Super Safi Breaksdown Year In Review Polls

Happy Belated Birthday Pat!

As discussed in yesterday’s Year In Review video, Pat was a bit of an ‘old cranky guy’ when it came to reviewing the two sets of polls about 2018 Main Events and 2018 Mini Events.

He had a valid point that by just asking the favourite and least favourite events, we miss out on a full picture of what the true rankings would be.

So for his birthday (even though he put 2018 on my shirt in the banner), let’s breakdown the polls a bit more.



Treehouse of Horrors was voted as the ‘most favourite’ main event of 2018 in the Year In Review poll. Bart Royale was voted as the ‘least favourite’ main event of 2018 in the Year In Review poll. However, let’s see what happens when we apply a weighted scale to the votes.

As you can see, the Main Events can be ranked as follows:

  1. Treehouse of Horrors
  2. Itchy and Scratchy Land
  3. Moe’s Ark
  4. Simpsons Christmas Special
  5. Springfield Jobs
  6. Bart Royale

The ‘most favourite’ main event (Treehouse of Horrors) and ‘least favourite’ main event (Bart Royale) did finish 1st and 6th respectively, as they were also the least ‘least favourite’ and least ‘most favourite’ main events respectively. However, some surprises happened in the middle, where the second ‘least favourite’ main event (Itchy and Scratchy) finished 2nd on the strength of the fact that it was also the second ‘most favourite’ main event of voters.



Who Shot Mr. Burns was voted as the ‘most favourite’ mini event of 2018 in the Year In Review poll. Super Powers was voted as the ‘least favourite’ mini event of 2018 in the Year In Review poll. However, let’s see what happens when we apply a weighted scale to the votes.

As you can see, the Mini Events can be ranked as follows:

  1. Who Shot Mr. Burns
  2. Thanksgiving
  3. Homer vs the 18th Amendment
  4. Poochie’s Dog Dayz
  5. Super Powers
  6. Buck Stops Here

The ‘most favourite’ min event (Who Shot Mr. Burns) did finish 1st. However, ‘least favourite’ mini event (Super Powers) did not finish 6th, as a lot more people chose Super Powers as their ‘most favourite’ over Buck Stops Here.




Do you agree with the concensus? If not, how would you rank main events or mini events 1 to 6? How would you rank 2018 compared to other years? Now that Christmas 2018 is done, have your rankings changed since you completed the poll? Which Addict’s grades did you agree with most? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

14 responses to “Super Safi Breaksdown Year In Review Polls

  1. Hi guys! Its been a while… I’m back, ish, kinda. I was surprised that Homer vs the 18th amendment wasn’t higher. It’s was pretty cool! Really guys?

  2. My list of best to worst 2018 events:

    1. Halloween – Good prizes/characters (both premium and free). Traditional horror monsters (vampires, mummies, werewolves, etc.). Far better than the Harry Potter event a year prior. Plus some of the characters had 8hr, 12hr, or 24hr event tasks in addition to the usual 4hr tasks.

    2. Christmas Stories – Felt more like a collection of 4 mini-events than the typical mega-event. On the plus side, no grinding, no major lags/glitches, free land tokens, and Young Marge joins the roster. Also cleared out the “Happy Holidays character Box” since I had 4 characters available (Brother Love, Shiva, the Pope, and the Alien Jesus). I already had the Rabbi (Krusty’s Dad) and Jesus. I only bought one item from the other Christmas Mystery box and got the Santa’s Village/Santa Flanders/Santa Homer bundle. Also got one of the 3 newer Christmas item bundles (the one with the Ferris Wheel).

    3. Moe’s Ark/Zoo – Adding more animals to Springfield. Plus Sarah Wiggum and Alison Taylor join the roster. Also cleared out the Character Zoo box and got Sherrie/Terri, Manjula, etc.

    4. Springfield Jobs – Ok event with some good prizes, but was too long.

    5. Itchy&Scratchy Land – Liked that Krustyland was merged with the rest of Springfield, but the lags/glitches from the roller coasters prevented me from fully enjoying this event more.

    6. Bart Royale – Got bored by the 2nd act and the prizes were mostly meh.

  3. My rankings would have changed now since when I done this poll I didn’t realise how great the Christmas event was and it was so great for me that I would put it at number 1 instead of The Springfield Jobs. 2) Springfield Jobs 3) Halloween 4) Moe’s Ark 5) I&S Land 6) Bart Royale. I was very surprised that Who Shot Mr. Burns was number one though it was a memorable episode the update itself wasn’t that great IMO. I thought that Thanksgiving, Homer vs. 18th Amendment or Poochie’s Dog Dayz would have been number 1. What are the colours for on the first 2 tables? Are they the addicts grades for the events? If so who colour is who?

    • The colours just rank them from 1 to 6.
      1st place = Dark blue
      2nd place = Blue
      3rd place = Light blue
      4th place = White with a blue tinge
      5th place = Pink
      6th place = Red

  4. ScaryBountyHunter101

    When will the next event or promotion start?

  5. Based largely on loot we got for designs and what I most enjoy seeing in my Springfield: 1. Moe’s Ark. Really happy seeing my zoo habitats. 2. Is a tie between I&S Land and Springfield Jobs. Still working on designs for both. I rarely went to KL, now I see it everyday. Love the parade roller and station still. Love all the buildings from Springfield Jobs, waiting for snow to melt for serious designing. 3. Christmas. Pretty much maxxed out my Christmas area with fun, festive decorations. The relaxed pace let me work on other long neglected areas. No hated bonus % area. 4. THOH. Feels weird most people put this first and it’s second to last for me. Fun characters. I had to open yet another Halloween section (There’s like 3 now that would be really difficult to integrate) it feels the least cohesive. 5. Bart Royale. What little I did earn for that event is mostly in inventory. Every now and then I think I can work something in and it just doesn’t look right and back into inventory it goes.

  6. If I based it on the Premium Characters / New Characters (vs another Character Skin) obtained? Then each Event / Mini-Event offered something to appreciate!

    Halloween 2018 wins hands down!
    Christmas 2018 does, too!

    Itchy and Scratchy Land / Moe’s Ark – Moe’s Zoo offered new Characters we’ve begged for – but that was their only benefit (and some were Gil Deals that were 100% more in price then previous!)

    Everything else was “meh” due to Grinding for things that were worthless Decor, or redundant Buildings (again, only Premiums offered something worthwhile!)

    Kem Farming is your path to rewards in this Game App! If EA takes that away? You will see a majority of Tappers throw in the towel! So, and I jest because we’re got no new Event post Christmas removal from the Game App, but let’s give EA a chance to offer up new fun! πŸ‘

  7. Your scorecards just highlight what I suspected all along – Pat isn’t that cranky, look how much higher his average grade is πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • Finn-UK
      I can tell what got Alissa cranky, because it’s exactly what made me cranky, too! πŸ˜„

    • Carmen (gameid5000)

      What the Addict score card reveals is I never want Allisa to be my instructor, prof, teacher for any school subject. I wouldn’t stand a chance!

  8. (1) THOH – It is the favorite episodes of the show and I like to build/add on my “Dark” areas of town(s) – Horror, Pagan, Wilderness/Outlands .
    (2) ISL – (Krustyland move). Always disliked going to KL. Plus now I can combine ISL/KL with Superheroes as part of a extremely large theme park / movie studio. Also a good place to put buildings from other countries.
    (3) Christmas – Adds items to my North Pole / Ski area.
    (4) Moe’s Ark. Every town should have a good zoo.

  9. Hahaha – I’m in agreement with Alissa and the F- for Bart Royale. Most of the stuff from that event went into storage.

  10. Thanks Safi! I did wonder what Your rankings were 😊 mine resemble Patric’s 😁

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