Love, Springfieldian Style Prize Guide: Act 2, Prizes 3 and 4 Shelbyville Bluffs and Bart’s Own Shelbyville Animation

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Love is in the air friends!  Yes, Valentine’s Day is back in our pocket-sized towns!  And this time around things are going to be done, Springfieldian Style.

Love, Springfieldian Style follows the same event structure that the Simpsons Christmas Special event followed.  This event consists of 4 parts (or Acts), with each part lasting a week and taking us through a new part of the event!

For Week 2, Act 2, we’re following a love story as told by Willie and the prizes we unlock all fit into the Rome-Eh & Julie-Aye theme.

So let’s take a look at the third and fourth prizes this week, the Shelbyville Bluffs and Bart’s Own Shelbyville Animation…

First up, prize 3, the Shelbyville Bluffs (and Land Token)…

How You Unlock it:
Rome-Eh & Julie-Aye Pt. 3
Make Willie Flirt and Compete- 4hrs
Collect Love Fertilizer- x300.

Once achieved you’ll unlock the Arch…

Other Details:
Shelbyville Bluffs
Size: 8×8
Earns: Nothing
Tree-Hugging +100
Can Be Placed: grass|pavement
What Does it Do?:
   Once you unlock the next prize Bart will have a task there.  Before that, it’s just a decoration.  A large decoration.
WDTCF:“Lemon of Troy” S6 E24 (Funny, the image below (a Screenshot from the FXNOW app) was included with the game files….)

Next up, prize 4, Bart’s “Own Shelbyville” Animation…

How You Unlock it:
Rome-Eh & Julie-Aye Pt. 4
Make Willie Race to the Date- 4hrs
Collect Love Fertilizer- x300.

Once achieved you’ll unlock Bart’s Animation…

Other Details:
Task Details:
Own Shelbyville is a 4hr task, earns $175, 45xp and takes place at the Bluffs.

WDTCF:“Lemon of Troy” S6 E24

And that’s it my friends, the details on prizes 3 and 4 of Love, Springfieldian Style week 2 prizes!

The only question now is…when will these guys show up?

Up next? Groundskeeper Wilma

Thoughts on the Bluffs? How about on Bart’s animation? Where have you placed it in your Springfield? Think they’ll do a Shelbyville Event now? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

31 responses to “Love, Springfieldian Style Prize Guide: Act 2, Prizes 3 and 4 Shelbyville Bluffs and Bart’s Own Shelbyville Animation

  1. I’ve completed all task but grounds keeper wilma not unlocked.

  2. now only if we could sell some of our upteen multi useless items in storage.

  3. Remind me again …

    Why the brown hair?

  4. The bluffs is an interesting decoration since it isn’t too big and there are plenty of other rock and mountain decorations that match with it. I’ll probably add some trees around it and other nature related items with the bluffs. I’m glad there is a task with the bluffs since it gave me a reason to keep it out and Bart’s task is very amusing to me. I think a Shelbyville mini event could be possible with at least Shelbyville Milhouse, Shelby and Shelby’s Dad as characters with some more Shelbyville buildings and decorations added.

  5. Groundskeeper Wilma – I finished that Act Prize two days ago and still haven’t found Groundskeeper Wilma (Character? Character Skin? What the deuce?) 🤷‍♂️

    I dig Shelbyville Bluffs, Bart’s animated Task, and yeah where are the Shelbyville Kids at? 👍

  6. Hello! After finishing the questline the character Wilma doesn’t unlock. Has it happened to anybody else? Is it maybe a glitch?

    • You sure you finished it? Scroll up in the box you may have unfinished tasks. Bart and willie have tasks outside of the fertilizer collection

      • Tracy-1ltwoody920

        Listen to Dame Alissa – Always.
        I had the same issue and was VERY frustrated. Then I remembered her words:
        “Scroll up”
        “Scroll down”

        Yep-per, another task, which I could swear hadn’t been there earlier.

        I think I shall change my Screen Handle to
        Scroll up, Scroll down

      • Thank you for your advice!!! There was a task of Willie left to finish and I hadn’t noticed!

  7. Trying to find a place for Shelbyville inside of Springfield is proving to difficult for me at the moment. I’ve started moving things, and as I’m sure you all can relate, one thing leads to other. I started downsizing my penitentiary, school and rail yard. I’d love to see a link soon on ppls Shelbyville placement. Happy tapping yins!

  8. The Bluffs has to be the most uninteresting decoration ever. It doesn’t do anything and doesn’t earn anything and takes up huge valuable space. Yuk!

  9. Josephine Kick@$$

    I’m excited to see Bart’s animation, hopefully it warrants a big mountain that basically just takes up space 😂

  10. Thanks a lot Alissa! I will finish part 4 with the next batch of fertilizer, I was a bit worried about the bluffs, but they’re not HUGE 😁

  11. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    I’ve been getting up in the middle of the night. So, I finished Bart’s Animation yesterday and earned another 300 units plus an additional task and…
    No Grounds Keeper Wilma!!
    Closed out, shut down, powered up opened the game, nothing.
    Sent Bart on task to earn more currency , rushed him and… nothing.
    Trying to figure out what to store to kick start and get Wilma, and…
    Another task, requiring Willie.
    Scroll up, scroll down. Scroll up, scroll down. Scroll up, scroll down
    Did I mention I am fighting a cold and am sleep deprived and am one step closer to SSI and Medicare next weekend…..

    • Josephine Kick@$$

      Oh, best wishes Tracy! I finally got my SSID last August, then the backpay in October. I didn’t realize how it was affecting me even though I had help financially for that 1&1/2 years waiting. I’m not eligible for Medicare until August & am paying for my own health insurance. Doesn’t make sense there’s a 2yr wait after your disability starts, if you’re disabled you kind of need health care 😂

      • Tracy-1ltwoody920

        Next weekend is my BIRTHDAY! Whee! Still about three years away. But it is one step closer.
        I didn’t realize that there was a two year wait period. Sorry to hear that.
        Luckily, for me, when my (rotten) Employer kicked me to the curb I had enough banked sick leave to integrate with State Disability to remain ‘employed’ for another 15 months and retire. Oddly, one doesn’t claim or mention SDI on their taxes.
        Now, I’m retired with a pension (paid 10% of my income to purchase it) and health care (paid 6% plus concessions)

        As far as this cold, drinking plenty of tea with lemon and honey.
        Which reminds me…..
        Doctor Doctor. Whenever I drink tea I get a stabbing pain in my left eye!
        Have you tried removing the spoon from the cup?

        • Josephine Kick@$$

          Well happy birthday! I do recv a pension, but since I had to retire 2 yrs early it is only half what I would have gotten. Had to cash out my 401k early, not looking forward to seeing my tax debt this year 😬

      • Tracy-1ltwoody920

        Forgot to say, good luck. Hope the rest of your journey is better

      • Hey did you try contacting your local Medicaid services office? My mom went through that and she was 60 years old. She passed some years ago, but she did get temporary assistance. Good luck you guys, hope all works out for both of you. 😃

  12. It vaguely amuses me that we’re now building a miniature Shelbyville… *in* our miniature Springfield.

  13. I really love the mission for Bart !

  14. I have a lot of redesigning to do with EA handin out all these new things 😃 I love new stuff though!! Happy tappin everyone!

    • I agree with TallSpiderCandy. Lol love New stuff I can actually use instead of junk that goes into storage. It helps me freshen up my town without putting a bite into my small doughnut stash. I don’t want to buy anymore doughnuts for a while. This FREE GAME is getting a little too expensive for me. 😎 😛 😞

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