Moe’s Ark – Act 3 Calendar and Math You Need to Get It All


We are finally at Act III of this Animal-icious Event!

Moe has long since gone by the wayside…there never really was an Ark…and things are about to get seriously weird. This event started out fun, if not a bit familiar. It is ending on a weird note, where we not only get a bunch of very odd, Doctor Suess-ian beasts (that pretty much don’t belong anywhere…let alone our Springfields) as well as ANOTHER Homer. But, not just any Homer…we get another “Time/Space Breaker” character that defies logic (even if you are a fan of “Back to the Future”).

Could it get any sillier??

Let’s take a look at the numbers you need to “Get It All” from the primary Prize Track!

Hold on… I think the man asked, “could it get any sillier?”  The answer is “Yes.”
I admit to being burned out on creating calendars, when the simple reality about “Getting It All” always comes down to the same thing…Log In 4 times a day…for a minute or two every 4 hours…and you will get it all. Period.

But…people like to fret over numbers…and need a prompt, so they sleep at night (or set their alarms for midnight or 4a if they are behind). So I do the calendars.

But lately, it seems that no matter how I do the calendars, what day I start/finish them…somebody complains that “I’m not doing it right!”

Well…guess what? I am going “Cranky Old Parent” on you… If you don’t like the way I do them… DO IT YOURSELF!

This actually saves me a ton of time coming up with graphics, and making it all pretty.


You can do the math. Really.
There are 14 days to get 72,200 DNA Cannisters Animal DNA.png

Here are the Prize Numbers (which the WIKI got wrong, by the way…)

Act 3 Personal Prizes
Flying Brachiosaurus– 5,100
Free Land Token– 15,100
Chicken Pulled Chariot– 25,400
Mad Dr. Hibbert– 35,600 (Skin)
Crafting Currency (3000 Sanctuary Grants)– 45,900
Free Land Token– 56,400
Teenage Homer– 72,200 (Full character)




NOW…Decorate it any way you want!  This will be fun!  Maybe even more fun than the last Act of this event!

Here’s what I made…
Click to Enlarge…

Yes…I’ve been drawing that same cow since I was 12…so, it didn’t take long.

You may note that I didn’t start counting until 24 hours AFTER the event started. And…OH MY GOD! I’M ALREADY BEHIND!!!!  

Yes. That is why I was doing it on a 24 hour clock…starting mid-day…because when I posted the real math, I got sick of people saying, “I’m so far behind! I’ll never finish this one! It’s the first time ever!!!”  Stop Freaking Out. You will finish it…if you log on 4 times a day, and do the basics.

See? Calendars CAN be fun! And if you don’t get the math right, or get all freaked out that you are’s your OWN FAULT!!  You should have been tapping instead of making this silly calendar!!

Post them, or send a picture to  and I’ll post the best ones in another post. 


122 responses to “Moe’s Ark – Act 3 Calendar and Math You Need to Get It All

  1. Hey, I like your calenders and they are a nice indicator to see if I am behind or ahead for the final goal. It doesn’t matter if it comes on day 1 or day 3 or the dates are wrong. Thank you for that.
    One thing I did notice was the end, because it ended on Wednesday afternoon (CET) and I though I had another full day left. 🙁

    • You were a victim of the time difference… and my practical joke in dates.

      It seems that the new norm is going to be 7a Pacific time (the real Springfield). So…count on that in the future.

  2. Thanks for the calender Patric 🙂

    I’m already after getting the sanctuary grants today, as you say just logging on 4 times a day with so many characters available to carry out the jobs. I wouldn’t be too bothered really other than I do want teenage Homer, otherwise the event holds no real interest for me.

  3. Just my two cents here:

    For years, your calendars have been super helpful at giving me relief that I’m not behind. However, this was the first event I actually spent donuts on (spent 10 or 15 on Act I’s last prize because I dl’d the update a few days late).

    Therein lies the true weakness of the calendar: it’s assuming you started the event on day 1, with no real math’y advice to help folks who might’ve started a day or two late other than “play 4 times a day, you’ll be fine!”, which may or may not be true for all players.

    You could probably build an online tool that does the basic math. Have the user input what their current progress is, then show them if/when they’d earn the last prize if they played X times a day.

    You can potentially expand it further by calc’ing donut costs on the last day if they’re unable to make it.

    • Yep…I COULD do all of those things. But, it is above my “Pay grade” as I already do this for free. What you seem to be missing…is that it is brain-dead easy to get it all, if you log on 4 times a day for a few seconds. If you can’t do that…then you shouldn’t expect to get it all easily. And none of the prizes are worth anything…they are digital baubles that sit on a server..that can/will vanish one day altogether.

      • Oh Patric, I just want to say thank you. This is the article that just keeps on giving. Everyday a new chuckle. I admire you take the time out to reply – my eyes would be sore from the rolling if it was me! Best…..Article…..Ever.

  4. The reason I come to this website is for help and tips to play the game. I know I CAN do the math. But if I wanted to do the math myself, I wouldn’t bother coming here.

    As far as I can remember, I have never complained about a calendar. But I am complaining about this. I feel punished because some people don’t appreciate all of the work that goes into the website. And while I love the pretty calendars that you generate, I would be happy with a stripped down text only list:
    Aug 31 – 5158
    Sept 1 – 10316
    Sept 2 – 15474
    Sept 3 – 20632
    Sept 4 – 25790
    Sept 5 – 30948
    Sept 6 – 36106
    Sept 7 – 41264
    Sept 8 – 46422
    Sept 9 – 57580
    Sept 10 – 56738
    Sept 11 – 61896
    Sept 12 – 67059
    Sept 13 – 72212
    Why punish all visitors to the site, who come here for your guidance?
    (And it is great that some of you have risen to the challenge and made your own calendars…..but I don’t have the time/inclination to do so)

  5. Hey Patric,
    Please keep doing your calendars. I log on every time there is a new event or new act to download them. I keep a jpeg of the calendar on my phone, a print out on my wall at work, text the screenshot to my partner and other friends we have gotten addicted to TSTO… then get really competitive about how far ahead or behind we are.
    I have one of those “structured” and “realistic” Springfields where I try to make everything make some sort of sense, so they also help me plan where everything goes.
    Keep up the great work and stay grumpy!
    TSTO Addict since the very first Whacking Day

  6. Patrick lives where they don’t observe daylight savings time. That explains why Rgs dat seems off on the calendar. 😂

  7. to the people that complain about patric’s calenders. you guys are a bunch of *insert a lot of expletives here*. me and my wife have been using them for so long big thank you to all your previous works patric hope the bunch of *insert a lot of expletives here* who complained don’t get everything this track. and hope you feel much better soon

  8. I made a colorful one with a quick copy paste job in Paint. It was a lot of fun 🙂

  9. Love the games but the calendar for act 3 it’s wrong and they haven’t fixed it. Example today it’s friday the 31 not Friday the 1 so does that mean we will all miss the last office? I’m confused now if I’m on schedule or not.

  10. OK, so I’m putting everybody on their tasks and still the little icon in the lower right still has an exclamation point saying that there’s an unfilled activity in the zoo. If I use the Unemployment Office to send everybody on a job (after sending everybody to their zoo jobs), that icon goes away.

    Usually, when there’s a character that has a quest activity you’ve overlooked, the Unemployment Office skips them so you can assign them to the quest task, but that isn’t happening. It isn’t Kidkill. If I manually assign him to a task, the icon still shows.

    What am I missing? Is this a glitch? Who is supposed to be working for the zoo but isn’t being listed in the people who have jobs for the zoo?

    • OK, so I manually started sending people on jobs and I discovered it’s Dr. Hibbert. What’s he supposed to be doing at the zoo that I am overlooking?

      • Noticed the same thing and think it’s a glitch. Hibbert will have a job, but not until you unlock his skin via the prize track.

  11. Best calendar yet! Love it!

  12. The only thing missing on your calendar Patric?
    The Sheeple!
    What? I meant ’cause Mad Dr. Hibbert is playing with DNA. ;O)

  13. It’s not the prize track I’m worried about… I never *don’t* reach all the prizes. It’s upgrading the habitats that is driving me batty. The sanctuary grants accrue extremely slowly and I’m still trying to upgrade Great Plains while completing quests for Warmongers and my attraction bonus is stagnant. 🙂 yes I check in about every 4 hrs, I’m usually a day or two ahead of the prize track calendar. Gah!

    • It i meant to be an event long task…not super easy to do in a blip and a half. Just be sure that you send EVERYONE who is able to work at the zoo…for each of the different sanctuaries. There is a ton of them…and if you don’t scroll, and hit them all, you lose out. This is one event where the Premium characters related to the event really do pay out a lot more.

  14. I appreciate your calendar. I like to leave it open the entire event, in a tab on my browser, to have for reference.

  15. Love the home made calendar! I often check the calendar to see if I’m on track. Usually the second and third acts go fine, but the first not so much. I end up not getting the last prize or paying a few donuts for them. I think it’s because I’m less diligent or because the bonus is lower in the first act and it takes me too long to build it up. As a result I tend to like the first act not as much as it’s more stressful.

    Also since I donut farm a little more, I care a little less about tapping every four hours. It play the game often but it doesn’t have to rule my life. And I’ve got other games to play as well.

  16. apologies, but the hand-drawn calendar is wrong on…. hm, the calendar part… sept 3 is monday and the labor day… Nice job drawing the cows though!

  17. Hi Patric,
    your calendar is really nice, but you mixed up the dates.
    For me saturday is the first September not the second.
    Best Regards

  18. Lol!!!

    The funny part is for all the griping about your calendar, you know those same gripers are going to take a screen shot of YOUR calendar you made for yourself, say, hmmph, thinking they’ll show you, and end up using your calendar you posted as a “how to” after all! Lol

    Glad you found a happy way to resolve the issue!

  19. More credence to the old saying, “You get what you pay for”

  20. Nice 👍 😊

  21. Lol Patric you crack me up. Loved your post, especially the remade calendar. You truly made my day and I’m glad that posting this helped you as well. Pay no mind to the naysayers, unfortunately there will always be a few around. I use your calendar more as a guideline for events. Appreciate everything you and everyone at Tsto do, just not always able to post. I to heard Big Bang Theory is ending with season 12. I’m completely bummed. Sheldon is my favorite character. I’ve got up to season 9 on dvd now. Well got to. Have a great night😎

  22. Hahahahahahahah! Love this post, Patric! I needed a good laugh, and this did it! Thanks!

  23. Hahahaha. I’m dying. Kudos Patric. Great post.

  24. I like the duplicate Homer instead of ANOTHER skin. I would pay Donuts to have Homer Clones instead of 12 skins

  25. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    ~72,000 over 14 days is slightly more than 5,000 per day
    5000 * 14 = 70,000
    That makes the math extraordinarily easy.
    Daily totals are…
    5k, 10k, 15k, 20k, 25k……….
    PLUS an additional 2,000.

  26. Lol, love it Patric…. buuuut…I confess that, for my sins, I’m a bit ‘Sheldon’, I like numbers and familiarity and really rely on your calendar, it makes me feel kinda secure that I’m on track.. I know you’re not enjoying this event so much, but wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your hardwork keeping the site updated.. I have been playing almost since the game first started, have always followed this site, and this Is the first time I’ve felt compelled to make a post, as I’m normally too shy..

    • Well please don’t wait so long next time!! Did you see that this is the last season of Big Bang Theory? Bummed!

      • I did, and am likewise bummed! Hopefully they’ll keep Young Sheldon going for a while – am loving Meemaw lol!!

      • Super bummed here, too. It’s one of the few sitcoms I collect on DVD. I hope Young Sheldon carries on beyond this year. Thursday without an escape to Sheldon is just too sad a thought right now.

        Sidenote, I love that they cast Laurie Metcalf’s actual daughter to play Sheldon’s mom. It’s the weirdest perfect continuity with the main show.

        • It really is…and she is wonderful in the role! It feels like there is still a lot of story to tell. Hope it lasts!

          • She is. I was surprised at just how delightful I found the whole show last fall. I remember thinking ‘I don’t know if this is such a good idea…’ when it was first announced in the spring. There definitely is lots of story to tell with everything we’ve heard Sheldon reference in the last decade plus, so fingers crossed.

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