Episode 33- The Poochie Show

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Another day, another update!  There’s always something going on in TSTO.  In this episode, we’ll talk all about those updates!  Poochie’s mini-event, wrap up Itchy and Scratchy Land and we’ll rank the best events from the first half of 2018.  (check out this poll if you haven’t already done so)  Plus, we’ll have a little fun speculating on what could be next in TSTO!
And as always we’ll also be fielding your questions! So join us live for all the fun! (of course, if you can’t make it live watching the replay is still pretty awesome too!)

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Remember, this is meant to be interactive.  So ask your questions, give us your opinions and share your thoughts in the comments below..and we’ll read what we can live! 🙂

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21 responses to “Episode 33- The Poochie Show

  1. Great show as always. Thanks for all you for us addicts.

  2. I voted indifferent, but to be honest? I am indifferent with strong opinions!

    I would have preferred Disapproving Squirrel vs Bort as Act 2 Prize (with Squirrel as a Character that earns Event Currency / Crafting Currency) AND Poochie with a I&SL Attraction Building as Act 3 Event Prize vs Major Disappointment (Poochie is a Premium earning Event Currency / Crafting Currency would’ve been worth the grind) – an I still feel that Event could have been a 2 Parts in 5 Weeks vs too long too much grind not enough worthwhile.

    I still feel that EA didn’t offer any true Premium Characters as Event Prizes, except for Itchy (even Diane was only half Premium). What Tappers were offered wasn’t worth grinding for, which became more frustrating once Tappers discovered that crafting wasn’t rewarding either (plenty of that can be blamed upon technical issues).

    Tappers had more rewarding opportunities by Kem Farming and spending sprinkles on Premium Character / Character Building Combos. We had 3 great Mystery Boxes with better Prizes then what the Event Acts offered (I took advantage of that, so EA gets my thanks for these things).

    I already take breaks during Events / Mini-Events. I learned not to grind, nor worry over Event Prizes. It’s keeping this Game App fun vs letting it become annoying.

  3. Do not like the land tokens. Would rather just buy the land with in game cash. What are your thought?

  4. Is the Gold Rooster from the new years mini event on Safi’s shirt?

  5. Baby Event

  6. Safi is next. You are not Lamont Cranston!

  7. I get the rollback bug every time I start the game now, 900 MB to download every startup. Am I alone here with this and how do I get hold off EA to fix it?

    • That does not sound like the rollback bug. I think you need to just free up space on your device.

  8. My real feeing on the mini event is that they should of given us at a least a week off before the start of the mini event. After a large event, a break is needed from tapping. There are just too many events now and the game isn’t as much fun as it used to be. I used to look forward to large events as it was a treat to have. Now it’s just non-stop event after event after event.

    • Yes! I remember they’d give us a month or 2 with a break. It was nice but then people complained because they wanted more to do.

      • At no time was there that long of a gap. Ever. 2-3 weeks max…then with mini events between.

        • I was just being elaborate about the length of time because at times it felt like months. Wasn’t being literal.

          • In fairness to your memory Ghoul, we had Level Ups with new character and building (usually or always a combo? My memory is failing me on that detail) rewards between events, but big events always seemed to feel far apart. But as someone pointed out, people used to complain that there wasn’t enough to do in-game during the years with leveling up.

            My really active integrative design time was in earlier years when my town made more sense across the board. I really need to use the mini-events more productively as focused design time. I have a lot of newer pockets of great designs from individual events, I just need to organise them in a better flow overall.

        • Oh but we had the good old days of months of waiting for a new level update. But that’s another story…

  9. I’m really happy that the itchy and scratchy land is over although I’m really happy that we got characters like Roy and poochie in the game but I feel that maybe this kind of update should have been included in the itchy and scratchy land event instead of as a mini event but overall I’m really liking and enjoying the mini event

  10. In a vacuum, I really like this Poochie event. He’s a classic character, fun animations/decorations.

    My concern is that they could have added him as a prize in the I&SL event, and he would have been the best prize (outside of Itchy). Will this be EA’s new procedure? Release a major event, but withold the best prize for a mini event (essentially making the event 4 acts).

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