This is Halloween! Some THOH Event Info…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Correction on the dates.  Just got this from EA:  Hitting App stores the 13th, Live on the 14th.  

So late last week, we received an event packet from EA.  And just moments ago EA sent out an email saying it was ok to release some of the info contained in that packet.  And guys, I’m happy to finally be able to share some stuff with you…because I hate keeping secrets from y’all.  So, with that being said:

Some good news for you on this Friday as we head into the weekend…Halloween is coming to TSTO!

Ok, we all knew Halloween was coming.  That’s not really an earth-shattering announcement, but this is…

ITEM LIMITS ARE INCREASING BY 1,000!!!!  (from 13k to 14k) 

From EA: “We know this has been long requested, and we are pleased to grant that wish!”

And now some other info I’m thrilled to finally be able to share with you guys…

The THOH XXXI Event is set to launch next week.  With the files arriving in the App Store on October 12th (Monday), and the event going live on October 13th (Tuesday). Updating in the app store on the 13th (Tuesday) and going live on the 14th (Wednesday)

Here’s a look at the splash screen…

That’s about all I can share that this particular moment (I can share more on Monday…), but this looks like it’s going to be awesome!

Thoughts? Excitement? What are you hoping to see? (aside from a format change, because at this point I don’t think that’s happening)  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. Hi, do you know what time the update is today?

  2. I do hope this Treehouse event harkens back to the early days of TSTO! I miss going in and clearing out goblins and zombies every few hours.

    The game has become so mundane lately because we send the same 7 or 8 characters to do so unanimated task to accrue some sort of “event currency”. There’s no tapping involved and that’s taken the fun away from the game.

    I enjoyed scouting around my whole Springfield to locate every last goblin that I could tap away.

    It would also be nice for them to throw in more THOH items from the classic episodes.

    Don’t let me down EA!

  3. Increased decoration limit is great, now it’s time for some additional space! It’s ridiculous trying to get all the new content placed in town. Most of it is wasting away in my inventory. Please please let there be something included in this update

    Tapped out @darylstrawberry

  4. Some info today ? 🤗

  5. finally the item limit will be increased, not by much but it’s a start, yay as i can at least do something a tiny bit more interesting with my town, more land, way more land would be nice, at least making springfield heights the same as the rest of springfield.

    • I wish they would just write us use cash to open the rest of SH I don’t have a whole lot opened cos the grind is just too much for me.

  6. I’m intrigued Alissa that you say the upcoming Halloween event looks awesome & yet you doubt whether there will be a change in format.
    I’ve no doubt it will be the same 4 mini events glued together which reading the posts most folks are finding very tiresome. I know the guys who write this stuff are restricted in what they can offer but it would have been nice to see maybe just see a tweek to the format here & there.
    Saying that, it is Halloween so what the hell !!!

  7. One more thing…thank you TSTO ADDICTS for being here and sharing with us all of this great information. I always know where to go to, to get the latest on TSTO events, should I buy and anything else I need answers for. You all are AWESOME! Thank you for all you do!

  8. I have been waiting for this all year, I love the THOH time of year. But it would be nice if we went back to the original event format. Going to our beighbors to smash zombies, trick or treat or hunt ghosts was fun. Now I rarely, if ever visit my neighbors.

    Also, it would be nice if we could sell most of the stuff in our inventory, like the over 1k monorail tracks and countless amount of stones and walls.

  9. Wooow!!I’m looking forward to the update! I have a feeling that EA has good surprises for us. regardless of what happens I will continue to love this game. Sorry if I have a typo, I’m learning this new language! Great week to everyone!

  10. Although I’d love to think the event will be different, EA has churned out nothing but the same boring event formats for years now.
    I miss the howling wind sounds, and leaves blowing and searching neighbor’s towns for ghosts.
    But I’m sure we won’t get that. Just the same old task- oriented story lines.

  11. Every event so far in 2020 has just been a mini-event style… I hope it’s some big event like the Itchy and Scratchy or the 2018 halloween events, but most of all, I wonder if God will return in this update? I’ve missed my chance to buy him last year, but now I have over 800 donuts and I’m prepared of what deal I’m thrown with.

  12. I always look forward to the Halloween event since it marks another anniversary of my playing Tapped Out. Another year in the books, look forward to what is next.

  13. I can’t get into mine

  14. I’m really hoping for a way to get Evil Shopkeeper by himself…take him out of the bundle!

    • Me, too …. that’s one of the last Characters I need from a prior THOH (besides Jack the Ripper). Let’s hope it’s not pay EA real money 💵 for 🍩’s

    • I needed him too and it was driving me mad him only being available in the bundle with the shop I already had. So I asked EA and they gave him to me – always worth a try!

  15. I’ve been playing for seven years, I am so thrilled that after all this time, this game is STILL going and we get another Halloween event! I’ll take whatever they give us with complete gratitude.

    For me, this is tradition. The event is fun of course, but putting out jack o’ lanterns and spooky decos, is half the fun.

    • Bluntcard

      Sending a Character out trick-or-treating in a Costume, putting out the Dumpster (so that we can turn Characters into Zombies) – of course every Tappers wanted to send all of the kids in their Springfield out trick-or-treating in Costume (wouldn’t that be nice of EA?). 🎃

      • Maybe this will be the year EA upgrades the Nightmare pile!

        • I believe most would appreciate that …. the Nightmare Pile is cool, but it’s just a tease (seeing kids in costumes roaming a Springfield doesn’t take that much to ‘impute’ into this Game App – that would be on par with finally making it so that every kid can go to Krustyland, aka another constructive criticism) 😉

          • It was fun, way back, when part of the game was tapping on zombies or monsters in our towns, or in our neighbor’s yards.

  16. Thank you, Alissa (we all have to be patient Tappers, TSTO Addicts Staff is just following the rules per EA!) 🎃🤘🏻

    The Login Screen looks like an homage to Treehouse of Horror XXV (4th Episode of the 26th Season broadcast on October 19, 2014) “School is Hell” segment (got to love those demonic minions eating 🍩’s!) 😂

    I will take the extra 1,000 Item Limits increase and – once again – it appears our small dedicated EA Staff running TSTO truly is listening to our constructive criticism (what else would we want? a different format for Events & Mini Events!) 👍🏻

    THOH / Halloween Event drops 4 Days before the newest Treehouse of Horror (XXXI) is broadcast (on October 18, 2020!), maybe we’ll get an Episode tie-in, maybe not (hey as long as we don’t get a Disney Princess Character Skin Homer Simpson, right?) 🎃

    Happy Tapping & Stay Safe

  17. Thanks Alissa for posting this. It looks like they will be great content in this year’s THOH event. I hope this year’s event will be a bit of an improvement to last year’s THOH event which was missing the darker screen and Halloween music which was in all the other THOH event’s except for last year.

  18. It looks like a cool event. I really don’t care that the item limits are increased but I do have ~7600 monorail parts in my inventory.

  19. It would be really awesome if they would come up with a new way to play the event instead of just using people to gather something slowly for a building, and maybe having an extra character you can purchase for donuts, and then the whole thing is in 4 phases. It gets kind of tiring.

  20. Alissa you just made my day!!! 🎃👻 this is great news!


  22. 🎃🎃🖤 I can’t wait!!

  23. I have an inventory question……I have been moving a lot of items to inventory because of the item limit. If I stored an item that had XP % Bonus, is there any way to tell in the inventory besides clicking on every item in the inventory and clicking on the blue info button and looking at their payouts individually?

    I have been playing the Whacking event (so too many years) and I hundreds of buildings and 100s of decorations in my inventory. Hopefully there is some magically easy way to find my lost XP bonus items among them to put back into my town….

    • On this site there is a list under stats and charts I think, that shows the XP percentage of everything. It will give you an idea of which items to look for.

    • Hobbes

      MangoFusion nailed it! Use that 5 Star Rating as your guide whenever placing anything in storage (Tap it and check your Bonus % Level as you store and/or retrieve anything!)

      I appreciate the Item Limits increase, because that means more Halloween Decor and Buildings (yay!) 🎃

  24. Item increase!! Yaaay!!! The outskirts of my town are filled with randomly dropped things I want to incorporate into my design but haven’t because I’m at the item limit, and have been for so long. I don’t like adding to my actual town without decorating also, but now I can! At least for a bit. Finally!

    • Very true …. I won’t have to feel like such a Plopper (a term coined by Patric!) that ends up Storing Content later. ☺️👍🏻

  25. Great news, now we’re did I put that zombie sandwich 🎃👹👺👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻

  26. Yes! Halloween and Christmas is my all time favourite times in tapped out.

    Can I just ask an ot question real quick? Rarely but sometimes the game will randomly bump be up a level. I’m not complaining because it’s great of course, but does this happen to someone else? I just find it a bit weird.

    • Each time the blue XP bar reaches the right edge (50,000) you jump up a level.

      • Yes I know but that´s not what I mean. Sometimes I´m like lets say 35 000 xp, and the next time I log in I get that little dialog window and I´m at the next level.

        • Do you tapped items and close your game before all your XPs have been counted? That may be the reason because it will/should carry on counting.

  27. Wow it seems to be great! Hope we won’t have a several mini event but a full event as we have had before…

  28. Wow, I left for two years an came back at the best time.

    Been following you guys since you first started doing this. So happy to see everyone is doing great.

    Can’t wait for this event, I read it’s based off of a certain episode, but Ill you guys cover all that good stuff soon.

    Again can’t wait!!

  29. Yeah.. I feel so excited …
    Halloween is one of my favorite season in stock game from 2012 until now…. 😃
    To be honest I fell burn out to play this game but with this news i fell so excited…
    Nuff said

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