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Friday Filler – Status in TSTO and Life

Thank Grog It’s Firday/Statusday!

Seeing as how Alissa’s musings ended up slipping into Friday from the regular Thursday slot, I thought it would be funny to change the regular salutation.

And then. I started thinking about the kind of week I’ve had since last writing something for TSTO, and realized that “Statusday” is really an appropriate label for the typical American weekend…as well as where we find ourselves in our “silly little game.”

I am not going to open the “Tagging/Not Tagging” can of worms again, but I will once again (and perhaps finally?) put the entire myth of TSTO status to bed without its supper.

The real question to be asked in TSTO (and yes, in life) is, “Does Status Matter?”
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Musings About Simpsons Babies

Happy Musings Thursday Friday my friends! I’m a day late this week, I’m sorry. I had jury duty yesterday, which meant I didn’t have a chance to write up my thoughts for you.  But thankfully for you, I wasn’t selected so I’m bringing this week’s Musings post to you on a Friday!

Anyway, as promised at the start of Simpsons Babies, this week I’m musing about the overall Simpsons Babies event.  Now that the event has officially ended, it’s time for a review!  You know I’ve got some thoughts on it now, so let’s get to ’em…

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