60 Free Donuts From EA!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Sorry guys, I meant to post this yesterday but it’s the weekend and my brain just kind of checked out.

Seeing loads of you asking about why we’ve gotten donuts from EA.  So here’s the deal.  Some of you, pretty much only those of you on iOS, will see this when you log into your game (or you saw it already)…

EVERYONE received the 60 Free Donuts…but not everyone saw the message in-game.  For whatever reason, Android users didn’t get the popup, but the donuts were awarded.  (which is what’s causing the confusion for some players)

The donuts are basically an apology and a thank you from EA for the game being screwed up recently.  Between the Bart Screens and the massive donut buying glitch (mostly the donut buying glitch).

Both issues seem to be resolved at this time, and EA’s trying to make it up to everyone…even if you weren’t impacted!  So a kudos to EA for the goodwill to the players! Hopefully, this is a sign EA’s working to get back in the good graces with the TSTO Community and we’ll see good things in updates ahead!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  1. Thanks a lot Alissa! Being an android player, i had no recollection of messages whatsoever. I just thought I wasn’t entitled to a reward, since the glitches impacted me only slightly 😊

  2. TBH I hadn’t noticed the free donuts as I’ve been quite overwhelmed by the change in my game brought about by the wailing wall glitch that allowed me to greatly boost my bonus %
    It is a nice gesture particularly toward those with donut buying problems.

    As regards to donut farming methods I’ve found the tiki bars to be quite effective and I can put down 50 at a time without the game crashing.

    • I already had a 5 figure bonus, but the extra XP and bonus increase from the wailing walls means when I chuck 60 Ds at rushing SkyFinger every 4 hour tap and the 12 hour stuff is ready to collect then I’m ahead before I begin to collect the character tasks.
      Even without SkyFinger I can earn more in a single tap now than I did in a whole day a year ago, and I was at level 939 then !!

  3. Didn’t notice 😁

  4. Hopefully they will look at the Samsung invisible content too 🙂 Donuts were appreciated.

  5. They still haven’t gave me the 300 donuts I have purchased. I’ve been charged for them I haven’t seen the show up. How do I go about reporting this?

  6. I was so excited when I read “….fixed this game……” because I thought they fixed the Glitch! Nope. Still can’t use my character button, lost Lisa’s tree, Burns money pile etc etc.
    So thanks for the donuts but WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO FIX THE GLITCH?

    • Sounds like you have the roll back glitch. As far as I know (from my experience when it happened to me) I was told EA are unlikely to fix it, so either accept it or have my game rolled back to before it went weird and loose all the progress. I had to roll back 3 months 😔 I got compensated with donuts and it was worth it to me to have the character button work. But I never got the dirt road back (from the wild west event) and my furniture store is stuck at 100 and can’t update anymore. Anyway that’s my experience.
      Good luck!

  7. It’s a nice gesture on EA’s part! Glad they acknowledge that there was issues or flerkin problems, which ever you prefer. Thanks EA! Happy Night Friends and Happy Tappin!! ☠️👀

  8. No problem for me. I also got God for free. Sone glitch didn’t subtract 777 donuts when I purchased him.

  9. So,, I wasn’t really having a big issue with bart screen until now. Maybe there’s just too much traffic right now but I got kicked out of game & tried to get back in 6-7 times but but RL got in the way. Hopefully later it’ll let me in.

  10. YAAAAY donuts!!!.. what did they fix??? I still get disconnected…. was it just for sticking around taking it in the bum?? it makes me feel like a cheap harlot… but still, YAAAY Donuts!!!!

    huh… Thank you 🙂

  11. They still haven’t found a way to fix the Fairy Kodos bug. I still haven’t been able to even start the event because Fairy Kodos has been stuck on a task at the Simpson house. I’ve contacted EA and all I heard back was they were aware of the problem. It’s insanely frustrating to miss out on probably the biggest event of the year.

    • have you tried putting the space craft into inventory? I can’t remember which one gets stored when doing this. worth a shot if you haven’t tried.

  12. Is there music on this event? There’s always been Halloween music but this didn’t have it.

    • Or the change of season in the game…falling leaves,,green water,, I miss that! I don’t play with sound so I didn’t notice music change.

      • I got the dark water and the leaves not sure about the music as I tend to play with the sound turned down.

  13. Andrew L Anderson

    This makes farming way more fun! Made over 500 on rattrap trucks today!

  14. i had no issues but ill def take free doughnuts anytime was able to get the shining bundle cause of it

  15. So I wonder how many donuts we get when they finally fix the sound bug.

  16. Thank you EA. Good start!

  17. TallSpiderCandy

    Thanks EA!! Thanks for posting Alissa!! Happy tapping everyone!! 🙂

  18. You could also say these are belated Halloween donuts since it has been a while since donuts were rewarded on Halloween.

    • watusicat

      This is true …. and I hope it’s next (along with timely updates) 👍🏻

      I so encourage Tappers to post #thankyous to @EAHelp or the official TSTO Facebook page (it may encourage more good things in the Game App) 🙂

  19. This was a courteous gesture from EA (worth posting a thank you on Twitter and Facebook) 👍🏻

    I’m not buying that $19.99 🍩 deal until everyone is refunded, or guaranteed what they purchased (please post if you’ve been refunded, or given your donuts, and what device)

    Some things EA is going to have to earn back (but the 60 🍩’s is a good start)🙂

    • Hi! I have been waiting for two weeks now for the “pending” purchase to go through! The 60 donuts was appreciated. All this frustration has me buying blood mobiles to generate donuts and I don’t know why I didn’t do it earlier. I play three games and have from 750 to 950 million dollars which I just never did anything with. I have spent an incredible amount of money since 2012 but I don’t think I will anymore even if this nonsense gets fixed. I play on an iPad mini 4. Cheers 🇨🇦

      • Rubykinsdog
        What have you done with regards to contacting EA?

        Did you do as suggested? @AEHelp on Twitter
        Did you file a complaint thru iPhone / iPad App Store?
        Did you contact your Card to get a refund?

        Act fast correctly and you should get refunded (if you used a TSTO Gift Card? good luck! you’ll need it!)

    • I never received my donuts from the 19.99 promotion and was in an endless exchange with EA support about them. They kept asking me to attach the same information; I attached my receipt from the iTunes store but they insisted on screenshots of an emailed receipt and the iTunes order history from my phone. I thought this was absurd but I caved and attached the same information 3 times (3 separate files). Then they had the gall to reply that I needed to verify my game account by contacting them “in-game”. I told them I tried to do that but resorted to using my browser because going back and forth between apps on my phone to enter the Mayhem ID was ridiculous. I also had submitted the request while logged in as my username AND providing the Mayhem ID. I gave up and just asked Apple for a refund. Each time I got a reply on my support request at EA it was a different representative (a total of 5 different reps) who wrote in broken English and clearly had not read the prior exchanges. I have had good experiences with EA support previously but this experience was appalling; maybe this reflects their declining commitment to the game, which is evident in all the bugs, glitches, and delays.

      • AL

        Unfortunately it’s not just TSTO
        It’s all Games
        All Platforms

        A visit to @EAHelp on Twitter will showcase a series of posts from disgruntled players (I’d say don’t buy anything from EA in game ever!)

        Contact your Card, tell them about your experience, get a refund (good luck)

  20. Thank you for the explanation. Next thing on EA’s agenda: Make the game fun again.

  21. That is absolutely amazing of EA to do this! Thanks for letting us know!

  22. I had noticed that the Bart screen wasn’t appearing but I didn’t want to jinx it by saying something.

    Thank you, EA!

  23. I had recently (before event) fully charged my XP-collider (100 donuts, 40 days) and found that they had expired. Subtract 25+ donuts for days used, that leaves about 60 donuts.

  24. They still haven’t fixed the awful sound issue!

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