Simpsons Wrestling Full Dialogue Act 4: Superior Mega Ultra Slam

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Now that the Simpsons Wrestling Event is about to wrap up it’s time to take a look at the dialogue for the exciting conclusion of the event!  Will Burns beat Aristotle?  Will Bart Save Wrestling? Will the Iron Yuppie get a new suit?  Time to find out.

Enjoy the full dialogue for Superior Mega Ultra Slam…

Superior Mega Ultra Slam Pt. 1
Auto starts

Bart: Mr. Burns! You gotta challenge Springfield Elite Wrestling to another unification bout!
Burns: I was skunked before by Amadopolis’ wrestlers. I won’t be skunked again.
Bart: But this time you’ll have this guy in your corner! Take a whiff of Dr. Bonebreak!
Dr Bonebreak: “The greatest in battle is one who can conquer a thousand men!”
Make Bart Convince Mr. Burns to Book New Title Bout- 4hrs
Make Dr. Bonebreak Convince Mr. Burns to Book New Title Bout- 4hrs
Collect Microphones- x175.  4hrs.
Aristotle Amadopolis: All right, Burnsy, you got a match. Your team wins: you get your golden statue back. My team wins: I get your nuclear power plant!
Burns: Let the Games of the Tenth Olympiad begin!
Bart: *whispers* We’re calling it the Superior Mega Ultra Slam.
Burns: Whatever. Just get Jesse Owens to win my statue back!

Superior Mega Ultra Slam Pt. 2
Auto starts

Dr Bonebreak: I need to get back into fighting shape. As Buddha once said…
Bart: Don’t worry what Buddha said. You just worry about pulling off a Corkscrew Six Hundred Thirty Degree Senton.
Dr Bonebreak: I couldn’t do that before I retired!
Bart: As a shoe company once said, “Just do it!”
Make Bart Train Dr. Bonebreak Back Into Form- 12hrs
Make Dr. Bonebreak Hurt Himself Training- 3hrs
Collect Microphones- x100.  4hrs.
Bart: Dr. Bonebreak! Are you all right?
Dr Bonebreak: Buddha said pain and suffering is only– AGGGH!

Superior Mega Ultra Slam Pt. 3
Auto starts

Dr Bonebreak: All right, brawlers and battlers, defeating SEW means being on top of our game! It’s workout time!
The Beefy Bishop: But being out of shape is kind of my thing.
Dr Bonebreak: Not to worry, Beefy Bishop! We’ll use your flab to squash SEW and the world!
Make Dr. Bonebreak Whip Wrestlers Into Shape- 4hrs
Make Bart Help Whip Wrestlers Into Shape- 4hrs
Collect Microphones- x250.  4hrs.
The Beefy Bishop: Ohh, my aching fat!
Rumbleina: I think I pulled something a lady ain’t s’pose to pull…
Dr Bonebreak: Come on, guys! “Suffering follows carts like oxes!”
Rumbleina: I feel insulted.
Bart: Don’t blame him. It’s a botched Buddha saying.

Superior Mega Ultra Slam Pt. 4
Auto starts

Kent Brockman: Golden Ring Wrestling and Springfield Elite Wrestling have battled to a draw! It’s time to fabricate an even more bogus title bout: Superior Mega Ultra Slam! Will the Buddhism of Dr. Bonebreak triumph over the savage materialism of Iron Yuppie? No, really. I’m asking. I have money on this match.
Dr Bonebreak: “To lead an unselfish life, one must count nothing as one’s own.”
Iron Yuppie: Two can play the Buddha game. If reality is an illusion, is professional wrestling an illusion of an illusion? And if it is, how can you triumph within that illusion?
Dr Bonebreak: I…I don’t know!
Bart: Dr. Bonebreak, don’t listen to him!
Make Dr. Bonebreak Be Confused by Reality- 1hr
Make Bart Worry About the Match- 1hr
Collect Microphones- x175.  4hrs.
Kent Brockman: Dr. Bonebreak appears stunned by Iron Yuppie’s reality check. The Iron Yuppie hits him with a Molly-Go-Round! Followed by a Reverse Frankensteiner! And look out! Dr. Bonebreak is hit with a Bronco Buster to the face!
Bart: No!
Burns: NO!

Superior Mega Ultra Slam Pt. 5
Auto starts

Kent Brockman: Dr. Bonebreak is reeling! Will Iron Yuppie finish him with a Stretch Plum or Rolling Thunder? And who comes up with these lame wrestling names? So many questions…
Dr Bonebreak: “Even a solid rock can be shaken by the wind.” “Let us be lamps and liberate our distance.”
Iron Yuppie: Why do I suddenly feel peace. Are your words getting to me…?
Dr Bonebreak: Only three words are necessary… I love you!
Iron Yuppie: No one’s ever told me that before…
Rumbleina: What’s going on?!
Kent Brockman:  The two men embrace center ring as the wisdom of Buddha has given them each a three count. The match is a draw!
Aristotle Amadopolis: NO! No draw! No love! I forbid it!
Honest Abe: Stay outta it or I’ll smack ya outta it, ya limp spotmonkey!
Make Honest Abe Attack Aristotle Amadopolis in the Ring- 4hrs,
Make Bart Cheer for Grampa Beating Amadopolis- 4hrs
Collect Microphones- x150.  4hrs.
Kent Brockman: Honest Abe has come out of nowhere to attack Aristotle Amadopolis in the ring! The old Rail Splitter slams him with a Forearm Smash followed by a Bionic Elbow! He closes out the match with a Muta Lock! Amadopolis is Ama-DROPPED-olis!
Honest Abe: Now git out of town! And leave my golden statue behind!

The Walk of Shame
Auto starts

Burns: Everything is back as it should be, eh Aristotle?
Aristotle Amadopolis: You win this round, Monty.
Dr Bonebreak: As Buddha often said, “Life is a flowing river that carries the trash out to sea”! Or maybe he didn’t say exactly that.
Honest Abe: Time for you to secede from our city, pal!
Aristotle Amadopolis: I’ll gladly leave if it means not listening to either of you anymore!
Make Aristotle Amadopolis Leave Town in Shame- 2hrs, Earns $175, 40xp
Make Burns Gloat About “His” Victory Count- 2hrs, Earns $110, 27xp
Make Springfielders Celebrate Superior Mega Ultra Slam- x5. 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp Freemium, $260, 70xp Premium
Make Dr. Bonebreak Misquote the Buddha- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp

And this concludes the Simpsons Wrestling Event!

Thoughts on the final Act?  Event in general? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. Hoping for a bigger event, like in the old days, when we could drop things off for our neighbors! Some day…?🤔

  2. Writers were great and the Visual Character Tasks are so funny …. I enjoyed everything (except a few gripes) down to the last joke regarding old men in speedos! 😂👍🏻

    If it takes time before we get another Mini Event / Multi Act Event? I’m ok with that ….. still working and I don’t mind the free time to fix up / rearrange my Springfield. 😁👌🏻

  3. I’m all finished with the wrestling quest. I hope another event will come along soon. It makes it even more fun since we are home all the time during the quarantine.

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