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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Saw a few of you commenting about this this morning…

Guys…this is very clearly a joke. (Not a typo from Matt…he didn’t mean 10/21) He’s likely starting to get annoyed at all the TSTO tweets he’s getting so, in typical Simpsons fashion, he’s poking fun at TSTO, EA, and the players.

We’ll see what happens next week. For now it’s Saturday and episode 666 is tomorrow.  So relax and enjoy your weekend!

Update: he’s now added a new tweet. I still believe the original was a joke though. (49 weeks before Halloween 2020…come on guys, that’s a joke)…

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  1. Got this advice from EA today in regards to the bsod issue, didn’t work for me but worth a try.

    These issue normally occurs due to the synchronization issue so let’s try to fix this first by the following troubleshooting steps:

    Make sure your device is up-to-date
    Make sure your app is up-to-date
    Restart the app
    Close background apps
    Powercycle your phone
    Clear your cache to check if you’re synced properly

    • I hate to say it… But those are standard replies that tech idiots give when they don’t know what else to say. It’s right up there with, “recycle your machine, are you sure your machine is plugged in?“

      This is all EA…

  2. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    Has anyone else experienced that one of the two boxes to check for notifications has disappeared.
    Now I see only one box:
    Notify me of new comments via email.

  3. I’m happy it’s being delayed as my game is totally hosed up. Been getting worse and worse for a week and spent almost 2 hours on the phone before they would pass it to the technical team. I’m not even going to start ranting on how unintelligible the guy was.

  4. Ah, itunes update sometime on Tuesday the 22, and the event will start on Wednesday the 23rd at 9:00 am.

  5. Would you rather be looking at a black hole?

  6. PS:
    I need Mulder and Scully in my town 😉

  7. Thanks Alissa (even though I appreciate when Matt is helpful? he kinda brought this on himself (lol!)😅

    I’m choosing to not think about what day / which time TSTO gets a Halloween update (either EA delivers? or it’s their epic fail!) because weekends away from TSTO and – you nailed it – new THOH Episode Sunday! 😊👍

    I do think it would’ve been cool if we had Simpson’s Happy Meals this month 🍔🍟🥤

  8. Good info, looking forward to what they have planned.

  9. Since the update will be released on 22nd and 23rd October. It will either be a 4 week event or even a 3 week event that’ll likely end on 13th or 20th November. Thanksgiving (then Black Friday) will then probably be released the week after or the same week the Halloween event will end.
    Judging by Kang and Kodos on Matt Selman’s tweet, it does look like a new loading screen so it doesn’t look like another 2 week mini event.

  10. Sorry not sure how to email the admin so trying to post on a current funny post …
    Does having a higher bonus % cause game to crash much more often? I was not able to find other threads/questions on this issue. I’m up at about 800% bonus and have a large town almost getting to end of Yearbook items, and it seems that my game crashes Very often when I collect my cash or KEM farming. Anyone able to tell me where to post this question or quickly throw out their experience (people with very high bonus % and/or large towns)

    Appreciate this page as my go to on Tap.
    Thank you

    • I’m at 1350 or so percentage and have a all land, water, and finished the yearbook….things only crash for me when I farm, or just collect a lot of donuts from a 24 hr cycle. I don’t farm at all anymore, will attempt if I need to. After I crash once or twice from the 24 hr tasks, things are usually smooth for about a half hour or so…then it crashes for no reason. Hope this helps.

      • Thank you to everybody ne that responded. It sounds like generally, Yes, if you have a big town and a high bonus % the crashes take place when collecting revenue or farming.

        I forgot to ask the next question, what can be done? Has anyone stored a whole lot of decorations to drop the bonus % and caused less crashing or any other ways to get to crash less?

        Thank you for your time everyone responding

        • I know a few players who recently started B towns. Compared to the usual for long term players they hardly earn and yet they still report getting Barted as well. There doesn’t even seem to be any pattern where you could expect it to be quiet and more stable. I have a dreadful sleep pattern and tap at all hours, sometimes I have few drop-outs and sometimes I’m seeing Bart again as soon as it re-loads and that 15 minutes of tapping takes closer to an hour.
          The only tip I can give is tap slow, collecting as little as possible in one go and waiting for the counters to catch up. That way if Bart shows up all you lose is the time to reload and get back to where you were.
          On that note, maybe consider storing the IRS and avoid or rush any “Send Springfielders” task or daily challenge so your characters are spread out a bit. Either work out a route or search pattern or make use of the character finder, top left.
          Doing that might leave a few buildings untapped but I find it less annoying than knowing I lost out when it kicks me off again.

          • For the 90000th time. The BART Screen issue is server related. Has nothing to do with your town, your device, your. Anything. It is all EA. Period.

            • This is true, and why my advice was based on not earning more than one level up and bonut round before claiming the sprinkles.
              That way when Bart strikes you don’t lose out on anything but the time to re-load and get back to what you were doing, especially if your bonus % is fairly high and earning is quick and easy.
              I got my whole town and all tasks today Bart free, showed the Mrs what a silly-big bonus gets with one RTT and was just scrolling to show her fields of bonus items when Bart did pop up !!
              I said there’s no logic or pattern to it, and all we can do is try to reduce the risk of losing sprinkles until EA fix the issues.

    • Kinda the same here. iOS 10. Something or other. iPad Can’t upgrade to 11. Because it is a 4th gen. My Xp collider runs constantly. Game earns at 1015% all land tiles are open and yearbook mystery box is finished and empty. I bloodbus farm a lot now at 3500+ donut surplus. I’ve recieved the screen telling me that I cannot have anymore decorations. Maximum received. I crash always and even stopped all animations, Krustyland and the monorails. I buy four bloodbusses and leveling up the four times crashes me to the BSOD

    • Last time I made a note I was on 11369.93% and it still varies whether I see Bart or not. Usually tapping SkyFinger will throw me out but today I got all 8 Bonut rounds no problems and it only dropped out once collecting tasks and didn’t lose me any sprinkles.
      Usually I’d see Bart as soon as I collect on the first go at Bonuts after tapping SkyFinger and if there’s a crowd of tasks at once to collect yet on other days it happens as I load and haven’t tapped or I’m just scrolling and not earning.
      There are even days when the 15 minutes or so to collect and re-task everyone is Bart free, but they are rare right now.
      Collecting and sending tasks as well as claiming Bonuts needs to talk back to the server so the more it needs to do that the more likely it will at some point hit a problem

  11. Fun jokes! Glad it’s finally coming in a few days, excitement 🙂

  12. Is that snapshot of Kang and Kodos from a prior splash screen?

  13. There is a new tweet confirming thoh on tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. They really like to stir the ants nest and we call for it every time!

  15. He’s tweeted again, saying the update really is coming Tuesday.

  16. New tweet: 10/22

  17. I believe it’s a typo and it will launch on 10/22 (not 11/22). Although they’ve been launching events in Wednesdays lately, Tuesday is not unheard of. I agree that the second post (about the XXX problem) is likely a joke, why do you think the date was not just a typo?

  18. He just tweeted again and said the THOH will drop on 10/22

  19. Not sure why he can’t just give a normal answer.

  20. Although it’s a joke, at least it’s an acknowledgement on the topic which gives me hope, if not for Tho, but for the game.

  21. I don’t have Twitter so I can’t see the whole tweeted thread, but the first comment seems plausible, and if true, an easy fix would be to replace XXX with 2019. But I just think EA enjoys making us sweat. We’ve been trained like Pavlov’s dog to expect when certain things are to happen in the game and EA knows it. They created it and now they’re messing with it. It’s fine to change things up, but I’m not liking the surprise pop quiz aspect of it lately. At least let us know when the test is happening so we can prepare for it.

  22. Ready for game 6. Go Astros. Sorry Alisha can’t root for the Yankees, even through they have the best uniform in baseball. I think most MLB team uniforms are the worst in pro sports. I also like the former Red as manager who once player with his brother and Larkins brothers in a game(even if it was a gimmack)

  23. In b4 many people catch feelings over him joking

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