Wrestling Mystery Box Breakdown and Addressing No FREE Donuts w/Tokens- FIXED

Update 4/23/2020: The missing donut exchange issue has been FIXED.  If you have everything in the Wrestling Box you can now exchange the tokens for 12 donuts.

Thank you EA for fixing this!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Another day, another Mystery Box in Springfield…

Since the introduction of the Yearbook Mystery Box last year, most of the event-specific boxes have become outdated. As many of the items are in the Yearbook box for much less.

However, with the Wrestling Mystery Box released with this event, you can unlock items for a token on the prize track (4 total unlocks available).  So basically it’s a free Mystery Box.

Let’s break it down…

Unlike previous mystery boxes, where you could use tokens OR donuts, the Wrestling Box is exclusively tokens.  You’re only able to unlock the box once you’ve collected a Mystery Box token via the prize track…

For each Act, you’ll have the chance to unlock one Mystery Box token, so they’ll be a total of 4 for this event.

Here’s a list of what’s available in the box…

Bare Chested WillieDetails

Strongman HomerDetails

Springfield Coliseum + Drederick Tatum– Details

Pyro*– Details

Muscular Marge + ShapesDetails

All Night Gym*– Details


 Lugash + Lugash’s Gym- Details

The Gridiron– Details

For what it’s worth, all of the items in the box, with the exception of Pyro and the All Night Gym (noted by the *), are available in the Yearbook Mystery Box.

Now, something MANY of you are asking about…

If you have all the Wrestling Mystery Box Prize, there’s NO option to convert the Mystery Box tokens to donuts. 

Again, at this moment, there are NO FREE DONUTS for converting Mystery Box Tokens with this event. 

This is not an error in just your game.  It’s everyone’s game.  Not sure if it’s an oversight by EA (likely it is), but there is ZERO option to convert your token to donuts if you have all of the prizes.

This means, provided you have all of the prizes, one prize on each prize track is utterly useless.

Unfortunate.  Very unfortunate.  Hopefully, EA will correct this before the event is over.

And that’s it my friends, the details on the Wrestling Mystery Box.

Thoughts on the box? Did you have everything or still items to get?  Thoughts on tokens via the Prize track?  Sound off below…

27 responses to “Wrestling Mystery Box Breakdown and Addressing No FREE Donuts w/Tokens- FIXED

  1. I now have everything in the mystery box. If I don’t use my extra token to get the 12 free donuts can I save it for a future event’s mystery box? There have been times I don’t have many of the items and wish there was a way to get more tokens.

  2. Others have already mentioned it but there was an update which added the tokens to donuts exchange in the store. I don’t know if it will be mentioned in a new post or added on here or both but this patch will make a lot of people happy.

  3. There’s an update push to convert tokens to donuts!

  4. I’ve never been less interested in this game. Bad event story lines. Characters I have no familiarity with. Prizes I have no interest in. Winning useless event mystery box tokens.

    This used to be the only phone game I played and now it’s fallen to third, which means I get to it when I get to it. If I get to it.

    There’s no longer any kind of draw.

  5. Has anyone else had the problem of not having the wrestling mystery box even showing up? I know for a fact I dont have everything in there but I have no box…anywhere.

  6. The last time they did the token thing i never saw the donut conversion thing at all. UNTIL the event ended and i hadn’t spent them. Then i got a little pop up box thing that said i could trade them in for donuts in the store…which i did with no trouble. Maybe it’ll be like that again?

  7. This game was awesome…fun…entertaining…then I learned about farming. Now it really is an addiction…haha.

  8. The events became so boring, I don’t even enter into the game anymore. I barely check this website for news. Even crafting and push for getting the final prize by thousands of event currency was better than the current format. Tap and wait… tap and wait… the mini games were fun before, pushing to get final prize was fun before. This format grew old very quickly.
    Bring back the crafting and mini games!!!

  9. When I first found out this was going to be a wrestling event, I knew that I wasn’t going to get anything in the mystery box. What I didn’t know was the conversion of excess tokens to donuts isn’t around at least not yet since there’s still 22 days left of the event.

    Most of the content I don’t have is a few freemium items and premiums from 2017-2020 so I hope the next mystery box includes more stuff from those years and not stuff from the yearbook.

    Like Alissa said in a comment on the previous post, EA employees have work restrictions which could explain why there hasn’t been any patch updates and the servers issues not that long ago because of what is going on in the world.

    From best to worst MB items in my opinion (aside from the fact that 7 of the 9 items are also in the yearbook);
    *Lugash + his gym, Muscular Marge + Shapes, Drederick Tatum & Springfield Coliseum – the best (these originally cost 175 and 190 donuts)
    *Pyro (one of the two items that isn’t in the yearbook and this is the first time he was re-released in 2 years)
    *Bare Chested Willie, Strongman Homer (both of these were originally released in 2013 and have returned a few times afterwards for donuts);
    *The Gridiron, Sportacus (both were from 2015 and Anger Watkins has a permanent 12 hour task at The Gridiron, Sportacus has a questline but no permanent tasks);
    *All Night Gym – the worst (the 2nd item not in the yearbook probably because it is a freemium item that costs cash and you can buy it once you unlock Rainier Wolfcastle at level 31).

  10. Not giving some donuts for the tokens seems strange. You should only got 12 donuts last time and all the content is old content.

  11. I am unable to get into the game, just stuck on the loading screen. Anyone else having this issue? Playing on Android.

    • I have the same problem. I haven’t been able to play for four days now. The donut just keeps spinnig round and round and round and round…

    • I had the same problem in one of my games. I was able to open the game on a different device (both android), so I feel the problem was specific to the one device. I ended up deleting and reinstalling the game, which worked, and it’s been fine since.

  12. In my primary game, I had tokens left over from this and two prior events, all grouped in a single “redeem tokens for donuts” task icon. At some point in the last few days, the task icon vanished, and I was unable to exchange the tokens. Since then, the icon hasn’t reappeared, but when I clicked on the “get more donuts” icon, I was again able to redeem tokens from all three events for donuts.

  13. Rather than donuts for the token, I suggest they give the option of one of the other premium non-character items associated with the event. In this case, either the billboard or the ambulance.

  14. As usual, there is nothing to trade for, the Token isn’t even registered. If you bought everything, then you get coal in your stocking. Bah! Humbug??!!

  15. I got a rock.

  16. So my question is what happens to my unspent tokens? Do they sit in my inventory for a future event? I’ve unlocked 2 of the mystery boxes and all I’ve got left now is strongman Homer to unlock, if I can hang onto my tokens until the next event can I start with 2 mystery tokens? (I’m happy to not get strong man Homer I’m not exactly short of skins for him!)

    And yes I’m making the assumption that the next event will have a similar prize track

    • 🤷‍♀️ I don’t they’ll carry over to another event. More than likely it’ll be corrected for this event by Act 4, in which case you can cash them in. Otherwise, they’ll just be useless and disappear with the event.

  17. Just finished act 2 and now have to wait 5 days to start act 3, missed opportunity with honest abe and Mr burns task, would have been a good visual in the wrestling ring, more thought EA

    • I don’t like to hoard Character Skins, but a Liberty Bart Simpson with Honest as a Tag Team (I’d take a Character Skin vs Dumb Decor that gets Stored!) and yeah we needed a Wrestling Ring like a Stage (multiple Character Visual Tasks!)

      💜’ing those new Characters Visual Tasks that are funny!

  18. Good Morning 🌞

    Thank you for taking the time to address the ‘Token’ situation. With the Covid-19 pandemic still going on, we’re fortunate to have a new Event …. and yes the ‘Grind for Token but get nada’ situation could’ve been easily fixed in the first Act, but it wasn’t! (it won’t, not unless more take the time to voice their frustrations at EA on the EA Social Networks related to TSTO! Bob / Babs at EA doesn’t need to be threatened, just a courtesy call that says ‘hey! we got a glitch here!’)

    Is this glitch Dumb? Absolutely! Personally, I’d rather have 1 Event Prize removed (the Token) as soon as you have all of the Contents from said Mystery Box (vs Mystery Box just leaving your Game App, so you can’t trade in said Token for 12 🍩’s !)

    Yep – 1 less Event Prize to Grind for – now that would be rewarding!

    Now bring on Act 3, I need more Characters to ruuuuuumble! 😂

    • I guess that could be hard to programme especially if people don’t spent the tokens as soon as they get them, a player might have 3 tokens and 3 prizes in the box but cos they haven’t spent the tokens the game doesn’t process that when it starts the next prize track…
      And then it glitches out when they do empty the box

      • As long as there is Content in the Gold Wrestling Mystery Box for a Tapper to trade in a Token for? That Gold Wrestling Mystery Box isn’t going to leave your Game App (a Tapper can still choose to use that Token, or trade it in for some 🍩’s).

        This is a simple glitch that can be patch fixed – if a Tapper has all the Content from the Gold Wrestling Mystery Box? then it’s not in your Game App and those Tokens can’t be turned into 🍩’s .

        I doubt there is EA Staff available to handle that due to the Covid-19 pandemic (unfortunate, but it doesn’t change the fact you’re Grinding for Content and get nada).

        This hasn’t stopped me from enjoying the Event (some of the Visual Tasks by the new Characters are so funny!) I do see online that Token – Mystery Box glitch + Network issues are the main gripes …

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