Christmas Update Is Coming!

Update 8:15p ET: Update is out on iOS..again, just the download from the app store, it’s not live in-game.

Update 6:50p ET: Update is out on Android…just the download from the app store, it’s not live in-game.
The immediate thing I noticed..they still haven’t fixed the freakin’ noise on startup, even if your sound is off. Unbelievably annoying!
Another thing I noticed…the splash screen is a little wonky…at least on my S10.  Not sure if it’ll be the same on iOS when that comes out…

Anyway, here’s the update description from the store, and there are more screenshots below the fold (to prevent those who don’t want to know from knowing…)

Update: Just getting this out of the way now so all of you who are going to gripe about it can gripe about it before it actually hits…this appears to be another 4 week multi-event.  Starts tomorrow, ends January 8th.

Also, please don’t complain and say this event already sucks, or it’s the worst event until at least week 2 of the event.  And I especially don’t want to see/hear people complaining about it before it even goes live in games…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

A bit of good news, and holiday cheer, for all of us….the Christmas update has hit the files! Everyone let out a collective sigh of relief…

This will likely follow the same pattern we’ve seen with updates…it’ll hit the files now, hit the app stores within a few hours (maybe even within 30 minutes), and then go live in-game tomorrow (Wednesday).

We have NOT received update info from EA, at least as of right now, but I’ll start working on pulling the files to see what’s incoming.  Any info I find will be updated on THIS post.  So check back often for updates!

Until then….“Snow. Snow. Snow. It won’t be long before we’ll all be there with snow”…

More screengrabs form in-game below the fold…

109 responses to “Christmas Update Is Coming!

  1. Since the update some of my friends have had no money to click on and now I have no handshakes. I do actually play with one of my friends and they say I have nothing to collect. Even though I really do.
    Is this happening to anyone else?

    • Yes! It just happened to me this morning! I still visit and folks I know who should have stuff to tap… don’t. Pretty much all my neighbors. I thought it was strange. Not sure what happened. Bummer though

  2. I really wish we could buy the ice tiles! Would be great if they gave us white tiles to use as snow on the ground when they take it away. My North Pole looks so sad most of the year lol…. you know what? How about all sorts of colored ground tiles so we can make different land types for little themes.
    It’s the little things that satisfy me 🙂

  3. I still have the Collect Hearts icon from Halloween in my quest strip on the left hand side of the screen …. When tapped, the prize track pops up. The steal from the hospital task is still in everybody relevant’s task list also.

    Gelatinous Homer is the only thing I didn’t get in that track (deliberately, don’t want it), and it is there with a lock sign. I got everything in the other tracks.

    Anybody else seeing this? I thought
    it would go away with the Christmas event, but it hasn’t.

    • Finally thought to just try to finish off the prize track and see if the game would let me get gelatinous Homer using Maggie and Nelson to steal hearts, and then the rest of the gang when I was done with the first Act of the Christmas event.

      It worked! The prize track operated the same as it had during the Halloween event, although it had to be accessed through the quest bar heart icon — there was no icon in the upper right hand corner for it.

      The heart icon is finally gone and I now have the ugly gelatinous Homer in my town and related quests on my quest bar.

      Maybe the glitch was related to being able to work on all the prize tracks for Halloween simultaneously. The last time I had played, we couldn’t do that. When time was up for one track, the prizes could no longer be earned but had to be purchased with donuts. But for this Halloween, I could work my way to a prize I wanted, go on to another track and do the same, and come back to earlier tracks afterward. I didn’t want gelatinous Homer but got all the rest even though I didn’t start until early November. The Simpsons Cosmos didn’t like that.

  4. Just got the update. YAY! Death is back.. LOL! Need grampa to start. I noticed the ‘winter wonderland’ and ‘happy holidays’ mystery box cost has changed… where it was 30 donuts for thanksgiving items.. same items are now 60 donuts (Mr Plow, Snow Monster) The Yearbook Mystery Box is still available for the 30, (Shiva in there, which is also available to 60 donut mystery box, and mr plow too- but 60 not 30). So watch your donut spending…

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