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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s that time of the week again, time for the Addicts Weekly Open Thread!  So, let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part, you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So, here is your Open Thread…..

The Pride mini-event is almost over…ends Wednesday. Have you finished it yet?  Prize placement?  Ready for what’s next?

How’s your Springfield design coming?  What are you doing with your town? Share some photos in the comments below! (If you need a refresher on how to add photos to the comments check out this post)  Don’t forget Springfield Showoff is Wednesday (featuring Pride Designs), so get those submissions in by Tuesday evening! More details here. 

Stay safe.  Wash your hands.  Social distance.    Remember, we’re all in this together.

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, or anything else you can think of! (Just no politics, it never ends well)  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we love hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!

32 responses to “Addicts Open Thread

  1. when I tap on rewards it pops out a large circle that ‘taps’ all of the things within it. Why don’t each of those produce the same large circle that would grab more things? Essentially one tap should clear the entire town if this worked correctly.

    • Upgrading the IRS building should expand the collection range however it is not possible to collect everything even once the IRS building is fully upgraded, the only way to collect all is using the Skyfinger monument and this can only be activated once in 24 hours.

      • Yes, I have that. I want it to put out the same circle for everything that gets ‘hit’ by the circle so we can clear the board in one tap most times. I can dream right?

  2. Just got round to watching the season finale I hope them taking in the mother of SLH becomes canon and we see her around the Simpson house from season 32 onward.

  3. I’m find myself playing the game less and less these days. Usually, I’ll collect on my town once a day unless an event is going on and then I’ll play just enough to get through the event. I’m in the middle of a redesign but after spending 15 minutes plus collecting from my characters, I rarely have the desire to do much. Two suggestions I have for EA. 1) Create something that allows us to collect all our character tasks with 1 tap at least once a day similar to what we can do with the Sky Finger statue in the collection of our buildings and 2) For the send Springfielder events, either limit that to main characters or give us a send all button. I have over 400 characters and it takes a long time to tap every one and wait for the game to catch up. Thanks.

  4. Ephraim Akhagbemhe

    Hey Guys, Been Playing TSTO Since 2017. I Only Want To Know Why I Find It So Difficult Designing My Springfield. I’ve Tried New Things E.g Adding Fountains To My Town Hall And Fencing Some Buildings And Springfield Elementary. It Starting To Come Up But Does Anyone Have Any Cool Suggestions & Design Patterns?.

    • Have you got many neighbours? Rather than just tapping on their buildings when visiting, have a look around and take some screenshots of what they’ve done and combine ideas together to make it your own.

    • Ephraim Akhagbemhe

      Thanks For The Advice But Unfortunately, I Have No EA Neighbours. Would You Mind Dropping Your EA Origin Name So I Can Connect You As My Neighbour & You Do The Same Thing. Thanks !!!

  5. Pretty quiet around here this week. The first week I joined here in September 2018 there were 145 comments in this section, was that exceptional or typical of earlier times?

    • I think it is a combination of fewer players, repetitive updates, and…oh yeah..,the fact that the world is on fire, and a mobile game starts to seem silly?

      • Understatement, how quickly the world just fall apart, it quickly spread and even spread to here in many key city’s, dark times ahead at this rate, my family on total lockdown for 2 weeks due to my wife having an op on the 15th and the world feels like it’s fallen apart.

        • I reckon that the world well at least the Western world was already falling apart and the pandemic was figuratively the straw that broke the camels back.

  6. I just came back to my game after a couple of years – did they ever fix the Pie Man / Rollback glitch that hit? Still is an issue with my game

  7. Sorry to hear the hardships. Pets are often better companions than other humans. I’m sorry for your loss.

  8. So as a newbie to the game, after June 3rd and the end of the Pride Week mini-event, roughly how long do you think we’ll have to wait to see new content?

    • usually a week. Usually. There have been times it’s hit simultaneously with a mini-event ending. And there have been times it’s been several weeks in between events. But right now that pattern seems to be a week in-between events.

  9. It’s been a tough week. Last Tuesday one of my RL neighbours had to let her 15 yr old pup go due to jaw and throat cancer.
    My cousin passed away Thursday morning (natural causes).
    Later on Thursday my wife and I had to let our 16yr old pup go due to cancer tumors. Pets are family and it’s really hard having to make the decision for them … I am a believer in quality of life.. I will never let a pet suffer because I don’t know how to let go.

    • Oh so sorry Michael. Losing a beloved family member pet is hard at any time but I imagine it’s especially difficult now when we are so dependent on the love and companionship of our household for our mental health. My heart goes out to you.

    • Heartfelt condolences Micheal, the death of a pet is always tough, we’ve had to say goodbye to 4 kitties so far and the thought of losing the two cats we have now doesn’t bear thinking about.

  10. I’m tired of opinions so I’m trying to think what future event that I might look forward to without a controversy or division amongst players…
    So, perhaps a well needed Puppy/Dog/Veterinarian/Trainer event? (Someday) 🐶

    • Well…not to be a party 💩 but I’m not a fan of dogs. (Or animals in general… if you remember my comments during the zoo event) lol

    • MangoFusion01

      July the fourth is just around the corner. I cant think of anything associated with that that would divide people!

    • Happy Sunday All !

      An interesting observation regarding the debate about the geographical orientation of our miniature Springfie!ds.
      In my original town I was always of the view that the sea was to the South with the back being North and Springfield heights being to the West. However in the second town I started in September 2018 I realize how that I’ve always thought of the Springfield heights area as being in the North with the sea being to the West and the opposing end being to the East.

    • Alright perhaps go the other way around with Opinions and have an Art/Art-Critic event?
      Or would you say “it stinks” to that idea too ? :p

    • I’d love to see a summer event based on the episode “Summer of 4 Ft. 2” since there’s enough content in the episode for a multi event and can tie in to 4th of July.

  11. Have a wonderful Sunday all TSTO addicts. Every time I get to feeling a little down about the quarantine, I remind myself how much I do have and what a little diversion this game can be. Not going to miss the Pride mini event but do look forward to what comes next. Stay healthy.

  12. I haven’t been able to get into my game for more than 24 hours. Is anyone else having this issue? It’s not my internet and all that happens is the donut in the bottom right corner just keeps spinning and nothing else happens.

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