Game of Games the Sequel Act 1 Premium Questline: Strawberry

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Update time in Springfield!  Just when you think they’re going to skip a week, EA jumps in at the eleventh hour with an update! What’s in store for us this time?  Well, it’s a return to last year’s Game of Games event.  The Game of Games sequel!

Act 1 of this multi-event ushered in one new premium character to help navigate the start of this event.  Strawberry is an all-new premium character for Springfield, who not only helps earn event currency (throughout the entire event) but also comes with a short questline.

So let’s take a look at the full dialogue for Malibu Scheme House…

Malibu Scheme House Pt. 1
Strawberry starts

Strawberry: Oooh! SwapBay has the bayonet accessory I’m missing for my ultra-rare Viet Cong Malibu Stacy prototype! Three-hundred dollars is a lot for a three-centimeter piece of plastic, but a small price to pay to help Malibu Stacy fight the forces of oppressive colonial capitalism!
Milo: Uh, babe, you might want to hold off on that. Coolsville Comics might go bankrupt.
Strawberry: What?! How?
Milo: The shop’s been in a bit of a slump since everyone buys online now. I ordered too many copies of Ultimate New Rebirth Crisis Five, and it bombed. I couldn’t help myself – the first four sold so well!
Strawberry: Don’t worry, babe – if more bodies in the store is what we need, I got just the plan: Bikini Day!
Make Strawberry Organize Bikini Day at Coolsville Comics- 4hrs
Femme Fatale: Look, I’m happy to show up in a bikini for your promotion, but this guy is blocking the door!
CBG: I thought the point of this promotion was a discount if one showed up wearing a bikini. Besides, it’s the perfect opportunity for me to wear my Space Slave Princess bikini cosplay!
Squeaky Voice Teen: My eyes!

Malibu Scheme House Pt. 2
Strawberry starts

Strawberry: Okay, that didn’t go so hot – actually, it was decidedly un-hot! But I’ve started a new business venture I think will be a hit…An online dating service for pop culture aficionados! Want to give it a shot?
Femme Fatale: Hey, you’re paying, right? I’ll try whatever you want. This one sounds promising: “Robust business owner and raconteur seeks daring fangirl.” He’s awfully dashing…
Make Strawberry Run an Online Dating Service- 2hrs
Make Femme Fatale Go on Blind Date- 2hrs (only applies if you have Femme Fatale)
Femme Fatale: Gimme a break – you don’t look anything like your profile pic!
CBG: Please! That photo is obviously Rainier Wolfcastle in the camp sci-fi classic, “Master of Space”! I use it to screen out the posers. I’m afraid you don’t make the cut.
Femme Fatale: I don’t make the cut?! How about I cut YOU!
Strawberry: Uh, please remember our terms and conditions have a clear no-violence policy!

Malibu Scheme House Pt. 3
Strawberry starts

Strawberry: Ugh, none of my business ideas have worked. Coolsville Comics is doomed!
Smithers: Did I hear you say you’re in need of a new money-making venture? I have just the thing! You can sell these Pyramid Inc. products to friends and family. Guaranteed financial success!
Strawberry: That would be great, but now I don’t have any money to get started.
Smithers: Well, if you had something you could put up as collateral. Perhaps something rare…and collectible.
Strawberry: Oh! I know – my Malibu Stacy collection!
Smithers: Does it happen to feature the ultra-rare People’s Liberation Armed Forces of South Vietnam Malibu Stacy prototype?
Strawberry: Mint condition!
Smithers: Excellent!
Make Strawberry Pitch Multi-Level Marketing- 8hrs
Agnes: What is this cheap junk?! It turned my hair purple – well, even more purple!
Bandito: I used this on my laundry, and it ruined my good sombrero!
Strawberry: People, people! It’s not about the product, it’s about recruiting your own salespeople.
Barney: You mean like a pyramid scheme?
Strawberry: No, no, it’s not a pyramid scheme! If you’ll just look at this diagram–
CBG: The one literally in the shape of a pyramid?
Strawberry: What? Oh…rats.

Malibu Scheme House Pt. 4
Strawberry starts

Milo: Hey babe, what’s wrong?
Strawberry: I was trying to make extra money to help the shop out. I became a Pyramid Inc. saleswoman, but everyone got angry with me because it was just a pyramid scheme!
Milo: Aw, that’s not so bad.
Strawberry: But to get started, I had to put up my Malibu Stacy collection as collateral – now I’m going to lose it all!
Milo: Oh no! That’s terrible!
Strawberry: It’s okay. I’m just going to play with them one last time.
Milo: Wow, you even took Banjo-Playing Mountain Folk Stacy out of her package!
Make Strawberry Play With Her Malibu Stacy Collection- 12hrs, Earns $600, 150xp

Malibu Scheme House Pt. 5
Strawberry starts

Smithers: Time to pay up! What’s that? You don’t have the money?
Strawberry: No…no, I don’t. Who knew it would be so hard to get friends and family to buy bulk products that they can have delivered cheaply from their local grocery store as needed?
Smithers: Indeed. Well, time to pay the piper and hand over your collection!
CBG: Not so fast, my mysteriously mustachioed friend!
Strawberry: What are you doing here now?
CBG: Oh, not much, just reminding your supposed benefactor that you are in fact protected – BY THE LAW!
Make Comic Book Guy Lay Down the Law- 1hr
Make Strawberry Be Impressed by the Law- 1hr
CBG: As you can see, I successfully lobbied Mayor Quimby to pass the Springfield Nerd Protection Act! We cannot be pressured nor swindled out of our precious collections by angry mothers, jealous friends, or pyramid schemers.
Smithers: Wow, that’s really specific.
Strawberry: I’m glad I don’t have to give him my collection, but Coolsville is still going out of business unless I do something.
Smithers: Now I feel guilty for trying to swindle you out of your Malibu Stacy collection. By the way, it’s really me, Smithers.
Strawberry: Yeah, we know.
Smithers: Oh. Well, how about this: Would you be willing to timeshare your Viet Cong Malibu Stacy with me – for a hefty fee, of course!
Milo: Wow! That would really bail us out! What do you say, babe?
Strawberry: Viva la revolución!

And this concludes the premium dialogue for Strawberry.

Thoughts on Act 1 of the event?  Did you buy Strawberry?   Thoughts on the dialogue? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

9 responses to “Game of Games the Sequel Act 1 Premium Questline: Strawberry

  1. My daily task had a bug where lots of guys ran back into krustys after they’re task was over and when I leafy the game it’s thumbs up all over again! So far I got 5000 🍩 by leaving and entering the game over and over. Since the event is so boring I like my event better! If ea finds out Will I get in trouble? Did this happen to others?

    • You’ll be fine. The first time I had that happen was with a 4hr task for the opera house. I found a couple ways to break the cycle. The glitch for this particular task has been fixed but I never completed the character task because about 95% of my 450 characters are sent to one building when I send them on a 4hr task. Enjoy your donut game.

  2. (On Topic Post – lol!)

    I had fun with the new Premium Character (Strawberry) …. if Tappers can still use her to obtain Event Currency (at Premium Rate) for the rest of the Event? then we will get our sprinkles-worth. I think these “side quests” away from the Event’s “currency grind” are rewarding ….. well bring on Act 2 (Friday). 😉👉🏻

  3. Do we know when Act 2 starts?

  4. When does this start? Not seeing update on iPhone.

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