Episode Reminder: The 7 Beer Itch (Season 32, Episode 5)

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Were you excited to see The Simpsons return with another new episode last week? Did you enjoy the episode? How did it fare for a Treehouse of Horror episode? For those in Canada, were you disappointed it aired three weeks ago, and you’ve been without a new episode for two weeks? Can’t wait for another new Simpsons episode? Well you won’t have to wait too long for the next such episode as The Simpsons is back this Sunday, with an all new episode! Woohoo!

So here’s your official TSTO Addicts reminder…all new episode, the season’s fifth episode, this Sunday, November 8th, 8pm on FOX (at the same time on City TV in Canada)….“The 7 Beer Itch”!

So what do The Simpsons have in store for us this week?

Here’s the episode information released from FOX:

“When Marge and the kids take a seaside vacation, Homer is unwittingly tempted by a British femme fatale.”


Be sure to tune in tomorrow night to see all the fun!

As always, after the episode airs we’ll have a full episode recap!

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Are you excited for the new episode? Were you excited The Simpsons was back last week with an all new episode? What do you think will happen in the new episode? Looking forward to The Simpsons tackling Homer’s fidelity once more? What’s been your favourite fifth episode of our favourite family over the past 31 seasons? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

6 responses to “Episode Reminder: The 7 Beer Itch (Season 32, Episode 5)

  1. Mmmm beer! 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺

  2. I will take a double dose of The Simpsons & Bob’s Burgers vs that sort of rubbish FOX tends to interrupt these broadcasts with (aaaand if you will excuse me I’ll go back to celebrating!) 🥳🍹


  3. I implore everyone to invoke the rites of Tecumseh on this dreary day. Woo Hoo…Tippecanoe Too!!!

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