Santa’s Wonderland Box Glitch

Update: This appears to have been fixed!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a quick note that it appears that the Santa’s Wonderland box is glitched.  It seems as though, for some players, when you still have 1 item left in the box it disappears.  This shouldn’t happen, and if it’s happened to you it’s a glitch.

The best thing I can tell you to do is report it to EA.  You can do so here. Hopefully, this will be patched soon.

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  1. Anybody else notice that when all the christmas 2020 stuff went away, the Blue Haired Lawyer and Mrs. Claus no longer have 24 hour tasks for some reason??

    • Yea i think it has something to do with the daily challenges changing back to non-holiday ones. It should get corrected with the next update…the one that removes the snow.

  2. The burning bush has gone😫. I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw it in the shop for cash. My new game is in fire🤗X

  3. WOOHOO! *gobble gobble* 😄🦃❤

  4. Grindor the Aged

    Good news, everybody! I just got the Wonderland patch, and my new Turkey is wandering around Springfield, getting annoyed when I tap him! They also appear to have fixed the tokens for donuts issue, as that was also missing. So, here I am: replete with my new Turkey and a dozen more donuts. I hope you all are too. Cheers!

  5. Just had a patch come through when i opened the game tonight. It fixed the wonderland glitch for me. Immediately got the turkey that was left! Woo hoo!

  6. Treva English-augborn

    I want that Turkey please help bring it back

  7. Where did the buy-a-winterland-ticket-with-donuts go?
    There was a tab that I could buy one ticket for 60 donuts or get 5 for 240. Can’t find it any more – was it removed?

    • That wasn’t tickets, it was mystery box tokens. The other box..

      • Yes..those. The tokens.

        Where’d they go?

        • Did you finish the holiday box?

          • There were two boxes to start. The 2020 Holiday Mystery Box that takes Mystery Box tokens and the other that you use tickets from doing daily tasks.

            The daily task one is finished and disappeared. But so did the two tabs that offered me Mystery Box tokens for donuts.

            • I only had the Turkey left, and the box vanished.
              Today I attempted to spend one token to purchase 3 donuts, and I got 3 donuts.
              The tokens are somewhere in the ether. They do exist. Somew.
              Hopefully EA will fix the glitch,
              Yesterday, attempting to complete my daily task with Flanders kicked me out. Other characters were fine.
              It happens.

  8. Grindor the Aged

    So I’m not crazy after all (at least for this reason)! Thanks for confirming, and I reported my plight to the holiday overlord.

    • Grindor the Aged

      Well, I received the following from EA:

      “I hope you’re doing well, upon reviewing your case, I’ve gathered that you are missing Santa’s wonderland from the store. I can understand that must be concerning for you. Do not worry I will help you in all possible ways.

      Please let me share that, unfortunately we cannot make it appear in the store from our end. I request you to wait for some time. Hopefully it will be available in the store.”

      How is that helping in all possible ways when they understand this must be concerning to me? Good thing I used to work in software engineering, and understand they need to develop a patch for this, or I might be a little more than just concerned (which is overstating the situation; it’s more annoying than anything else, as it is just a game – though I want my turkey!). 😊

  9. I am so frustrated. Only had the turkey left and it dsappeared. I have contacted EA, and they were no help. I have cleared everything, re-downloaded the game, posted on EA forum. Anything i could think of. The box doesnt pop back up. Any word on a fix anyone??

  10. I got the turkey but I still need Lady Duff. I’ve had that stupid Mexican Duffman quest that requires her in my queue for months. I have everything else Duff related. Duff brewery, duff gardens, duff blimp, etc…Bring her back already!

  11. Well, I’m quitting the game for the day. Inside an hour I’ve had 20 min gameplay in between 40 min of Bart-screen interruptions. What’s the point, if I get more aggravation than fun out of this?

  12. Anyone get their game rolled back with no explanation? I had made it to part 3 and yesterday it wanted me to login again and an error and I recall in the past you have to wait I opened the app last night and it didn’t ask for a login and the daily quests for tickets was gone just regular money and donuts and back to the beginning of the quest. I closed it and tried again this morning and same thing.

    Anyone else have this problem?

    • I have seen a bit of that but in good ways. There was a glitch that after purchasing items with donuts if you got a disconnect and waited for the game to reload you had the same donuts as before you purchase along with the item you purchased. This glitch was removed along with the ability to but burning bushes with cash which gave a % bonus. A got all the items from the yearbook but found 20% when you clicked on the yearbook the game would crash.

  13. The new Chrismas update wouldn’t load on my phone. I tried everything, I’ve even removed the game en tried reinstalling it, but nothing works. The game now doesn’t upload at all. I’ve got 20gb free space so that can’t be the problem. Really don’t know how I can solve this problem. Any ideas???

  14. Anyone else having reinstall issues? It used to be that there would occasionally be 50-100mb updates several times during events without any issues. Now, after those updates, it reinstalls the ENTIRE 2.5gb (!!!) EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Today was the 6th time in the last 2 weeks! This is even more annoying than the Bart screen.

  15. Well, besides the wonderful Burning Bushes 🔥 offering up increased Bonus XP % disappearing (we all know EA was going to end that eventually – lol!), my Santa’s Wonderland Mystery Box only had one thing left in it as Content (Igloo Mansion) …. I was able to obtain it today after completing the Daily Task (cashed in the Red Ticket) …. so now my Santa’s Wonderland Mystery Box is gone (and those Red Tickets I earn can be traded in for 🍩’s). 🤔

    • I got the last item out my box as well but can’t tell how many tickets I have since the box has disappeared

      • Keith Rooney
        You will when you open the ‘Christmas’ section of the Store (there’s an option to turn those Red Tickets into 3 🍩’s).

        It’s nice we have so many ways to obtain 🍩’s, we just need Content to spend them on. 😉

  16. Reading about this glitch and was afraid that my turkey would vanish. I had two items left and waited until I had two tickets. I used both tickets in one go without going out of the Wonderland box by saving the items to the inventory. That worked, I’m now a proud owner of the turkey after 6 years 😉

  17. Same here. I thought that I was FINALLY going to get the elusive turkey, and *poof*, the box was gone.

    On the positive side, my store now allows me to exchange tickets for donuts. 1 Ticket = 3 Donuts

  18. Stupid glitched turkey is the only thing missing in my game! :#

    • Brooders

      You need a 🦃, I need the Evil Shopkeeper & Krusty Doll (are you reading this Santa EA? ’cause I think Tappers could offer up a ‘Christmas List’ here !) ☃️🎄❄️

  19. I have this problem and all I wanted was that darn turkey! :#

    Spoke to EA about it on live chat but only offered a roll back which I refused (remember last time!!!).

    ThEAy said to report it on the forums a d wait for a patch…

  20. Something will happen today, Friday.
    I repeatedly tried to select a character to perform a Daily Task (1 of 10 required), and the game froze up.
    Oh well, I have other, worldly, daily tasks to,perform. As Arnie would say, “I’ll be back”.

  21. Mr Donald G MacAlpine

    Haven’t emptied the Wonderland Box yet, so I don’t know about that, but I can confirm that the burning bush is no longer available to buy. The ones I had already bought (and their bonus) are still there.
    Looks like the bush wasn’t meant to be up for sale like that (it was shown in the store as available until the end of the event).

  22. That ain’t the only bug they’re gonna have to squash… just found one with one of the ticket tasks where it freezes the screen and forces you to force close the app when sending people to the task. It seems like it happens when I try to send Helen Lovejoy out.

  23. I’m amassing tix through the daily challenges, but have yet to see a wonderland box anywhere. I’d be fine if they could be exchanged for bonuts, but no, not even that. I’ve been playing so long that this hardly even registers as a glitch, though I know that I’d be driven crazy by it as a new player.

  24. I got a update earlier and thought that might have fixed it but all that did was remove the burning bush .

    See ya bye . 👽🎅

    • Even the worst of psychics could have predicted that.

      Speaking of psychics, I remember walking down the street in downtown Vancouver after a night if excessive drinking when a street psychic said to me “would you like a psychic reading”. At this point the psychic was in the middle of collapsing her gear so she could go home for the day.

      I paused for a moment and had a pondering look on my face. My response came iny the form of a question “you’re not very good at it, are you?”

      The response was a humble “no”.

      Her head then hung low in disappointment and she continue closing down her busking station and I made my way home.

    • Was able to buy a couple thousand burning bush before the patch. 😀

  25. Had a small update were the burning bush has been removed and Springfield elementary has snow on it, maybe EA sorted the winterland box as well.

  26. So, I’m not crazy after all
    Well, perhaps I am…
    Just not in regards to this

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