Treehouse of Horror XXIX Teaser Coming Later Today

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Some of you may have noticed (and some of you did in fact comment yesterday) that a little in-game update hit our games yesterday.  That little update was new content hitting the files for the Treehouse of Horror XXIX Teaser!

Yes, a teaser for the next event.  This will hit our games later today (once Super Powers is officially over).  So look for the short little questline and small content to hit our games around 10a ET today.  And a little teaser for the content can be seen in the character collections…

I’ll be back once it hits with details on the teaser itself…

Also, the new content (THOH XXIX Teaser) is slated to end on October 3rd, next Wednesday, which is very likely when we’ll see the official THOH XXIX Event!  So start getting excited for Halloween!

What do you think Halloween will bring?  Excited for it to start?  Happy with another week of downtime?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

52 responses to “Treehouse of Horror XXIX Teaser Coming Later Today

  1. Well I had finished the superheroes event a week ago.

  2. There is a long advertisement blocking about half of the copy. Is there a way to remove it?

  3. The Fortune Teller’s tent is the perfect spot to re-place the Singing Stones. Yea! 😁

  4. I hadn’t quite finished the last superhero task, but got a message to say I would be able to complete it. It’s still in the task bar, and the character tasks are still there, but now the reward is XP only. Anyone else seeing this?

    • Yes, I have exactly the same, but my count was reset to 0/450 and I can’t send anyone on the task through the menu. It looks like a glitch to me. Doh! Should have sped up that last round, it would have taken me over the 450 mark.

    • Experiencing the same thing in my B game which didn’t finish the final quest. Hoping the glitch is fixed soon.

    • Yep! Was about half done in my B game. Not only that but the ooze count was at zero and didn’t collect from the kids or Everyman this morning. Sadness. I swear I’ve finished mini events with that pop up weeks later in this town before.

    • i have the same bug..

    • I’m having the same issue I lost all progress. It was nearly complete and now it will not let me finish. I’m hoping it’s just a temporary glitch

  5. Slightly off topic, but EA should add two new items to the Road to Riches quest line. 1. The giant toilet that lots of people have been asking for. 2. A land registers office where you can craft/buy land tokens. This building would cost $500m but you can craft/buy as many land tokens as you like, however they would take 24 hours to craft (or for the necessary paperwork to be completed). I’ve still got well over 100 tokens that I cannot buy. Stop drip-feeding us land tokens EA!

    • as far as your second item, the land registers office where you can craft/buy land tokens, there is no more land to be bought, with cash or with land tokens. I have a lot of land tokens but cannot buy any land with them. So this building will do no good whatsoever.

  6. I’m also experiencing the glitch with the Fortune Teller Building. I can’t select it to move or temporarily store it. I sent Ghost Maude on her 8 hour (look on the bright side of death) task there and it worked but the building remains a scramble of partial characters.

  7. Ok
    4 Hour free build of Fortune Teller Tent (Fortune Cookies?)
    90 Sprinkles if you want the Fortune Teller
    75 sprinkles for the Happy Sumo + everyone’s 2nd favourite Sushi Chef (in the Vault)

    Come on EA, I think anyone will know the better deal here (back to Kem Farming) 😂

  8. I would love to see more facades for Halloween decorations…maybe like the brown house, or one of the other regular houses…also maybe more houses like Wiggum’s, Burns’, or Skinner’s!!! Right now it’s just Simpsons, Kwik-E-Mart, Krusty Burger, and Moe’s.

  9. The new event starts on my birthday?? Woohoo! 🙂

  10. Maude– a ghost and real life character would be awesome! Please EA…

  11. IT’S HERE!!!! 😛
    The preview started about a half hour ago. Then I lost connection but managed to get the ball rolling first. At any rate the event is up and setting the stage for whatever vampires, demons and monsters they cooked up for us this year.

  12. UK android all ok. It starts with a 4 hour Fortune Teller Tent building, so all your free characters will have to go on a 4 hour job or spend 2 donuts – decisions, decisions.

  13. Teaser event launched right on time, but it asked me to place fortune teller tent….No Tent!

  14. excited for Halloween! however, still have terrible lad since the itchy and scratchy event. anyone else?

  15. Hex and the city?

  16. Please please please please please be better than last year’s event!

  17. Excited for my favorite season. May it bring more land!

  18. Thank you made sure my app was updated cannot wait to begin.
    Thank you Alissa

  19. If anyone is having glitches with the fortune teller shop (a fortune teller and some other random icons appear instead of the actual building), I found a temporary fix for it by changing the direction the building is facing so if the building is facing towards the ocean (left) then the glitch doesn’t appear but if its facing away from the mountains (right) then the glitch does appear and stay there until EA fixes it. That is at least how it works in my game so it could be different for others.

    Another glitch I found was in the character collections with some of the characters (e.g. I&S Land Parade NPCs) images have disappeared.

    • rich creamery butter

      I can’t even select the building. I only see the fortune teller’s head and random characters where the building used to be.

    • My game has acquired a visual glitch that appeared a couple of days ago. I can’t get rid of it. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game. I think one of my buildings disappeared, but I can’t remember what it was. Where this building used to be is 4-5 random fragments of images of other buildings and decorations. It’s very strange. I placed a Lard Lad building in the space, but I can still see the image fragments poking out around it. Plus- if I move the Lard Lad out of the way temporarily, the image fragments are still there.

      Anyone have any advice?

  20. Ai play even when I am on holidays, although sometimes it’s really difficult.

  21. I hope it’s like the first few, catching ghosts and all

  22. So excited!!! I look forward to this and the Christmas events all year long 😁😍😁

  23. I’m very excited for THOH ^_^ thanks for the post, Alissa, and M.Y.T.H. everyone!

  24. Zombie weddings?
    Futuristic apocalypse?
    Another time travelling event with monsters?

    My crystal ball isn’t giving away much! 🤣

  25. Oh Yeah! Bring it on!! 😃

  26. I will be in Bali with my family for most of the THOH event. (I am Australian so USA tappers think Mexico and UK think Spain)My very first overseas trip at 49 years old.
    I live in a household of non-tappers so to they don’t get it. (Ironically I originally started this obsession with my kids and they haven’t played for 3 years 😋)
    I am really excited about the holiday but that pesky full time job limits my regular tapping Mon to Fri.

    • Bali is more important. Play in the ocean, tap only at morning and night. Mentalize yourself, that you are not getting all the content. It’s fine. It will be available later in numerous mystery boxes.
      I couldn’t play Christmas 2015. The dancing reindeer is still not in my town. He will be! Eventually.

    • Relax and enjoy the trip. Sometimes you have to miss out on an event. I get it though. I took a trip to Ecuador a bit ago and could only tap when I had WIFI. I set a pretty low goal for tapping and figured I’d be happy with the first couple of items.
      Funny, we also use the term ‘overseas’ to refer to traveling to another country (even Mexico), but you live in one of the few places where it is literally true. Cheers, Have fun.

  27. Do you think there´s any chance they might include Maude? I know she´s been there before and I need to complete the Flanders family.
    Perhaps in a mystery box?

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