All This Jazz Prize Guide: Tic Tock Simpson

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Time to flash those jazz hands, as things get jazzy in TSTO!  The All This Jazz mini-event has arrived in Springfield, and it has Lisa swooning.

Remember, this event is designed to follow a series of tasks via the questline to unlock prizes.  For each of the parts of the Song and Dance questline, you’ll have to earn  via various character tasks in order to unlock the prize for that part.

So let’s take a look at the costume on the Song and Dance Prize track, Tic Tock Simpson…

Tic Tock Simpson is a  brand new costume for Bart and part of the All This Jazz Character Collection:

How You Unlock it:
Song and Dance Pt. 4
Make Lisa Ask Tic Tock to Come Out of Retirement- 4hrs
Collect Vinyl Records- x125.

Once achieved you’ll unlock the costume…

Other Info:
WDTCF:Jazzy and the Pussycats” S18, E2

Tic Tock does come with a full questline, here’s a look at that questline:

The Bionic Boy Pt. 1
Tic Tock Simpson starts

Lisa: Skinny Palmer? Marbles Le Marquez? What are you doing here at my house?
Marbles Le Marquez: You’re looking slick, Downbeat.
Lisa: Ugh, can we rethink my jazz name? I really think I’m more fitting of a name like—
Skinny Palmer: Nope. Jazz names don’t change. You’re Downbeat for life.
Lisa: *sigh* Okay…Downbeat it is.
Marbles Le Marquez: Cheer up, Downbeat. Is Tic Tock around?
Lisa: Bart! Your jazz friends want you to come out and play!
Bart: What’s up, Daddy-Os?
Skinny Palmer: Tic Tock, the Skinny Palmer Trio is at a crossroads. We’ve never drawn crowds like when we had Tic Tock Simpson tappin’ the rat-a-tats and the clickety-clacks.
Marbles Le Marquez: Don’t forget the skibbity-scats.
Skinny Palmer: You see? We’re off our game. I even forgot the skibbity-scats. Though more specifically we are out of what I like to call jazz fuel.
Bart: Mary Jane?
Skinny Palmer: No, money!
Marbles Le Marquez: I’m picking up shifts disinfecting shoes at the Bowlarama, and let me tell you that place is a jazz funeral — but less fun.
Bart: Hmm, it’s gonna be tough to fit you guys into my schedule, but being famous was pretty awesome…
Skinny Palmer: Please, Bart.
Bart: Okay, I’ll rejoin the band. On one condition, I get to decide where we go to lunch.
Marbles Le Marquez: You only ever want Krusty Burger…and I’m a vegetarian.
Bart: I keep telling you, fries are a food group.
Make Tic Tock Simpson Sign Autographs for the Ladies- 4hrs
Tic Tock Simpson: So, I know how Lisa and I got our jazz names, but what about you guys?
Skinny Palmer: Oh, me? They call me “Skinny” because my metabolism is faster than “Jeep’s Blues” played double-time on the jump.
Tic Tock Simpson: Alright, I’m gonna assume that’s fast because I don’t want to look it up. What about you, Marbles?
Marbles Le Marquez: I would prefer not to say.
Skinny Palmer: He accidentally thought a marble was a grape and the rest is history.
Marbles Le Marquez: That’s why my teeth look like this.

The Bionic Boy Pt. 2
Tic Tock Simpson starts

Tic Tock Simpson: Ugh, guys I’m trying, but ever since I got carpal tunnel playing “Conflict of Enemies”, I haven’t been able to drum the same.
Skinny Palmer: Oh, you’ll be fine — carpal tunnel is no big deal.
Tic Tock Simpson: I played for sixty-three hours straight. Now my arm is blue and stiff enough to crack walnuts. *cracks a walnut*
Marbles Le Marquez: Well what about surgery? How much would it cost to fix it?
Tic Tock Simpson: They don’t take insurance for videogame-related injuries, so the surgery’s $78,000.
Marbles Le Marquez: I guess we’ll just have to do a benefit concert.
Skinny Palmer: A benefit concert?! Outta sight!
Marbles Le Marquez: *down low* In the pocket!
Tic Tock Simpson: No! Guys, stop. Enough with the benefit concerts. We already did that, remember? And I gave all the money to Lisa.
Marbles Le Marquez: So what do we do?
Tic Tock Simpson: It sounds too easy, but I guess it wouldn’t hurt to just ask her…
Make Tic Tock Simpson Ask Lisa for the Money- 1hr
Lisa: Bart, there is no more money. The bridge has been repaired and I spent the extra on making it do that thing where it lifts up to let boats pass.
Tic Tock Simpson: Whoa, I love when bridges do that! I never thought you’d actually use the money to save the bridge. I thought you were going to just put it toward your college fund.
Lisa: $50,000 tuition to go to college online? No thanks.

The Bionic Boy Pt. 3
Tic Tock Simpson starts

Tic Tock Simpson: Sorry, guys. I talked to Downbeat, but she already spent the money.
Skinny Palmer: Man, that girl is always bringin’ us down. But it’s okay, because look at this ad I just discovered in the newspaper.
Tic Tock Simpson: Bionic prosthetics?
Marbles Le Marquez: And they’re free as long as you agree to take part in their medical study and sign a two hundred and sixteen page waiver of liability!
Skinny Palmer: Tic Tock, you’ll get your arm back and you’ll end up being an even better drummer.
Tic Tock Simpson: Never before have I loved a plan as much as this one! Well, besides the time we tricked Milhouse into putting his finger in that pencil sharpener.
Milhouse: And I didn’t even get to get a cool bionic finger out of it.
Make Tic Tock Simpson Get a Bionic Arm- 6hrs
Dr Hibbert: And Bart, that’s where we’ll make a deep incision and attach the bionic arm to the nerve cluster.
Tic Tock Simpson: Cool! Can I get a laser on it? Or an attachment that shoots out ninja stars?!
Dr Hibbert: *chuckles* All in due time, Bart. I just need a signature on this form from one of your parents.
Homer: Okay, signed.
Tic Tock Simpson: Where’d you come from?
Homer: Oh, I was just stopping by. Artery got clogged again so they did one of those routine open-heart oil changes on me.
Dr Hibbert: None of that was routine.
Homer: Well, good luck with the robo-arm. I’m off to get my routine bucket of chicken and barrel of beer.

The Bionic Boy Pt. 4
Tic Tock Simpson starts

Tic Tock Simpson: This new bionic arm is awesome! A little hard to control though.
Skinny Palmer: Yeah, you ripped out my car door and nearly killed my cat when you petted him.
Tic Tock Simpson: Let’s see how this Terminator arm does on the hi-hat.
Marbles Le Marquez: Real quick though, could you open this jar of pickles for me? These lil’ baby dills been callin’ my name, but the jar just won’t give.
Tic Tock Simpson: *jar shatters*  You must have loosened it.
Make Tic Tock Simpson Do Some Bionic Drumming- 1hr
Skinny Palmer: Whoa, Tic Tock. You’re rocking those drums harder than that verbally abused kid in “Whiplash”!
Marbles Le Marquez: With that bionic arm going, I think I feel a jazz name change comin’. How does “Iron Jam” sound?
Tic Tock Simpson: I have no control over the arm! Help! It won’t stop! *drum smashes*
Skinny Palmer: Run! That arm thinks everything’s a drum!

The Bionic Boy Pt. 5
Tic Tock Simpson starts

Tic Tock Simpson: Doc, you gotta get this thing off me. It’s got a mind of its own!
Dr Hibbert: *chuckles* Oh, I should hope so. It sure wouldn’t be very useful in our study on bionic artificial intelligence if it didn’t. You did read the paperwork?
Tic Tock Simpson: Ahhhh! My hand keeps trying to steal your syringe off you and kill me with it!
Dr Hibbert: *scribbling notes* Wants to kill patient…knows what a syringe is…fascinating stuff.
Make Tic Tock Simpson Un-Get a Bionic Arm- 6hrs
Marbles Le Marquez: Well, some things just don’t work out. But I think we’ve learned a good lesson here.
Skinny Palmer: I don’t think I’ve learned anything.
Marbles Le Marquez: Always keep yourself at arm’s length from a bionic arm.
Skinny Palmer: Physically and figuratively.
Marbles Le Marquez: Right on.
Skinny Palmer: Indubitably.
Marbles Le Marquez: In the pocket.
Skinny Palmer: Boogie Woogie.
Marbles Le Marquez: You really need to have the last word don’t ya?
Skinny Palmer: Ab-so-lute-ly!

Tic Tock’s Permanent Tasks:

Task Length Earns Location
Do Some Bionic Drumming 1hr $70, 17xp Outside/Visual
Sign Autographs for the Ladies 4hrs $175, 45xp Outside/Visual
Twirl His Hat to Impress Other Kids 8hrs $275, 70xp Springfield Elementary/Noiseland Video Arcade/ Brown House
Play the Drums in his Sleep 12hrs $420, 100xp Simpson Home/Brown House
Practice Jazz Talk Daddy O 24hrs $600, 150xp Jazzy Goodtimes/ The Jazz Hole/ Simpson House/ Brown House

And that’s it my friends, the details on Tic Tock…

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  1. Tic Tock Simpson is a good costume and one of Bart’s better costumes in my opinion. I like that one of his permanent tasks is at the Jazzy Goodtime’s since only Lisa has a task there plus it got used in the main questline. I don’t mind that he has a task at the Simpsons House and Springfield Elementary since the one at the house is kind of a reference to Bart literally playing the drums in his sleep in the “Jazzy and the Pussycats” episode. Tic Tock Simpson has got great visual tasks especially when the bionic arm appears while he drums. His questline was great with Marbles Le Marquez and Skinny Palmer appearing in the dialogue plus it was interesting finding out how they got their jazz names. 🥁👐🖊️

  2. Tic Tock Bart Simpson – I had fun with the Character Skin, but it’s time to retire Skins for the Simpsons Family, along with Milhouse, because …. yeah too many Character Skins (better off having this as a separate Character).

    Fun Mini Event, very few complaints, hoping THOH 2020 doesn’t suck! 🎃

  3. Hidden tasks
    He can play at
    The Pop Stage – with Alaska Nebraska
    The Hip Hop (?) Stage – with Bleeding Gums Murphy

    I wish these were in the character’s task bars

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