Happy New Year 2021!

Hey Howdy Hey New Year’s Party Animals!

Well, it’s officially midnight here on the east coast and that means….hello 2021!! (I know, I know I bunch of you already had your celebrations..but America’s always late to the New Year’s Party…)

2020 has been…a year here at the Addicts HQ…it’s been a year for many of us…we celebrated our 7th year blogging, dodged more politics, moderated hundreds of thousands of YOUR comments, and celebrated and complained about loads of updates and characters added to this game!

Psst…if you haven’t already done so, don’t forget to take the 2020 year in review poll! You can find it here.

We’d also like to thank you guys, the AMAZING folks of the TSTO Addicts Community..for being a part of this amazing community for the last 7.5 years!  You guys are awesome and we can’t wait to share the coming years with you!

Things may look a little different right now, but we hope you all have a phenomenal New Year & wherever you are tonight, please get home safe!

Cheers to a great 2021 filled with love, laughter, tapping & FREE DONUTS!!

How did you spend the end of 2020?  How did you ring in 2021?  What are your resolutions for the New Year?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

Much Love!

And now for the annual Little Addicts glasses photo…they’re getting harder to capture!

Here are the previous photos…

22 responses to “Happy New Year 2021!

  1. Happy new year a couple days late!🎊🎉🎊
    They look so cute… and happy! Hope all is well!❤️

  2. Happy New Year! Your kids have grown up so much! Little cuties! ❣️
    My game seems to be glitching a lot, driving me crazy. Seems to be more when there is a download to do. It says that there is a problem with my Log in? Any suggestions? It is so frustrating.
    Thanks for any help. 😷

  3. Heya. Not sure where to put this comment so I’ll just put it here. My task today for tickets/donuts is to send 5 Van Houtens out on tasks. One of the VHers it wants me to send is Nana Sophie Mussolini, except I don’t have her. The game doesn’t notice until I try to send her, then it locks up. I can use my phone’s back key, but not the game’s one. Not a massive problem, but just mentioning it anyway in case it helps anyone. 🙂

  4. Awwww they both look so precious ☺️

    Worked New Year’s Eve
    Came home to the Mrs
    We curled up with our 🐈’s
    We broke out the champagne 🍾
    We watched Sabrina on Netflix
    (4th and Final Season)
    All 8 Episodes
    Time to sleep in 😴

    Here’s to a better 2021
    New Simpson’s Episodes on FOX
    New Content on TSTO
    (OMG 😱 8 years approaching!)

  5. Happy birthday Patric. Mine is tomorrow.

  6. Happy New Yesr!

    My Springfield is glitching! I can’t clear the growing perfection tasks, and if I click on the Preach daily task, it freezes. Not a good way to bring in 2021!

    • Jalapenomel

      When it doubt? Reboot your device and please check your device’s connection (got decent WiFi? it comes in handy for this Game App).

      Even on a 5G device with 6gigs of RAM + 128gigs of ROM, I have moments when I can’t Tap (I have to close the Game App, rebooting helps by clearing the cache).

      Hope you’re mostly thru Act 3, because Act 4 begins on December 5th.

    • Perfection has a 45 second grow time and must harvested within a few seconds or it wilts and dies. As for the other daily task chose characters other than the one causing the freezing.

  7. Will there be an Addicts Live of the Year in Review? I really miss the Addicts Live. I’m sure all of your schedules have been crazy and you’ve all probably been Zoomed out or whatever video chat service you use to stay connected. Hoping 2021 brings more noramalcy to our daily lives and the game sees some new elements to it…..especially more land.

    • Trying to figure that out

    • Italian Beauty

      I 2nd on more Land 👍🏻 ….. and gosh darn this pandemic …. has it really been 9 months since the last TSTO Addicts Live? 😮 Some like the audio cast, I prefer the video (because I get to see 3 jovial faces behind the voices).

  8. Wishing everyone a healthy, happy, prosperous, and hopefully delightfully boring 2021! Thanks, Alissa, for all that you do here…and, my, how your girls have grown! Adorable!

  9. If i dont need more tickets in the daily challenges because i got all prizes, how can i change it for donuts?

  10. I spent the night at home with my mum in front of the TV with a nice bottle of Mango flavoured mead as a was gifted a few bottles of the stuff for Christmas in different flavours I’ll be having rhubarb and honey flavour today with my new year’s meal. Hopefully 2021 Will be a lot better than last year. I did notice one Good sign for the UK 15 January is when season 32 of Simpson’s will be starting for us although I did get slightly upset reading the description for ep1 about burns going undercover and becoming really popular as the name “fred” that he chooses was my dads name who as you may recall I lost back in September and he was a very popular man at his workplace where he worked for 51 years.

  11. Happy new year

  12. Love the glasses!! Happy New Year! Thanks to all of you for your posts about our favorite game!! 🎉🎊

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