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Friday Filler – Bliss Ninnies -vs- Pragmatists…Which Team Are You On?

I have to admit it…I often forget that TSTO is not a way of life, but is merely something we do while the rest of our lives are happening.  There are times, like right now, when it feels a bit more consuming, because the “fun factor” gets over-run by the “grind factor,” and I lose sight of some of the good things that EA has done in an event, that are actually designed to provide entertainment, and not grief.

Yes…they killed crafting. Mostly. Yes, there is now far more content to buy with game cash…but that is offset with the Item Limits, and a dearth of room around our Zoo. There are loads of new characters, including Sarah Wiggum…but most are one-offs that nobody has really heard of, or can’t remember.  There are loads of new decorations and animals, but it really is an entire event based on just smidge of an idea.  They are giving us more free land tokens…but we can’t use them around the Zoo Zone.

In the last paragraph…we see examples of the classic “Everything’s Great!” that a Bliss Ninny (not a derogatory term) may portray, along with the overly Pragmatic, “BUT!” that seems to come with every positive being offered.

The fact is. I wish I WAS a Bliss Ninny.  It is the sad irony of being a crankier-by-nature kinda person, that we often wish we were not so.

But, telling us that we are being cranky doesn’t help…trust me on that.
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Moe’s Ark – Act II Prize Guide – Squid and Sailor


I think we warned you that this event was going to get weird before it was over. And, this isn’t even the half of it.

The Squid and Sailor go with the rest of the animal-based items like Shamu and Bubbles the Chimp. And, because we don’t have any more land awarded around the original “Zoo Zone,” you are likely (like me) going to have to find a place to put your “Aquatic Related Clutter” far away from the rest of your Zoo enclosure.

But, it is…as they say…what it is.

Here are the details for Prize One in Act II…
the “Squid and the Sailor.”
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