team gets in contact with the support reps who know how to fix the bugged variables for real and patch them at the end of the current event so when we have to download the app update from the store, it’s fixed for everyone!

  4. Holy Schmoly! While trying to resolve the problem my wife’s Springfield is having (not being able to get past part 2 of the monorail quest line) with the suggestion of EA support to log into her account from my device then logging in on hers, I noticed when logging onto hers, that she doesn’t have the character box in the upper left hand corner. Which, if I remember correctly, is a symptom of the rollback glitch! Perhaps this entire deal of her not having Lyle Lanley pop up for part 3 of the mission questline is all related to that dreaded rollback glitch?!

    Of course, I’m quite sure she didn’t even notice it missing, so she wouldn’t be able to tell EA when the glitch started to affect her game. And, being deep in the middle of an event, soon to start act 3 and another 17.5 days, I’m sure she doesn’t want her progress rolled back drastically by EA, either. Guess she’ll just have to live with it, and since she doesn’t even realize it has affected her (she was in bed asleep when I was able to log onto her device), and has been playing without knowing, I doubt she’ll say sure, let’s roll back the game to some unknown prior date, wiping out all my progress…lol.


    On a side note, our experience with EA support on her broken monorail quest leaves much to be desired. First, they gave us a troubleshooting list of things we’ve already tried, second, they gave us an attempted solution that smells of them just tossing out random ideas, and now, with the logging into the game from another device (or having someone else log into their game from her device) then logging out of that and then back into her device, sounds to me like they’re just winging it (have you tried turning it off & then on again?) or patronizing the intelligence of their users/customers/players. I don’t hold high degree of confidence that they are really looking for a true solution to this glitch. IMHO.

  5. Any word from EA on the fix for the dreaded roll back glitch at your forum addicts? Any communication at all since the last addicts live? Anything?! 😕

    I’m seeing an appalling amount of customers affected over on the EA forums and we have some infected now at my forum TOUK too. 😢

    Many have stopped playing since getting the glitch and then getting it again and given up even bothering to contact EA. Others aren’t buying anything new. Most of us have stopped playing for a week until Act 3 starts. All reports from customer services are conflicting. I really feel like giving them a piece of my mind… 😠

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