Simpson Babies: Week 4 Questline, Premium Character Llewellyn Sinclair

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

We’re nearly at the Simpsons Babies finish line!  Hopefully, you’ve been following the story dialogue to unlock this baby mystery!

Simpsons Babies follows the same event structure of the Multi-Events before it.  This event consists of 4 parts (or Acts), with each part lasting a week and taking us through a new part of the event!

With Act 4, week 4, one new premium character was introduced. In addition to helping with event currency, Llewellyn Sinclair comes with his own, short, individual questline, so let’s take a look at the full dialogue questline now.

Community Theater Daycare Pt. 1
Llewellyn starts

Ms. Sinclair: Well if it isn’t my brother, Llewellyn, the artiste of the family! Most art is counterproductive and a drain on society’s resources. Welcome!
Llewellyn Sinclair: Thank you, sweet sister. You’ll be pleased to hear I’ve forsworn the theater. Inspired by you, I shall instead take the noble path of caring for our precious young people. Because I love and care about children?
Ms. Sinclair: Because you’re broke and unemployed?
Llewellyn Sinclair: Now that you mention it, yes. I need to make rent or I’ll be out on the street sleeping in an unheated horse costume.
Make Llewellyn Sinclair Get Child CPR Training- 4hrs, Earns $260, 70xp

Community Theater Daycare Pt. 2
Llewellyn starts

Llewellyn Sinclair: Wait! Perhaps I can combine my two great loves – theater and whatchamacallit.
Ms. Sinclair: Child care?
Llewellyn Sinclair: That sounds right. I’ll call it “Community Theater Daycare”. I can watch busy people’s kids and simultaneously teach them classical acting technique.
Ms. Sinclair: Good luck. I’m glad you found your calling in this bleak, cruel, hopeless world. And remember, children respond to optimism!
Make Llewellyn Sinclair Open Community Theater Daycare- 8hrs, Earns $420, 105xp

Community Theater Daycare Pt. 3
Llewellyn starts

Llewellyn Sinclair: All right, the signup sheets have been up at the laundromat for a month now. Let’s see how many kids enrolled. ZERO?! Doesn’t anyone have a passion for acting in this town?
Baby Marge: I do, but I can’t read yet.
Baby Moe: Me neither.
Homer: Me neither.
Llewellyn Sinclair: Curses, my plan was fatally flawed. Everyone knows babies can’t read scripts, nor even librettos!
Ms. Sinclair: Then they must first learn to read! That is how you build the infant resistance.
Make Llewellyn Sinclair Teach Babies to Read Ayn Rand- 24hrs, Earns $1,000, 225xp

Community Theater Daycare Pt. 4
Llewellyn starts

Llewellyn Sinclair: Finally, the babies can read, thanks to my technique of YELLING LOUDLY!
Baby Marge: I’m scarred for life, but it worked great.
Llewellyn Sinclair: Babies, find your marks! We’ll begin by rehearsing the big kickline!
Baby Marge: Kickline? But we can’t walk or even stand up.
Llewellyn Sinclair: What?! Why wasn’t I informed? Prepare for MORE YELLING!
Make Llewellyn Sinclair Direct Baby Theater- 12hrs, Earns $600, 150xp

Thoughts on the premium questline?  Did you purchase Llewellyn? Thoughts on the questline?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

8 responses to “Simpson Babies: Week 4 Questline, Premium Character Llewellyn Sinclair

  1. I (mostly) understand why most guest voices don’t give game voices, but Jon Lovitz has a distinctive enough voice/characters that I can hear him clearly with the game muted. Would Jay Sherman/The Critic be a possible game character?

  2. Llewellyn Sinclair w/Community Theatre Building is probably my favourite Premium from this Event (wish he was voiced but ‘zero expectations’ means humbly making the most of a funny Character and a new Building)😀👍

  3. I agree! It would be nice if they mixed up the event structure, makes it more interesting. I am happy we have had consistent events again!! This event was ok, I was more interested in the premium characters then anything else. Content is content, and any is better then none!! As for now I will try to patiently wait for Halloween 🎃 Happy Tappin Friends!!

  4. I like that these types of events are so easy to finish but I’m over this format. I don’t find anything interesting about sending all the characters into a building a couple of times, collect reward, send them back into the building and so on until the event ends. I miss the visuals of characters doing stuff and tapping on things. Maybe I’m the only one…

    • No, you are not the only one. I wish they would mix up the events, a few like this, bit throw in some of the old style events. I hope the THOH will be more of the old style.

      • Yeah I hear you on that. I wish they would change up their event styles a bit. Lately it seems they come up with 1 event style and do it to death for the entire year. I know they like this style because it is quick and easy for them to throw together but what is the point if it starts to bore the players? I usually finish with at least 3 days to spare. At any rate I too hope they have something special in mind for both the THOH and Christmas events this year.

        • I found it more interesting when it felt like you were one of the ‘few’ that finished.

          On the other hand, as a parent, I saw the frustration on a child that couldn’t finish events because of going to bed early, or not being able to play for hours due to school. Ot made it difficult to keep up with the 4 hour cycles required to finish.

          Crafting was ok, as long as there was something good to craft. I used to use it to craft income generating buildings. I preferred those to having a million blue houses. (Made where’s Maggie faster).

    • I miss the visiting of neighbors to help out, multiple different tasks and God help me, even crafting. These new events all seem like wxpanded mini events.

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