The Sounds Of TSTO: Flanders Family Reunion

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Your senses can evoke powerful memories in you. The smell of saltwater can trigger you back to your youth spent at the beach, the touch of cotton can bring you back to memories of your mom, and hearing sounds of TSTO can bring back countless hours spent tap, tap, tapping away.

So let’s take a trip down memory lane via the sound effects of TSTO…

In this installment of The Sounds of TSTO we’re sharing the sounds from the latest update to hit TSTO, the Flanders Family Reunion!  Arriving in Springfield just last week, this event is full of a bunch of new sounds and hilarious voices!  So here are the sounds of the Flanders Family Reunion…

And just for fun, because he returned with this update (and he’s part of the Flanders family…)

Stay tuned for more sounds of TSTO!

What are your thoughts on the sounds of TSTO?  Which sound effect is your favorite?  Sound off below you know we love hearing from you!

3 responses to “The Sounds Of TSTO: Flanders Family Reunion

  1. AudioAlive718

    Lord Thistlewick Flanders attempting to make Flanders-speak sound aristocratic is always a hoot for me!

  2. ♥️ it (thank you Alissa)

    Perhaps EA can FINALLY make it so that both Rod & Tod Flanders are voiced along with Maude Flanders vs only one of boys and a silent Maude (c’mon EA, it’s long overdue!!) 😀👉

    This Event truly has sparked the “please bring all the Flanders” to the Game App

  3. Reefereno! Oh my! haha

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