Musings on Clash of Creeds…

Happy Musings Thursday my friends! I’m back with another musings post for you.  Clash of Creeds is officially over…time to break it all down!  So, I’ve got some thoughts, let’s get to ’em…

And before I get into the nitty-gritty of the breakdown, I just want to remind you that I compare each event with similar previous events.

So for Clash of Creeds I’m holding this event in the same light as all other multi-events.  I’m no longer going to do the “this event was ok, but compared to this event from 6 years ago it was terrible…”.  I think we need to compare apples to apples at this point.  We all know Stonecutters (from 2014) was the best TSTO event ever, and no event since has lived up to that greatness.  So, we have to analyze this multi-event compared to other multi-events.  It’s only fair.

So now onto the breakdown…

So comparing Clash of Creeds to other multi-events, and reviewing it in the same light…

I thought this one was really good.  Not the best event of the year, but it was still really good.  While some prizes were lackluster, most of them were pretty good.  And as always the dialogue was two enthusiastic thumbs up.

Let’s get into the Good, Bad, and Ugly…

The Good

-Incoming broken record talk…once again the dialogue stands out as the best part of the event.  The writers are really putting in solid efforts in the writing and it’s not going unnoticed.  I really enjoyed, not only the main questlines, but each characters individual questline.  And I really enjoyed how a lot of them intertwined with each other…specifically Yahweh and Moses.  That was probably one of my favorite ones.

-Free characters on the prize track.  I’m always a fan of full characters on prize tracks.  Of course I wish there were more free characters…but I’ll take 2.

-Animations.  The animation were a lot of fun with this event.  Andre’s and Sexy Santa Marge’s stand out.

-Easy to finish.  As always, these multi-events are pretty easy to finish.  Which makes it nice during the holidays, when you have other things going on.

-Santa’s Wonderland tickets in the daily challenges.  This was a nice bonus with this event, especially given that they can be convert to donuts.  3 donuts/ticket…equated to a lot of free donuts.

The Bad

-Yes, there was snow in Springfield but no snow was falling!  I genuinely miss this aspect of the winter events.  Snow used to fall across the screen and it has been missed over the last few years.

-Yahweh’s donut earning tasks.  Yes, it’s great they added a character that could generate donuts…but there are a lot of flaws in this one.  I don’t mind doing a required set of tasks, in order, to generate some donuts…but there are just too many tasks and too many steps with this one.  It takes WAY too long to generate 7 donuts.  So 52 hours for 7 donuts.  Just not worth it.

The Ugly

-The glitches when the event ended.  I think there were some things EA didn’t really think through when it came to character tasks.  Loads of tasks were used for the Santa Wonderland tickets, which was awesome, but once the event ended and the opportunity to earn the tickets ended a lot of those tasks disappeared.  They should return once the update to remove the snow from the game appears in the app store, but still it’s something that seems like could have been easily avoided if EA thought it through all the way.

Final Thoughts

Overall I give this event a B+ .  For a multi-event, it was good.  Some flaws, but overall a good event.

And that’s it my friends.  My thoughts on Clash of Creeds.  You can check out our full thoughts on the Clash of Creeds event on the 2020 year in review video, which can be found here (it’s right around the 45-ish minute mark that we start talking about Clash of Creeds)

Now it’s your turn.  What did you think of Clash of Creeds?  How would you great it? Thoughts?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

30 responses to “Musings on Clash of Creeds…

  1. I haven’t commented on a musing post in a while so I might catch up on the other posts from previous events that I didn’t comment on.

    * New Christmas content including Krusty Claus (KC), Sexy Santa Marge (SSM), Christmas Ignorers United Billboard (CIUB), Mall Santa Wish Center (MSWC), Santa’s Workshop Sign (SWS), Self-Flying Sled (SFS), Sea Captain Sleigh (SCS), XMAS Trees Lot (XTL) and Christmas Fence (CF).
    * Movementarians were finally added including The Leader (TL), Movementarian Compound (MC), Ad Truck (MAT) and Recruiters (MR).
    * More Jewish items were added in acts 3 and 4 including the Jewish Walk of Fame (JWoF), Menorah Pile (MP), Orthodox Ambulance (OA) and The Rappin’ Rabbis (TRR).
    * The mystery box tokens were included with prizes instead of being a separate prize (excluding the 1st token in act 2 as the alternate prize to the Cult Flying Saucer).
    * All the content was available as prizes or for spending donuts (there was no buying a donut package just to get a character/costume for this event like with the Black Friday stuff, Donut Homer and Muscular Milhouse this year).

    * While it was nice and easy to finish, the prize currency totals could’ve been different for acts 3 & 4 since they were the exact same as Act 2 with acts 2, 3 & 4 prizes 1-4 each requiring 150 currency and prize 5 requiring 175 currency. (Acts 3 & 4 prize totals could’ve been: Act 3 prizes 1-4 requiring 175 currency and and prize 5 requiring 200 currency; Act 4 prizes 1-4 requiring 200 currency and prize 5 requiring 225 currency).

    * Only a small portion of Movementarian content (4, or 5 including the returning spaceship) was released since there is still a lot of Movementarian stuff not added to the game yet. (It does mean potential for a second Movementarians event which could add Glen, Jane, Springfield Lawyer House and The Forbidden Farm just to name a few).
    *The Leader’s visual tasks very random and did not appear in the show since I don’t remember him going hunting and washing his robes. (He should’ve had a visual task with the Cult Flying Saucer going across the screen which breaks apart and shows The Leader on a flying pedal bike until it gets to the end of the screen and then it resets back to the Cult Flying Saucer).
    * No Christmas treat from EA when logging in on Christmas day which usually is donuts or a free item. (Not counting the return of The Ten Commandments + God and the 50% extra donuts on buying donuts with real money which is something EA done for Christmas day).

    * Some prize decorations had no animations or tasks with them which includes the CF, CIUB, MP (it could’ve worked like the crowds do with 3 different looks), Nativity Recycling, SCS, SWS and XTL. (The SCS and XTL should’ve had a visual task for the Sea Captain at the sleigh called “Drive the Penguin Sleigh” and the XTL should’ve had a character task or an animation with it).
    * Cult Flying Saucer (CFS) did not get a permanent task with it even though it got used several times in the event. (The Leader’s “Change Oil in the Spaceship” task should’ve been located at the CFS instead of the MC or the task goes to the MC if the CFS is stored or not owned.

    Overall, it was a great event and easily the best multi-event of 2020 since the inclusion of Santa’s Wonderland Tickets in new daily challenges for the event was a great thing included since the tickets rewarded items from past event and could be exchanged for 3 donuts per ticket. There were some minor disappointments such as the lack of animations and tasks to some of the prizes, lack of tasks at the Cult Flying Saucer and The Leader’s visual tasks. I give the event an A grade. 🎄🎁❄️

  2. GOOD

    Writing was 💯 Great
    Plenty of New Characters
    (Some voiced)
    Amusing Visual Tasks
    Fun Buildings
    (and Heaven, too!)
    Easy Event over Holiday
    (Easy earning 🍩’s!)
    Able to obtain Prior Content


    Running out of space
    (TSTO needs more Land)
    That Login Screen
    (C’mon that was bad!)
    Those Glitches
    (Missing Character Tasks)
    It wasn’t Christmas-y
    (We got snow, just no visual Snowing❄️)
    Still Have Prior Content Unavailable


    Dumb Event Prizes
    I Stored more Prizes in 2020 compared to prior Years
    Stagnant Event Format
    (It is! It’s why I prefer Mini Events!)

    Grade B

    Wondering if we’re reaching “The End” to TSTO 🤔

  3. Susan Johnson-Dehn

    I don’t remember Marv’s “Aggressive Advertising” task ever being a part of the event, but it’s now gone and he hasn’t got ANY 24hr tasks. I’d had him “spinning that sign” pretty much since I’d finish his task line when he was available through that event. An idea as to what happened?
    TIA, Susan

  4. This update had me at Hello. Number one on my Christmas wish list was the snowman Homer, it bothered me every year that one missing part to my Simpson snow family. Boom! Then the skins, I got the candy cooling towers, lights for the recently acquired Gold Mansion and the Springfield Tire Fire. Next, I got the long the long desired Movementarians. Happy with all of that. I love the crowd grouping too, they’re now happily handing out pamphlets outside malls, monorail stations and the airport. We got more fun characters. Between the Winter Wonderland box and Black Friday’s Gold box I completed a lot of character sets. Really enjoyed the character task animations like Lisa making snow angels and Homer building a snowman in front of the Simpson house, wish we could keep that as an option as long as we have snow. Finally, I think it was at the beginning of this update we finally got the option for the kids trick or treating in their costumes as individual 4hr tasks. A little late for Halloween but still appreciated. My only real negative is, like many Tappers, I wish it started earlier and ended earlier- it’s weird Homer making it home in time for Christmas in mid January. The animations for The Leader could have been better and I had to use my Cheddar Barrel barn for The Forbidden Barn but over all very happy with this update.

  5. I agree with Phil. It is not a matter of time but number of clicks that matter. 7 steps, 14 clicks for 7 donuts. I don’t think there is anything better. Plus, I have mentioned a flaw in when I enter the game the click radius doesn’t work. I clicked on Yahweh, received the seven donuts and then was offered the opportunity to repeat the step for another seven donuts! (Two of my seven games were donut giving step)(BTW, the radius fix is selecting the neighbors icon and then selecting the home icon).

  6. I enjoyed this year’s Christmas event more than the last few years. This is the event that I look forward to all year. I still miss tasks that involve your neighbors, but I thought Santa’s Wonderland was a nice addition. A few years ago someone on the Addicts blog suggested a night mode so that you could see the Christmas lights at night. I would still like to see that. All & all it was a good one compared to recent events . B+ for me as well.

  7. Going to miss the Wonderland tickets, EA should make this a permanent daily challenge which could be collected to exchange for something else.

  8. Why did so many regular character tasks disappear when the event ended? Jesus’ and Brother Faith’s 8 hour tasks, Nana Sophie slapping Kirk, just to name a few. They had nothing to do with the event.

  9. In the dim and distance past we had all missed items in a vault (cannot remember the correct name) and some of us farmed like it was going out of fashion to gather every item. There was no real pleasure or notice taken of the script lines or getting the items. In this event you could gain tokens to get missed items, I regret this was not always always the way, far more of a sense of achievement. Probably EA saw it as a cash cow getting people to pay for doughnuts to get all the missed items, short term monetary gain, however longer term tappers not created and they could have got you to pay for tokens to exchange for missed items. I have not sent all my characters on a task for months, no need to.

  10. I disagree about the Yahweh donut tasks. Yes, 52 hours for 7 donuts isn’t optimal, but it’s far, far better than 0 hours for 0 donuts.

  11. I forgot about when the snow used to fall! It was very pretty, and, now that you’ve reminded me, I do miss it a bit, but I also remembered that it slowed some people’s game to a crawl, depending on how powerful their device was. I think it would be great if those kinds of animations were something one could turn on and off during the event, kind of like the way you can decide whether you want the music on or off.

  12. Don’t do Moses last task…

  13. I have a question regarding XP/donut/running out of possible items: The game advices to not place more than about 11000 objects. I had bought very many burning bushes for in game cash and when I do KEM farming, after some KEMs the game always warns me to not place more objects or it could become unstable.

    Since I try to get rid of items but still have so many I want to keep, I have the conflict: Do I add more items that increase the percentage of XP payout (even though I like the looks of some other objects in my town more) or do I leave room for more KEMs? If I place more XP increasing items, I hit the warning (11000 objects) earlier when I place KEMs.

    I don’t know how to do the math if I should place every XP percentage increasing object I have / I can buy or if I should leave some of them that I don’t want to place anyway (due to the looks of it) in the inventory/store in order to leave more “space” for more KEMs.

    Does anyone have an idea how to do the math? Maybe @Safi?

    Many thanks in advance!

    • I have hundreds of bonus-earning items in my that you’d never know where there. With some careful placements, it’s possible to hide TONS of stuff behind various buildings and large decorations. I’m up to well over 2,000% bonus multiplier, and, with a few exceptions (a bunch of tennis courts at my country club, the villas that go on the water (can’t remember what they’re called), and a triple-thick wall of spooky walls would be the most obvious to those who have been playing for a few years), you’d have a hard time figuring out why my bonus multiplier is so high. So, what I’m saying is, it’s actually not an either/or situation!

  14. I agree it was a good event, and the Wonderland tickets were a nice surprise. The big glitch for me is Jesus will no longer Cast Judgement. My favorite 🙁

  15. The GOOD, BAD, & UGLY in my case–having only recently come back to the game. [ i.e. During the Thanksgiving-Cranberry-Aliens event ]

    Managing to grab possibly the two most effective characters:
    GOD, & Yahweh
    [Having taken advantage of the specially-priced burning bushes.] 😉

    Not being able to fully enjoy the dialogue and animations because I was inundated with the seemingly hundreds of tasks from the current event, and the older ones newly obtained from characters & decorations; plus, going on a tedious KEM farming spree in order to get enough doughnuts to “buy” God & Yahweh.
    [I could not take advantage of free doughnuts-for-tickets exchange until quite late because I had been away for so long.] :\

    The uttermess caused from piling, dumping, & squeezing a few hundred burning bushes, & the old & new holiday-themed decorations; as well as the flipping Kwik-E-Marts, all into my limited-spaced Springfield!
    [Fortunately, with GOD’s 24-hour task, I’ll be able to gradually amass enough in-game cash to buy hectares of land, and make my Springfield less chaotic.] 😛

  16. I liked that they added the element of wonderland tickets in the daily challenges. It seems ages since we’ve had anything other than the 4 hour rinse and repeat tasks and although it’s not alot I did appreciate another aspect of the game play.

  17. I would give it an A. With this event I was able to finally obtain God. The burning bushes helped me to generate the donuts 🍩 I needed To get all that I wanted. I know the bushes were an accident by programmers but it was a nice addition to the game. I really like how they added new challenges to obtain tickets 🎫. I hope they continue to add this element onto the game for future major events. I also enjoyed the dialogue it was entertaining.

  18. I like that they are doing things that go on both sides of the street.
    Is there a donut cap or just a money one.

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