Super Powers Prize Breakdown: Stardust Drive-In

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Out with Moe’s Ark and in with Superheroes…yes again…as a new mini-event makes its way into our games.

Of course, as we’ve said over the last few years, mini-events have become low stress “events” so you can enjoy some relaxing downtime in TSTO, but still have something to keep you tapping every so often.

Remember, this event is designed to follow a series of tasks via the questline to unlock prizes.  For each of the parts of the Price of Power questline, you’ll have to earn  via various character tasks in order to unlock the prize for that part.

Let’s take a look at the details of the third prize, the Stardust Drive-In.  What it does and how you unlock it…

The third prize unlocked during the Super Powers Mini Event is the Stardust Drive-In:

Here are some more details behind it…

How You Unlock It: Price of Power Pt. 3
Make Lisa Hide Ooze in Women’s Room- 4hrs
Search for Radioactive Ooze- x200.

Once you’ve completed that task you’ll automatically be awarded the drive-in….

And you’ll have the option to store or place it in your Springfield.

Here are some quick facts about the store

Item: Stardust Drive-In
Size: 15×11
Build Time: 4hrs
Earns: $120, 12xp/6hrs
Conform-O-Meter: Vanity +200
Can be Placed:grass|pavement|boardwalk|pier|dirt
What Does It Do: Animated when in use (movie plays on screen), however after the questline there are no permanent tasks there. Kind of a missed opportunity/animation…

Here’s how the Drive-In looks when it is animated…

And that’s really it my friends.  Ultimately, just another building for Springfield…

What are your thoughts on the Drive-In?  Where have you placed it in your Springfield?   Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

45 responses to “Super Powers Prize Breakdown: Stardust Drive-In

  1. krustoferson123

    “Try to Steal a Soul” 2 hour task by the Devil. Animates the screen!!!!

  2. It is not letting me store the building once I place it

  3. E.A, make this thing play again. How hard can it be, come on, will ya?
    (in voice of Moe) ” I mean, c’mon now here”

  4. E.A, make this th8n come on, will ya?
    (in voice of Moe) ” I mean, c’mon now here”

  5. I thought I was just missing something……I didn’t even stop to think that EA would be that clueless to NOT offer any way to animate the movie again!

    [img] [/img]

  6. Stardust Drive-In

    Post ‘one and Done’ Task, I’ve put this in Storage ….. if you have enough space? One could use all of those Vehicles earned as a Prize over the years to create a Drive-In Theatre Lot!

    I agree, EA blew it by not offering permanent Tasks here (for say Squeaky Voiced Teen, Cleetus, Grounds Keeper Willie, etc), but if EA does the right thing? I’ll quickly take it out of Storage.

  7. It’s sad this drive-in is closed, just like the real ones.

  8. I still would love a night time, where everything with lights comes on. It would be a really cool feature. Streetlights, buildings with anyone in them, etc. We already know the game can track time,and darken the screen

  9. This annoys me, why wouldn’t EA have a permanent task there so we can animate the drive-in?! I’m sorry but that frankly is stupid. Why EA, do you keep missing so may opportunities? *sigh*

  10. EA seems to miss a lot of opportunities for greatness sadly…this is a prime example. Hopefully they eventually add a animation task ☺ Just finished this mini event; I liked it, plus happy to have some time to prep my town for Halloween 👻 can’t wait!! 😍

  11. One of the worst designed items for a long while in my opinion… the articulated lorry makes it look totally stupid. Instant store for me.

    • articulated lorry?

      • Translation for us Americans: jackknifed truck 😉

      • Actually, I think any rig we would call a “semi” counts, not just one that’s jackknifed. The “semi” is short for “semi-trailer”, since the trailer has no front axle. In the US, we also use the “semi” to refer to the combination of truck and trailer. I used to think “semi” was short for “semi-articulated”, but nope, just “semi-trailer”. Live and learn!

    • It is a scene from the show.

  12. I wanted to store it and when I tried, I was not allowed to store it. I like my other drive in better than this one. It there anyway to store it?

    • Perhaps after the mini-event is over.

    • I noticed that, too…just shoved it into the storage corner until after the event. What a waste of pixels. 😒

      • storage corner?

        • All the things that I can’t store, but don’t want in my town are shoved into the back right corner of my town…the SH buildings that generate products (that I don’t need any more since I hit a billion) and any event items that I don’t want, but can’t store until the event ends. Also, I shoved the building that comes with Janey there, since I love her jumping rope in my town, but hate the building attached to her.
          Now that I think about it, I don’t see why we can’t choose to store the SH buildings if we choose to…once you hit a billion, they serve no purpose but to take up valuable space and inflate your piece count. No payout, no xp boost…nothing. Just a bunch of huge space-hogs that you can’t store. Come on EA…after we hit a billion in SH cash, the decision to store should be ours. 🤨

    • #1. What other drive in??? I want one that works!
      #2. I think the truck being in the front row is funny. If the movie was playing no one could see it but the trucker.
      #3. I know I can get weird Al but who is the wise guy and is he available and is anyone sure he would also make the movie play?
      Drive ins were such fun!

  13. I guess it could go next to the Slaughterhouse Restaurant. RIP Red Barclay

  14. Do u think after the event they might add a permanent task? I mean why bother with the 1 time animation? EA is such a tease😒

    It ate everyone……..stupid.

    • The laser tag building is the same…it has a fun animation, but no jobs there.

      • Don’t get me started about the Sequel Stop. I’d also like it if another character could animate the Tap Ball stadium besides referee Homer who has a dz. skins and hundreds of tasks.

  15. Boy is it huge 🙄

  16. Why is the truck blocking the view??!

  17. Today my Stardust Drive-in was randomly animated. I love scrolling through my town and large groups of buildings and decorations spontaneously activate. Lard Lad Donuts is just the right size for the projector house and concession stand.

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