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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s that time of the week again, time for the Addicts Weekly Open Thread!  So, let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part, you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So, here is your Open Thread…..

The Simpsons are all new tonight, what do you think will happen in the new episode?

ICYMI Addicts Live was all new yesterday.  We talked all things Love, Springfieldian Style, design, and where TSTO may be headed next.  Check it out here if you missed it.

Love, Springfieldian Style is in the home stretch, as Act 4 leaves our games Tuesday morning.  What are your thoughts on Act 4?  The event in general?

How’s your designing coming?  What are you doing with all this stuff?  Share some photos in the comments below!  And dont forget to submit your designs for showoff. (If you need a refresher on how to add photos to the comments check out this post)

And finally, how about the rest of your weekend?  Do anything fun and exciting?

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, or anything else you can think of! (Just no politics, it never ends well)  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we love hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!

96 responses to “Addicts Open Thread

  1. I miss MAB =(

  2. Hi Everyone,
    Sorry if this is a dumb question but I couldn’t find the answer after poking around and searching on this site.

    When you click something in a friend’s town, what happens to the $$ and to the timer? What happens if you click on the donut mill? What happens if you click on the golden goose?

    Thanks in advance and sorry Alvin for accidentally grafitto tagging you – i saw a floaty and tapped 🙁 I see you got me back tho!

  3. Hmm still no sign of Mab anywhere I hope he is OK.

  4. Does anyone know what time the event ends tomorrow?

  5. Wondering if anyone was successful in getting Mona’s 12 hour Feed the Birds task after getting her in a recent Mystery Box, not in the original event that she arrived in ? I’ve been disconnected from EA Help Chat 3 times since yesterday, and have now resorted to waiting for a call.

    • 2 for 3 with EA Help. I was told that I didn’t have the building or item that triggers Mona’s 12 hour Feed the Birds task, and unfortunately they were not able to tell me what it was ….
      Since I had them on the line, I asked for the Firetruck for Fireman Apu’s 1 hour task as well as the Insanity Cauldron for the mini-game – I logged out as requested and when I went back into my game, there they were in my storage !
      I’ve had the Fireman Apu skin since Black Friday, and the Pro Shop since well before then … I’m thrilled that they were able to assist so quickly and efficiently, and at no donut cost for either.

      • Thanks for the information! I don’t have these items either, will contact EA then! 🙂

        • PSA … the Insanity Cauldron Mini- game didn’t trigger, so at least I got another decoration. Mystery Box items should really include related tasks from prior events IMO.

    • You need a park bench and Grandpa, so probably you just keep putting Grandpa on other tasks first.

      • I’ve had Mona since the beginning of this event, and both she and Grandpa have been free at the same time. The Feed the Birds task doesn’t show at all in Mona’s task list. As the original questline was part of a previous event, I’m now thinking it won’t be available at all. Other players have had the same issue, but I don’t know if the task was eventually triggered.

    • You need a bench, and Granpa Simpson. Probably you just keep putting Grandpa on jobs before Mona.

  6. Is there going to be a mystery box or prior president’s day content for President’s Day? Thanks.

  7. I just got Gloria, is there any benefit to finishing the plot?

  8. Did some donut farming to get donuts to rush the yellow submersible to earn a lot of boardwalks…proly gonna fill up the whole beach with boardwalks lmaoo (BTW YOU CAN PLACE BOARDWALKS ON THE SEASHORE IF YOU HIGHLIGHT AND DRAG 2 OR MORE BOARDWALK TILES)

    • Also changed my display name here so i wont get any random FR’s

    • Thanks Jesse, that’s good to know about using the board’s over the beach.

    • Step-by-step directions on how to move your boardwalk squares so they are placed along the shoreline.

      1. Tap on the icon with the 4-sided yellow arrows (lower right).
      2. Then tap on the icon with the blue square floating above the green square (lower left).
      3. Drag your finger to highlight the one or more boardwalk squares you want to move. The squares can now be moved all the way to the shoreline (you might have to wait a couple of seconds before the move is ready).

      Please note that boardwalk squares must first be placed in the ocean, only then can they be moved to the shoreline.

      By the way, note that EA earlier fixed it so that Smooches on the Beach can now actually be placed on the beach.

  9. Hate it when I have a neighbor whos town I always loved visiting goes missing. Hate to delete them but its been 6 weeks!

    • I’m in the same boat with one or two of mine; I “hide” them tho, rather than delete them, so if they do return from wherever they’ve been and starting visiting me again I can return the favour.

  10. Looking at all the elements that have been copied into the Simpsons’ universe, often with names which parody the originals, I have to laugh. Most recently, ‘contraception overlook’ had me howling.

    But the other day, I drove past a business that’s BEGGING to be parodied… Edible Arrangements. I could really picture a Simpsons version… Oedepal Arrangements, with the tagline, “Just like mom used to make!” Anyone else have ideas of real-world items they would like to see parodied in the show?

  11. I think I’m going to relocate my Evergreen Tce.
    Current one is in the same place it was when I started playing all those years ago. I think it’s too close to Main Street

    • That kinda stuff always enters my head when I do any kind of redesign no matter how small. No, Evergreen Terrace wouldn’t be across from Cletus’ farm, No, they wouldn’t have 2 movie theaters so close together

    • When I re-designed my town, I placed a pond with a fountain in the center of where I wanted all the municipal stuff to be and built out from there. It’s worked pretty well with rivers feeding out and dividing all the different regions of my town, just like a real town would expand. Just a suggestion, in case you decide to group-stores some areas and rebuild. 😁

  12. I am loving the Town Portrait feature. Been redesigning since January 23rd, getting my Springfield to look good from the space shuttle. I work at it every day and feel I’m making good progress, with lots yet to do. I’ve put in a river, built my own airport, found some inspiration from EBRON and others, and am enjoying the game like I did when I started 5 years ago. It’s going to be super when I’m done.

    I am hating the Town Portrait feature. Been redesigning since January 23rd, and I just know I won’t be finished before they launch the next space shuttle. I’ve been working at it every day, neglecting all sorts of real-life chores and still have so much more to do. Why, oh why did I ever start remodeling? Will I ever be done?

    If EA gives us train tracks to compliment our new Union Station (complete with level crossings and rail bridges)(hint, hint) I’m going to have to redo the whole shebang. I’m already on the waiting list for a single room at Calmwood!

    If EA opens up the huge area north of the mountains, east of Springfield Heights, I’ll change my name to Yossarian and volunteer for another tour of duty.

    No, I’m not an addict, I just have this addiction…

    • [whisper]Springfield Heights is west.[/whisper]

      • I’m very happy for you. You can have yours anywhere you like. Mine is in the northwest corner of MY Springfield.

      • I also think Springfields heights is West, but it seems there is some debate about this.

        • gasboss775–I’ve noticed this. I guess it just surprises me since (as I know I keep saying) I thought this was settled in-game when Cookie Kwan said that SH is “West Springfield” during the first SH event. I kind of thought everyone would say, “Oh! We can stop wondering about THAT one; Springfield Heights is west!” But it’s as if the in-game dialogue never happened….. [And then I feel crazy.]

  13. Sometimes when I go to my neighbouring Springfields, instead of a money symbol when I click a building, a little donout shows up. Does that mean I get an extra donout or what is that about?

  14. Happy Sunday everyone I hope the next event goes back to squishy things and rewards for visiting neighbors. The type of format that ea has used from Christmas forward is kind of boring

  15. Happy Sunday – it’s a long Family Day weekend in most of Canada and it feels great to have an extra relax day !
    I’ll get the last prize in the event later today – this was really easy considering I could only collect the dog treats twice a day on the weekdays.
    Ebron, can you remind me which photo-stitcher you use, and does it cost $ ? I tried a free one but haven’t had great results, you’ll see in the Showoff post that’s coming – too choppy with the dark uneven edges. I love the Town Photo feature but don’t have great resolution or detail when I enlarge the photo.
    Looking forward to what’s next, assuming it’s starting on Wednesday so will be saving donuts for the next few days.

    • On this lazy sunday, I just wanted to say that I’ve really loved my visits to your town and have conversely enjoyed that you have visited mine. I like your design ethos and hopefully my less regimented flailing is still fun 🙂

      • Thank-you ! Most neighhboureenos will find my friend visits beyond the default landing spot because I like to see what’s going on in the rest of their towns and get so many great ideas. I don’t know how you have so many items and work within the limit – I’ve been tapping for less than 1-1/2 years and have already hit 10,500….it legitimately curtails many things I’d like to do in my town.

        • I have no idea how many items I have – is there a way to tell? I’ve only been playing for like a year and a bit so I don’t really have the clutter that others might have. And I’ve started being selective about what I plop down – though there is a lot of plop sprawl that I dislike but never seem to find the inspiration to do anything about (see: my awful boardwalk). I also try to go further afield than the ol’ simpson place to get inspiration and to show friends that I’ve actually looked at their town :). I like that you do it too.

    • Hi Bindi…had a stitcher program I liked but it fritzed out on me and now I have none. It was called “Photo and Panorama Stitcher” (in the ios app store) and I really liked it until it just stopped working. Maybe you’ll have better luck.😁👍

  16. Omg….where’s Spring???

  17. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    Minor annoyance — it would be nice for EA to fix the glitch:
    Number 51 — try to prove his existence
    Task is grayed out, and my research hasn’t obtained an answer as to how to Kick Start.
    Oh Woe! Oh Me! Oh My!

    Five inches of rain in four days in Sunny California. Sun is trying to come out. Only 0.03” today and it might, just might get out of the 40’s. A few hours, heading out to a Blues Jam in Berkeley. Me and my 4 String Ukulele joining 6 String Guitars and Harp (harmonica) players. Call out a tune and wail:
    “Ice Cream Man” – 12 Bars in ‘A’ with a quick Turn-Around

    Everyone, have a great rest of your weekend.

  18. Hi everybody!😺
    Just finished up and stored the dog pound immediately (and a few other things). Really love Chaz…had to find a place for his ballet studio, so made a spot next to the Magic Palace (kindred spirits and all). Trying to complete my “performers” section, just have to make room for the Cirque and the Outdoor Stage🤩.

  19. I was wondering have three been any events and/or items in the game that were specifically related to the Simpsons movie?

    • Yes

    • There have been a bunch of items that have came from the movie but they have all or most of them were only around for a short while. There’s Plopper and the Crap Silo from Superheroes in 2015, Russ Cargill, EPA Helicopter and the Deep Dome Drill from Secret Agents in 2017, Rock and a Hard Place from Road to Riches, Eski-Moe’s from Christmas in 2017 and Truck Stop Diner from the recent Christmas event. There might be more but these are the ones that I know of. I hope this helps.

  20. Happy Sunday all!

  21. I started playing TSTO last July. I had so much fun that I already reached level 939 and farm KEM for all the donuts I need. My question now is where is the challenge? These month long set of 4 mini events are so easy that I finish each act on Saturday without much effort. I believe there needs to be more grand prizes that shows a great achievement like the money mountain.

    • Where is the challenge? That is the question. For some it is in the designing. The events are ways to get more “Lego bricks”. The events have become easier (less need to log in every 4 hours). Farming has allowed people to get the donuts (instead of bonuts at the end of an event or logging in every day to get gift donuts).

      I currently play five games, which is quite a challenge. The fifth one is the only one where I need to farm for donuts. Start a new game to enjoy the “challenge” of starting again. And you can try out different designs without having to scrap your original ones.

    • I agree…love the 4 week format, but would like a little more of a challenge. I like Alissa’s idea to bring back the riddles, maybe an in-event daily challenge in addition to the regular one? Or maybe a puzzle to solve or a maze to complete within the event to win extra prizes? I like not having to “grind away”, but some in-event games and puzzles would be fun.🤔👍😁

      • Again I agree, I think EA have it just about right at 4 weeks but there needs to be some different elements thrown in to keep our interest. Not everyone is a design freak & I feel more will leave the game if the format stays as it is.
        Personally I can now play DMK alongside TSTO because of the additional downtime there now is.
        Which do I prefer ? Well TSTO just shades it at the moment but it’s getting close.
        I’m fairly confident however that EA will have a different format for upcoming events, let’s hope so anyhow.

    • how did you get to that level that quickly? I have been playing on and off for a number of years and am only at level 183. I used to play on android and had to stop when my phone ran out of memory but started back approx 16 months ago when I got a new iphone, I didn’t a;ways complete the event tasks but now I do.

  22. Happy Sunday y’all.

    I’ve been enjoying the down time and land tokes to finally arrange over a year’s worth of items I didn’t have room for. ThEAnk you!

    Set your players to radom. No to see yours.

    Short list this week. My only rule is no skipping. #20 was over an hour long and I’m sleepy.

    Random songs for a Sunday…

    1. The Lemonheads “Your Home Is Where You’re Happy”
    2. Country Joe & The Fish “For No Reason”
    3. Danzig “I’m the One”
    4. Elton John “The Scaffold”
    5. David Bowie “When I Live My Dream”
    6. Kiss “Back To the Stone Age”
    7. Ella Fitzgerald “Born To Lose”
    8. Black Flag “Long Lost Dog Of It”
    9. Kiss “Little Ceasar”
    10. Cypress Hill “Never Know”
    11. Daz Dillinger “If U Want 2 Fuck Wit Me”
    12. Janet Jackson “Empty”
    13. The Byrds “Changing Heart”
    14. Infectious Grooves “Please Excuse This Funk Up”
    15. Def Leppard “Rock On” (live)
    16. Jefferson Airplane “Embryonic Journey”
    17. Frank Zappa “Black Napkins”
    18. Joan Baez “Angeline”
    19. Heart “Nothin’ At All”

    • A question for old-timer TSTO players: is this the first time Lady Skyfinger has appeared in a home screen design? I can’t remember having seen her before …
      Anyway, to the business at hand:
      1. The Thin Air/Back To Nature — Magazine
      2. New Dawn Fades — Joy Division
      3. Chemotherapy (live) — Frenzal Rhomb
      4. In The Kingdom Of Meaning — Thou
      5. Cold World — Thou
      6. Totally Wired — The Fall
      7. Oh Oh I Love Her So (live) — The Ramones
      8. Take Me To The River — Talking Heads
      9. Saint Matthew Returns To The Womb — Botch
      10. Gutted — Cannibal Corpse
      11. Spy In The Cab — Bauhaus
      12. Since I’ve Been Loving You — Led Zeppelin
      13. Lady Stardust — David Bowie
      14. This Bug — Silverfish
      15. December — Static-X
      16. Epitome XI — Blut Aus Nord
      17. Primary — The Cure
      18. Eyes And Teeth — High On Fire
      19. Aural/Calmrock — Jakob
      20. Pale Clouded White — Cocteau Twins

    • What was your #20 that was over an hour long? My longest track is 33 minutes and change by The Allman Brothers. Technically, I think Jethro Tull’s “Thick As A Brick” would be longer, except it’s split into 2 separate tracks. Sorry, no list for me this week.

      • Yeh, c’mon man, the suspense is killing us here!

      • It was a full album by Gary Neumann. I have a few vinyl and cassettes that I converted to mp3 that didn’t get tracked for individual songs.

      • My longest individual track is Wagner “Gotterdammerung Bayreuth Festpiellhaus (Twilight Of the Gods)” clocking in at 4 hours 5 minutes and 33 seconds

        • Mine is a longform ambient drone by a UK musician called Bill Baxter (he’s on Bandcamp and he records under the name The Ambient Drones Of Bill Baxter). Most of his work is available for ‘Name Your Price’ (ie, you can pay whatever you want or even download it for free). Anyway, this one is called Goodnight World and it clocks in at 24 hours, 45 minutes and 47 seconds.

  23. Rusty Shackleford

    To help with the item limit, let us sell off those ugly Springfield Heights buildings. Your land value and bonus percentage could be registered at the Red Blazer Realty. People that want to keep them can, and those that want to sell can free up some land and reduce their item count.

    Finally, let us sell off or just delete stuff we don’t want from our inventory.

    • Yes, yes & yes !

    • Yeah the Springfield heights buildings really are quite hideous in some respects!

    • I agree, if EA is reading. Allow bonus items in inventory to count. Or allow a conversion of bonus items (news vans, billboards) into higher % items. For example exchange 10 white vans for 1 blue van. 10 blue vans for 1 red van.

      • that would be wonderful but playing the system to get lots of vans and billboards might just be part of that particular challenge… I went to 2100% this last week and had actually a lot of fun trying to hide my vans and billboards 🙂

    • Carmen (gameid5000)

      You would only gain 50-60 items by storing the Springfield Heights primary buildings. I don’t think that is enough to help most of those at the item limit.

  24. Weird question but anyone know if they’ll be rereleasing the Krustyland premiums ever again? I want itchys eyeball ride

  25. I’m trying to remember my password for WordPress .
    Must you have a capital letter and a number for it ?

    🐒🌎 . See ya bye . 👽

    • some sites require a upper case and a number. If you can’t remember your password, you should be able to just click on the link Forgot Password. it should send you an email to the email you supplied to that site and it will send you a confirmation code or a link to where you can change your password. Just follow the instructions they give you.
      Good Luck

    • hondoriley : Your avatar pic is very amusing!

  26. Happy tapping all😋 designing going well but need more shelbyville ideas for it, my Railtrack has over 500 peices and my item limit reaching the limit.
    EA: increase item limits
    Add Railtracks
    Visual for Bart to shred
    Shelbyville event
    Release the Springfield hights land
    Thank you very kindly 😃😄😍😁😀💐💐💐

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