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Happy Musings Thursday my friends! After a week off, I’m back with another musings post for you.  I’ve got some thoughts, so let’s get to ’em…

I know we’re nearing the end of THOH XXX, and this is usually when I give my thoughts on the event overall.  However, I want to put a pin in that for right now.  I’ll share my overall musings about the lackluster THOH event next week.  Instead, I thought I’d change things up a little bit.

This week I want to share some thoughts about Disney +, Disney’s new streaming service that launched this past Tuesday.  (at least here in the US)  Why am I talking about Disney+ when this is a website about The Simpsons?  Because…in case you’ve been living under a rock the last year or so…Disney now owns FOX.  Which means Disney now owns the Simpsons.  And Disney + is the exclusive streaming home for The Simpsons.

This means no more Simpsons World or FXX App.  No more access to The Simpsons episodes for free, as long as you have a subscription to a cable provider.  So let’s jump into those thoughts…

I want to note that I’m not being paid to write this post (we’ve never been paid to write any posts).  All the opinions are mine, and no one’s paying me to say them.

It’s no secret that I’m a huge Disney fan.  I love the history of Disney.  I’ve loved Walt Disney and his work forever.  I love the movies, well most of them, and the theme parks.  I don’t always agree with things the modern version of the Disney company does or says…but I don’t believe in the cancel culture.  If I like something, I like it.  End of story. I’m a pretty simple person.

It’s also no secret that I have two little kids, who both love Disney.  Riley loves princesses and Minnie, and Sam is all about Mickey Mouse…and Buzz and Woody.

So when Disney + was first announced I was all about it.  Disney movies? Disney TV shows? Classic shows from when I was a kid?  Under $10 a month? Shut up and take my money!  And this is without the addition of FOX shows.  Throw The Simpsons on there…I’m ready to cancel my Netflix account. (although the final season of Fuller House needs to air first…I’m a sucker for 90s remakes)

Fast forward to this past Tuesday…Disney + launched.  There were some initial issues using the App on phones, BUT I had zero issues getting in via computer.  And guys…Disney + is freaking awesome! Yes, there are some issues…and yes they did some things I don’t agree with…but overall it’s freaking awesome!

So let’s talk about The Simpsons on Disney +…because that’s why you’re here.  Most of you don’t care what I have to say about Mickey.

First, it’s important to note that Simpsons World…and The Simpsons on the FX App…has been completely disabled. You go to Simpsons World and the website redirects you to Disney +.

The basic interface of Disney + is similar to Netflix.  Pretty easy to navigate, you can skip intros if you’d like, and every episode is listed.  It also kind of reminds me of a YouTube interface.  In that it doesn’t just give you a list of episodes, it shows you a little icon box for each episode.  Making it easier to click.

The Simpsons have a heavy presence on Disney +, so you don’t have to search too hard for it. Which is nice.

Every episode of the show is available…EXCEPT…Stark Raving Dad.  The Michael Jackson episode.  This is one of those things I don’t agree with.  Although I know The Simpsons Producers have said they wanted to pull it from the catalog.  So I’m not surprised by this.  There’s more on the Stark Raving Dad issues here.

Another initial issue has to do with the Aspect Ratio of the show.  Disney + has everything in High Def, a widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio.  However, the Simpsons…and their 31 seasons of shows…did not switch to High Def until Season 21.  Which means there are 20 seasons of the show in Standard Def or 4:3 Aspect Radio.

So what does this mean in terms most of us can understand?  Seasons 1-20 of the show on Disney + are more zoomed in than they should be.  The result is a lot of the image is missing. And in some cases, the images are more stretched out than they should be.  Examples…



However, while they should have known better, this isn’t all Disney’s fault.  Nor is it the first time this happened.  Back in 2014 when Simpsons World launched, the same issue happened. (this also happens to DVDs of the older seasons, unless you buy the SD DVD) It wasn’t until months later (seriously…it launched in 2014, and was fixed in 2015)…after a lot of outcries…that FXX made SD versions of the show available for streaming as well.

So yes, Disney…and the guys at The Simpsons…should have been prepared for this, based on experience.  But they’re just trying to put out the highest quality possible of the show.  Hopefully, they’ll add an SD option soon.

Another bummer going from Simpsons World to Disney +, you lose all that great extra Simpsons content.  There were always loads of fun facts that appeared when watching the show via Simpsons World.  That’s a feature that’s been taken away now…and that’s disappointing.

And finally, one other thing I wanted to mention…as a “con” of sorts…you can’t screenshot!  That to me is a big downfall…and something you could do on the FX App.

Overall, I think the Disney + app is freaking awesome.  Loads of great content…even the Tiny Addict was excited to see The Simpsons on her Disney + for kids app…

Thoughts?  Have you made the jump to Disney +? Worried about the aspect ratio?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. I actually took advantage of the early bird deal from D23 and signed up for three years in advance (it came out to $4.72 per month). As huge fans of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, National Geographic and, of course, the Simpsons, it was an immediate decision.

    FWIW, high definition does not dictate aspect ratio. I know this because I own many, many classic monster movies and TV series on Blu Ray and they are all in their original 4:3 aspect ratio. That means that Disney can absolutely do HD versions of the first 20 seasons as originally produced.

    Complain, complain often people… from as many different email addresses as possible!

    • Oh… we’re also huge Star Wars fans (The Mandalorian is pretty darn good so far)!

    • My wife (the brains of the operation) corrected me on the D23 deal. We actually paid just under $141 for three years of Disney+ back in September. It works out to $3.92 a month on average.

  2. The cropped and stretched episodes have been available online in other locations for years. There are some episodes where the characters are talking about things that have actually been cropped out of the image, and so the episodes or scenes don’t even make sense anymore. If Disney really wanted to, they could go through each episode frame by frame and repaint them, and we could actually end up with 4K quality episodes. It wouldn’t be hard to do. It’s basically just paint by numbers. They could also expand the image of the 4:3 episodes to make them 16:9 if they really wanted to. You know, by painting the image bigger instead of cropping it smaller.

  3. Think I will be subscribing to this come march 2020 when it finally hits the UK, I believe sky still have the rights to the content till then, big shake down for sky when they lose all of it unless they renegotiate a new deal, the channel has everything, marvel, star wars, national geographic, pixar and Disney, something for everyone, hope it comes with a multiscreen package think there will be a fight for the remote lol

  4. I voiced my displeasure the other day, hasn’t changed. Admittedly, I have always been pissy about Disney’s way of doing business. Putting movies ‘In the vault’ diminishing supply, then re-releasing one or two movies yearly, remastered, on a new format, or otherwise ‘improved’ in order to create, an artifically heightened demand. What can I say? It irks me. I guess I’m getting old, but I feel like it’s all been going downhill since cable companies started charging for entertainment that could be watched for free by anyone with an antenna. Back then advertisers payed for the content, now it’s up to us as consumers to pay for the content. AND now there are MORE commercials on TV now then ever before. How many noticed when TV shows changed form 3 acts to 4 acts per half hour show? Shortening the amount of time in the program specifically to make room for more commercials. It’s not just TV, it seems to be spreading to all consumer goods, prices increasing while customers receive less and less for their money.

  5. Disney+ content is too childish for me (I prefer the MA content on Netflix—-it’s more authentic), but being able to watch all the classic seasons of The Simpsons is amazing. I’m subscribing for a month and then will decide if it’s worth subscribing for a year.

  6. I’m definitely enjoying the content so far and I’m happy with the price. I’m using the fire stick and it works quite well.

  7. Rusty Shackleford

    Yes, Disney is a big faceless corporation…but they priced this well, it’s a great value.

    I’m also not a fan of cancel culture as there are many lessons to be learned from the past. So I have no problem with older Disney content that is less culturally sensitive. Erasing and whitewashing the past does nothing but encourage ignorance. Sadly today, everybody has a desperate need to be perpetually offended.

  8. P.S.
    I have not bought into it due to the fact –

    I predicted a technical due to the high demand
    Not enough Vault Content (c’mon Disney put the Walt back into it!)
    I want a $10 Disney + with Hulu plan minus ESPN (gimme a bundle that suits me!)
    I anticipated technical issues with OS (I’m waiting to hear how it is on Roku – which I use – Amazon, Android, iOS)

  9. Alissa nailed just about every issue regarding The Simpsons moving it’s content onto Disney+ that has been written about, commented upon, debated over at the Hollywood Reporter, Deadline, Entertainment Weekly, etc (yep, it’s going to take the Fanbase to make some noise regarding the aspect ratio – nobody likes missing visual have! – thank you Alissa for allowing Us to talk about this). The other thing to note is that content hasn’t been neutered for the PC Police (now there is a generous disclaimer, decide to acknowledge and watch, or don’t – props to Team Disney Burbank for that!)

    At the same time? Netflix struck a deal this week with Nickelodeon / Viacom and gained their kid friendly content (something parental units have to decide upon – I personally feel it’s cheaper to pay $12 a month to stream vs taking family to the Cinema).

    FOX – FX – FXX content too adult for Disney + is remaining on Hulu (unless it was South Park – or Cartoon Network or Adult Swim content – now moving to HBO Max!) The a la carte era has begun! It’s now up to 5G Networks to challenge your current ISP’s for speed of network at what price!

    This Disneyland Haunted Mansion fan (since 1968 when it was still under construction) pre-neutered Pirates of the Caribbean fan (went on it opening day in 1967) would be happy living in New Orleans Square permanently with frequent visits to the Enchanted Tiki Room (the original 60’s Matterhorn that was faster, a pitch dark 70’s Space Mountain, those Sky Trams, Adventures Thru Interspace – ok minus Monsanto – Fort Wilderness on Tom Sawyer’s Island, Skull Rock and Pirate Ship with those delicious tuna melts in Fantasyland, 70’s era Country Bear Jamboree, Train Ride Thru Wilderness Frontierland with the Pack Mules – geeze why don’t I just say it, back when $70 was more then enough to take a family to a theme park and still visit Knott’s Berry Farm for boysenberries (lol!) 😅

  10. I’m just upset that Disney+ requires iOS version 11 at least. My fourth generation iPad that I got on July 31st 2013, two weeks before this TSTO Addicts website launched, is still at version 10.3.4. It is not compatible with iOS version 11 or later.

    I can’t watch Disney+ on my iPad. I’m stuck watching it on my iPhone, my laptop, my desktop computer, or my Roku TV like a savage. 🙁

    • Safi

      That stinks ! Your iPad shouldn’t be tossed aside for this when a patch would solve it from Disney 🙄

    • You can use AirPlay from your phone/laptop/desktop to your iPad.

      • Can I use that on planes in Airplane Mode? I typically would download videos from Netflix on my iPad and watch them on flights in airplane mode.

        If I download Disney+ videos on my iPhone and my iPhone and iPad are both on airplane mode during the flight, can I use AirPlay? Is there any extra battery usage associated with AirPlay? I’ve never used AirPlay before.

  11. We couldn’t wait for Disney + to vo live. We were not disappointed! We have been watching it almost exclusively since Tuesday!! Love that all the Simpsons episodes are available,…. and classic Disney movies!!

  12. Play the game, never watch(watched) the show. Love Disney+ would have bought 3 years- not offered, so signed for a year. Bargain at twice the price. ATT is the slowest WiFi in the Zuniverse, but this does work! Fabulous, simply fabulous!

  13. We signed up yesterday at the same time as getting our new Roku smart soundbar. Big plug for that btw, especially if you have anyone who is a bit hard of hearing dialogue wise. Disney+ works fine on that so far, and my desktop. My husband saw the 90’s Spiderman cartoon, and that was it. I personally was thrilled to see the old Gargoyles cartoon series, which he’s never seen. We will still keep Netflix, Hulu and Amazon, as things stand. But we might lose the “ad free” aspect of Hulu which will pay for the Disney+. Need to decide soon. 🙂

    • Melquack

      All your 80’s era Disney Afternoon syndication is available 👍🏻 …. I just want the Walt Disney Presents / Wonderful World Of Colour era included (1950’s – 1970’s) 🙂

      If National Geographic owns Mutual of Omaha’s WILD KINGDOM …. then why don’t they have those classic episodes of Marlin Perkins narration from his swank Studio Office while Jim Fowler is in the Jungle almost getting killed by animals (1960’s – 1970’s) ? 😅

      • You’re right, those would have been awesome. I too remember watching those growing up.

        What I have found is a load of the wonderful old cartoons starting from the 1930s. I am really looking forward to watching those again.

        I’d like to see an easier way to find things grouped together without searching, then clicking on something that comes up, and then being given things that should have come up in the search that you only see when you look at the “Suggested” things. This is a problem I have had with Hulu as well. Unless you know the exact title, it’s a game of browsing and possibly getting lucky. Thankfully at least you can add things to your list when you do find them.

  14. i haven’t had the chance to even look into what D+ is.. (I thought it was a med to help with erectile dysfunction, or some kind of measurement for chest size on some people, or something naughty a teenager sends in text) but NOW that I know is some app just like Netflix for all Disney related … sure… i’ll check it out… try it for a year… although.. am not a star wars fan, marvel fan, or Disney fan… and my kids aren’t fans either… hmmm…. just for the Simpsons…. (the things you do for love of the Simpsons (sell outs)) …

  15. I already got Disney+ as well, and I assume the aspect ratio will be fixed since it was already fixed once before for streaming as noted above. However… I probably won’t watch a lot of old episodes with the kid until it gets fixed. Missing stuff because it’s off-screen stinks.
    Just ask this guy:

  16. I’m happy to report that episodes in the current season are still available for free from Comcast’s OnDemand options (at least on their Roku app). (However, prior season’s episodes are available for purchase only). And, strangely, episodes 2-11 of Season 1 are available on the FXNow (FXX) Roku app. Oh, and the current season is also available on Fox’s Roku app. (Bear in mind that this is all likely because I have a Comcast account….all of these apps require occasionally logging in through my Comcast account, to prove I’m still a subscriber.)

    Frankly, I’m not happy when streaming channels, like the CBS one, and now, Disney+, hijack stuff that used to be available via cable. I pay a LOT of money to have an extensive cable subscription and, while I very much enjoy Netflix (which is included with my cable subscription) and Amazon Prime Video (which comes with my Amazon Prime account), I really can’t justify signing up for a bunch of additional streaming services and don’t like that “cobbled together” model, where I have to pay for and manage each thing separately. Also, I don’t have children, which takes away some of the benefit of having Disney+, too.

    I think that, at some point, “wire cutters” are going to start balking at paying for a slew of different streaming services….I wouldn’t be surprised if, someday, they get offered in “bundles,” sort of similar to how cable works now.

  17. To break from The Simpson’s, the acting in The Mandolorian is such a joke. Everyone is so wooden and the characters are so flat. Hope it gets better because Disney is suppose to be good at stories.

  18. Available in maybe 2-3 years in my country. Untill then, hello Mr. Pirate.

  19. Something non-Simpsons…if you finish the event early(that means practically everyone!) and you want a short game to fill the time, try “The Birdcage”. A great series of mechanical puzzles (think The Room, DaVinci House, or Monument Valley) that are fun and just a little challenging. Certainly not as hard as The Room, but just as entertaining. The first 10 levels are free, but I was hooked and played all 25 puzzles.😁

    • Sounds intriguing! But I’m currently addicted to Homescapes, which, for a long time, I didn’t think I was interested in, but, turns out to be quite enjoyable. It involves a storyline, in which you help renovate a mansion (and it’s gardens, etc.) by completing Candy Crush type puzzles to earn enough stars to complete certain tasks (like choosing the wallpaper you want for the living room, or whatever).

      • Word Villas is the same concept…renovating/decorating an old mansion, but by solving word puzzles instead of matching. I’m better with vocabulary, so I never have to pay cash for hints to play. I tried Homescapes, but I always ended up having to pay to continue, so I deleted it. Too old, I guess…just not quick enough😁.

        • So, I tried Wordington and Word Villas, but they’re both SO full of ads (and the general construction is not nearly as professional feeling as Homescapes, which has also no ads at all (except for the very occasional optional offer to watch a short add to get a reward). I played Homescapes almost all day today and not one ad! I was really hoping that one of those word-based games would be more like Homescapes than they turned out to be. (I had other issues with both of them, besides the ads.) I’ll probably keep playing Word Villas when I’m out of lives in Homescapes, but I’m also going to keep an eye out for other similar games, to see whether there’s a word-based one that’s really more like Homescapes.

          At any rate, thanks for the suggestion…. I’m also thinking I might try that escape room one you mentioned, when I’m on vacation next week. 🙂

    • I have played both Birdcage 1 and 2. I love playing escape games when I’m not playing TSTO,

    • Another great escape game is Faraway. I have played all 5 of them.

  20. Bought 3 years of D+ with that discount code Gizmodo shared last month.

    No regrets.

  21. I signed up 2 days ago…for $5.83/month (I bought the year for $70) nothing else even comes close. 🤷‍♀️
    I also have Netflix, but switched it down to the lowest plan offered at 8.99/month and will probably keep it as well. I find myself streaming more than watching true network offerings anymore…if I didn’t have a digital recorder, I’d probably never watch the networks at all.
    Anyway, I love the new Disney app and have been immersed pretty much nonstop for the last couple days. Being a sci-fi and animation nut, this pretty much covers all the bases for me. Add in all the Zoo shows on Nat Geo and I’m a happy camper. Guess I just never really grew up…and I like it that way👍😄.

  22. I have not had a chance to explore the Disney+ app thoroughly, but from I have seen so far, I like it. I went with the Disney+ & Hulu bundle, which is honestly a great deal. You get Disney +, ESPN, and Hulu (basic only) for $12.99 plus tax. Since I am already a Hulu subscriber, I get a monthly credit for the bundle.
    As for watching the Simpsons on Disney+, I have not viewed any episodes there yet. I am mostly caught up since they started airing on Hulu last year. I think I only missed 1 season from the time I cut my cable to the time that it began airing on Hulu. I am curious to see how the older episodes look with Apple TV.

  23. Hugh (DiagonalLine)

    Disney+ in 4K doesn’t work on my Apple TV 4k. Probably disabled because there isn’t enough bandwidth! (my 4k works fine otherwise — I can watch my personal copy of the new Dumbo in 4k just fine).

  24. Are you able to cast it from your computer or phone onto a regular tv? Like using Google Chrome?
    Thanks. 😁

    • Yes, as far as I know. But you can also use Roku, or Fire Sticks etc. to have it on the TV as well.

      • Wide screen TVs have picture ratio options built in. They should have left the eps as they were (or converted to HD) and let viewers decide for themselves if they wanted to watch with the black bars. No one died from watching letterboxed widescreen stuff on a 4:3 TV.

        Having said that, given that I won’t be getting disney+ anyway, it doesn’t actually affect me. If they’re now *only* on the streaming service and not on any TV, it looks like I may have watched my last eps of rhe Simpsons unless I resort to piracy. 🙁

        • The show is still on TV, you just can’t stream as you once did via the FX Now App (or Simpsons World)

          Disney + basically posted the versions they inherited from Simpsons World, and likely didn’t realize the previous issues. However, they’ve already put out a statement that they will be fixing the episodes, likely offering an HD and SD version.

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