Love, Springfieldian Style Prize Guide: Act 3, Prize 5 Jenda

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Love is in the air friends!  Yes, Valentine’s Day is back in our pocket-sized towns!  And this time around things are going to be done, Springfieldian Style.

Love, Springfieldian Style follows the same event structure that the Simpsons Christmas Special event followed.  This event consists of 4 parts (or Acts), with each part lasting a week and taking us through a new part of the event!

For Week 3, Act 3, we’re following a cop tale as told by Bart and the prizes we unlock all fit into the Bart to Another Future theme.

So let’s take a look at the final prize this week, Jenda…

Jenda is a FULL Character for Springfield, and is part of the More Oddballs Character Collection:

How You Unlock it:
Bart to Another Future Pt. 5
Make Bart Duel the Fugitive- 4hrs
Collect Holo-Valentines- x300.

Once achieved you’ll unlock Jenda:

More Info:

WDTCF:A few future episodes, Bart’s ex-wife, first appearance “Future-Drama” S16 E15

Jenda does come with a full questline, here’s a look at that questline:

Jenda From the Future Pt. 1
Jenda starts

Jenda: This is Jenda checking in to Time FBI HQ. I’m in Springfield, year 2019. Which means the fashions are, like, so ten years ago.  Someone is messing with the timelines in Springfield, and I’m here to stop them.
Make Jenda Hunt Time Fugitive- 12hrs, Earns $420, 100xp

Jenda From the Future Pt. 2
Jenda starts

Jenda: Huh, turns out the “time bandit” was actually just Gil selling broken watches.
Lisa: What are you going to do with your free time in our timeline?
Jenda: I don’t know. I guess I’ll have to do a little old-fashioned brainstorming.
Make Jenda Write Down Ideas- 4hrs, Earns $174, 45xp

Jenda From the Future Pt. 3
Jenda starts

Jenda: Well, the best ideas I came up with are “These markers smell funny” and “Zzzhgjemgipdn…” Maybe I can use my extensive knowledge of the future to make some money. But how do I do that…?
Make Jenda Learn Gambling Tricks From “Back to the Future 2”- 1hr, Earns $70, 17xp
Jenda: I’m really taking a huge gamble here, but I’m just going to say it…That movie does not hold up. It’s just a bunch of sneaking around!

Jenda From the Future Pt. 4
Jenda starts

Jenda: Oh, it’s no use. I can’t bet on sports — I don’t remember any of the results, and couldn’t sit through a whole game even if I did. What future things can I take a bet on using my limited knowledge of business in the future? Ooh, I know!
Make Jenda Invest in Clothes- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp
Jenda: Sure everyone’s clothing is lame now, but in the future, this will all be vintage! I’ll be a fashion icon!

And finally, here’s a look at her tasks…

Jenda’s Permanent Tasks:

Task Length Earns Location
Learn Gambling Tricks from Back to the Future 2 1hr $70, 17xp Springfield Downs or Brown House
Write Down Ideas 4hrs $175, 45xp Outside/Visual
Invest in Future Stocks 8hrs $275, 70xp Java Server/Brown House
Hunt Time Fugitive 12hrs $420, 100xp Outside/Visual
Take Futurology Classes 24hrs $600, 150xp Springfield Highschool or Brown House

And that’s it my friends, the details on the fifth, and final, Love, Springfieldian Style week 3 prize!

Up next? Nothing!  You’ve completed Act 3. Nothing to do now but sit back, relax, and wait patiently until Act 4 starts on Wednesday.   Of course, you can also work on character questlines you’ve been putting off…

Thoughts on Jenda? Excited to have her in Springfield?  Thoughts on the future stuff in general?  Did you build a future area?  Ready for Week 4?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

19 responses to “Love, Springfieldian Style Prize Guide: Act 3, Prize 5 Jenda

  1. I like that Jenda can use the high school for one of her tasks since I have Chalmers, Coach Krupt and Leopold who can use the school, I also don’t have any of the young characters from Christmas. I’m surprised that no one has mentioned the BTTF (Back to the Future) reference on her hour task so she must have her own almanac and win big at the dog tracks.

  2. Anyone else think that Jenda is hot? 😉

  3. Jenda – one of those Future Characters we wanted back when we got Future Bart, Future Lisa, Future Maggie (hey thank you, EA!) 😊👍

  4. The character collection image has her with a skate board and no skateboarding visual task?

  5. Help needed, I finished all the quest lines but Wilma won’t unlock. Did I miss something??

  6. Thanks a lot Alissa! Jenda is history already (hehe), ready for Act 4 😊

  7. Finished yesterday. Looking forward to Wednesday and Act 4!

  8. good luck to everyone getting hit by the huge snowstorm tomorrow, we’re getting 20cm here and a chance for freezing rain mixed in with all that (meaning shoveling it will be very heavy). Drive safe!

  9. I’m on the second task already! And I’m ready for act 4! For now I’m just trying to finish all the other questlines I have for Springfield Heights 😖😖

  10. Don’t even know who this chick is. 😒👎

    • Really? It’s Bart’s future ex-wife…she makes an appearance in just about all episodes about the future.

      • Honestly i quit watching after about maybe season 13? IN MY OPINION….to me the humor changed. The overall characters changed. The jokes changed. The drawing even seemed off. I guess im so stuck on the old ones that i grew up with. They meant and still mean so much. Ive tried the newer ones and would give up about 5 mins in. Same goes with Spongebob. Im just a dork i guess. I love this game though….even if i dont recognize some of the newer items and characters. 😊❤

        • Rusty Shackleford

          The overall writing has had its ups and downs, but lately the humor has been great. My wife and I just watched last nights episode and we were both laughing throughout.

          That said, act 3 and Jenda were meh for me. I will probably store her.

    • She was a Bracket Battle character too! Her Tale of the Tape included a lot of info about her.

  11. Just finished up all my open questlines today, all ready for and looking forward to what EA has next 🙂 Thanks for all you guys do, the info you provide makes this game even more fabulous and I am very appreciative 🥰

  12. I’m just about to unlock her, does week 4 start on Tuesday or Wednesday?

    • Wednesday.

    • Just wondering which part of Alissa’s post, “Up next? Nothing! You’ve completed Act 3. Nothing to do now but sit back, relax, and wait patiently until Act 4 starts on Wednesday.” is difficult to comprehend? I see this type of question all the time and truly wonder if people skip the text and head straight for the replies. Why bother coming to this site at all if you have no intention of reading what they post? I do not understand but would welcome some insight.

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