The Sounds of TSTO: Whacking Day 2013

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Your senses can evoke powerful memories in you. The smell of saltwater can trigger you back to your youth spent at the beach, the touch of cotton can bring you back to memories of your mom, and hearing sounds of TSTO can bring back countless hours spent tap, tap, tapping away.

So let’s take a trip down memory lane via the sound effects of TSTO…

 This audio post corresponds with the last Name that TSTO Tune post, enjoy!

The series of small events in early 2013, was followed by the very first, and what many consider the only, TSTO Whacking Day!  This event completely changed the event format of TSTO.  Going from smaller prizes available for purchase with special currency, to a full-blown prize track!

The Whacking Day prize track saw 10 total prizes, obtainable by collecting/whacking snakes.  This event, being the first time a full-blown prize track was used, also was the first time many players did not complete the prize track.  In fact, the difficulty of this event also prompted EA to extend the end date for Whacking Day.  (they added two extra weeks to it)
Here’s a look at the Whacking Day prize track

And here are the sounds of Whacking Day…

And now some random sounds from the event…

Snake Hiss…

Baton Thwack…

Snake Egg Noises (Placing and cracking)…

Stay tuned for more sounds of TSTO!

What are your thoughts on the sounds of TSTO? Enjoying this series?  Which sound effect is your favorite?  Favorite character voice?  Sound off below you know we love hearing from you!

7 responses to “The Sounds of TSTO: Whacking Day 2013

  1. Yay Google Play Store update right now 😁

    Thank you Alissa, this is fun to look back on and I’m reminded that I still need to get Duff Stadium and Springfield Coliseum 😀👍

  2. This was my first ever tsto event, had just started playing…got as far as bare chested will

  3. Wow! Can’t believe all those things were PRIZES! So cool!

  4. It was during this event that I first started playing tapped out. the event was already underway but I wasn’t aware of by how many days so I saw the prize track and panicked thinking I would miss loads of the items and spent a ridiculous amount of donuts speeding up the prize track. That was obviously way before I discovered this amazing site.

  5. Yep remember it well, got a few of the prizes but didn’t have as much resources then, a long time to play one gave, I remember playing annonomous for a while due to log on issues, wacking day 2019 revisited would be good

  6. Whacking Day was so much fun because of the interaction between neighbors. Not only did people drop eggs off in your town, but they would write messages with eggs.

  7. This really does take me back ! This was the first major event that happened when I started playing in 2013. It got me hooked and I’ve never managed to get unhooked

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