Christmas Update Is Coming!

Update 8:15p ET: Update is out on iOS..again, just the download from the app store, it’s not live in-game.

Update 6:50p ET: Update is out on Android…just the download from the app store, it’s not live in-game.
The immediate thing I noticed..they still haven’t fixed the freakin’ noise on startup, even if your sound is off. Unbelievably annoying!
Another thing I noticed…the splash screen is a little wonky…at least on my S10.  Not sure if it’ll be the same on iOS when that comes out…

Anyway, here’s the update description from the store, and there are more screenshots below the fold (to prevent those who don’t want to know from knowing…)

Update: Just getting this out of the way now so all of you who are going to gripe about it can gripe about it before it actually hits…this appears to be another 4 week multi-event.  Starts tomorrow, ends January 8th.

Also, please don’t complain and say this event already sucks, or it’s the worst event until at least week 2 of the event.  And I especially don’t want to see/hear people complaining about it before it even goes live in games…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

A bit of good news, and holiday cheer, for all of us….the Christmas update has hit the files! Everyone let out a collective sigh of relief…

This will likely follow the same pattern we’ve seen with updates…it’ll hit the files now, hit the app stores within a few hours (maybe even within 30 minutes), and then go live in-game tomorrow (Wednesday).

We have NOT received update info from EA, at least as of right now, but I’ll start working on pulling the files to see what’s incoming.  Any info I find will be updated on THIS post.  So check back often for updates!

Until then….“Snow. Snow. Snow. It won’t be long before we’ll all be there with snow”…

More screengrabs form in-game below the fold…

109 responses to “Christmas Update Is Coming!

  1. Grandpa Grandpa Grandpa 🎄

  2. i just updated, but i’m not getting any new quests. Help?

  3. And right at 10am ET it kicks in while I have the game open. Awesome.My christmas area is quite full and most of what they are offering I already have except for whats in the winter wonderland mystery box. here is what i am targeting:

    * circus of values (because it is on the S. map and I rebuilt my S to mirror the map as close as possible)
    * timberlog diner
    * roller rink
    * murderhorn
    * mini golf castle
    * kid first industries
    * marge sculpture garden
    * anchor mgmt
    * yarn barn

    • Where did you get the Springfield map?

      • You can Google it. I have really wanted to order a poster but it’s out of print. It would be really challenging to replicate logistically in TSTO so I’d love to see a Tapper’s town who has tried.
        @Java what is in my Wonderland box is very close to your targets. I’m already enjoying the tokens, my first netted me Kidfirst Industries. 1 down, 5 to go. I like that it’s going to be spread out. I like that I didn’t gobble up every thing last year, so that I have some things extra for this year.
        Thank You as always Addict mods. I always wait for TSTO addicts for the lowdown. Since the Wonderland box showed up for donuts- I would’ve worked to harvest donuts for that instead of just letting that play out in the questline. Now I can work to harvest all the other goodies offered…

  4. ah.. Christmas event.. where everyone pretends to be happy and love snow… they should release the updates in the afternoon, when most people are home, resting…

  5. It’s 11 December, 14:00 UTC, but no event activated 🙁

  6. Anyone else have their bleeding gums cloud turn into a screen shot from a Simpsons episode?

  7. I see the splash screen updated in the App Store on IOS but my game still has the TG splash screen. I’ve been to the App Store multiple times but never get an update. Hope I’m not late to the new event due to this.

  8. Give me back my town-portrait camera :-O

  9. @alextapped and jason clark
    I noticed and hoped it was just me.
    I have been looking forward to getting my town portrait covered in snow
    I love christmas but a little disappointed about the picture.
    On the other hand counting down the minutes to launch 🎅🤶🎁🎄🌨☃️
    I dont care what its like we have snow in our towns and a christmas event..

  10. Do we know when the event will start?

    • Oh sorry I think I get it now. I was just confused because it´s already Wedensday here, but I think you´re a day behind us. Sorry.

  11. Do we know when the event will start?

  12. No town portrait?

  13. Did anyone notice that the camera is gone?

  14. Where is the town portrait button?

  15. Here’s a question you may have answered already however my search efforts didn’t find an answer. I apologize in advance if it’s something you’ve answered before.

    How are you able to access the game files if the update from the game stores hasn’t gone out?

  16. Excitement! 😀

  17. The Town Portrait Button is gone …

  18. Woohoo it’s been snowing, the reindeer in the splash screen look weird, are they high on pixie dust?

  19. Had to do a 500+mb download for the install.. seems a bit much.

  20. It’s really nice to see snow on the ground again. I really missed the spooky weather update this Halloween, and was worried that those seasonal environmental changes were gone for good.

  21. Let the fun begin
    Just noticed
    CTHULHU monument is now a 2D square image in my game

  22. If you have it, go check out your Teen Barney Excels At Fishing task. He’s ice fishing.

  23. None of the buildings from the Krust’s Last Gasp event have snow on them in my town.

  24. I don’t know what to make of the splash screen this time around. Is it a banana or something else?!?….think it’s supposed to be a finger 🥴

  25. I’m keeping my fingers crossed in the hope that the Golden Goose Realty becomes available for purchase.

  26. Out in apple store now

  27. Extra 300 MB of space is needed…..

  28. I noticed the cthulhu monument is now a screen shot.

  29. I have one ice “sheet” where the pavement/sand/water…etc..are…was there a way to produce ice?…I can’t remember…thanks for any help.

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