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Well, just because we don’t have any new content in our pocket-sized towns doesn’t mean we can’t still have some Simpsons sized fun!  Here’s the latest roundup of Simpon’s News and a few fun things to check out!

First up, we just celebrated Valentine’s Day last week…and it just ended in Springfield.  I-D Magazine has an article out showing us how everything we need to know about love we can learn from Season 4, Episode 15 “I Love Lisa”.  This classic episode takes us Valentine’s Day Journey for Ralph and Lisa.  You can check I-D’s article out here.

A few weeks ago Time Magazine took at look at The Simpsons history of accurately predicting events.  In particular, events related to the Super Bowl.  Did you know in the early 90s The Simpsons accurately predicted the winner of 3 Super Bowls? You can check out Time’s article here.

The website Screen Rant has been busy the last week with Simpsons articles.  They must be bored with the TSTO downtime too.  First up they took a look at 25 Simpsons Fan theories that are so crazy they may be true!  Things like Mr. Burns is in love with Marge or that the entire Simpsons family are geniuses.  You can check out Screen Rant’s breakdown of these 25 theories here.

Screen Rant also took the time to rank all 30 seasons of The Simpsons (yes, even Season 30, even though it’s not over yet).  The worst season in their opinion?  Season 21, apparently their not a fan of Superheroes either.  You’ll have to check out the article to view their opinion on the best season.  You can check out Screen Rant’s season ranking here.

And as if those two lists weren’t enough, Screen Rant also ranked the 12 best Simpsons Guest stars.  Shocking to me they narrowed it down to just 12, there have been SO MANY over the last 30 years!  The best? Albert Brooks of course! You can check out Screen Rant’s guest star ranking here.

And finally, something kinda cool.  Have you ever wanted to be Simpsonized?  Well, a company called Turn Me Yellow will do that for you.  Check out their site here to Simpsonize yourself!  I’m not 100% in love with the way they do it, but it’s still kinda neat.

So there you have it my friends, the latest round-up of fun Simpson’s News!

What are your thoughts on the links and news?   Sound off below you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. Cool links, thank you Alissa!
    Happy Tapping Everyone

  2. I tried “simpsonizing” myself on some other site to make a avatar for this place…

    Hence, my avatar for this place.

  3. While we wait.. I have a couple questions. Any help is appreciated!
    – If tapping to collect the whole map, the collection time can vary up to 5+mins. If we sign out or leave to see friends, does the game automatically collect everything or can coins/XP be lost forever?
    – Is there a max-time limit for recharging the XP Collider? I have it at 13D remaining now but wondered if I could put an extra 10-day boost on.

    • I think the game still collects and counts the cash and xp if you exit it. A couple times I have had a situation that I received 3 donut choice boxes, like when you level up after lvl 939, after I exited and re-entered for whatever reason… even though it appeared to have been collected completely. I am not 100% sure thou.
      To the second question. Yes, you can add another 10 days. It will be 23. But I never added more than 20+ days to the collider, so I cannot say about the limit necessarily.
      Hope this helps 🙂

  4. Strange that the “targeted” advertising on this site is predominately for breast enhancement surgery!

    • That’s what your search history has… hahahah whatever you search you are gonna see… I see mostly couches…

  5. I think I’ll buy season 4 on DVD again, so many great episodes, thanks for this post Alissa.

  6. I checked out the turn me yellow website too. The examples they had looked more like turning your photos into yellow King of the Hill characters instead of Simpsonizing.

  7. Interessante

  8. Cool articles, I checked out the turn me yellow website, expensive, also think I must be the only one who liked the main superhero event ⚡🦇 lol, great post Alissa 😁

  9. Whoa! That’s some serious Simpsons trivia! Thanks a lot, Alissa <3

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