Incoming Update-New Year, New You! (Available on the App Store)

Update: The Update is currently available to download via the App Store for Android and iOS. Fire you’ll have to let me know if you see it.  You may have to search your app store (under Tapped Out) to find the update.
Also, this update does change the splash screen but it DOES NOT remove the snow from Springfield.  So looks like the snow will be sticking around for a little while longer!
Remember, the update WILL NOT start for you until TOMORROW Jan. 20th.  So don’t panic if you download the update and don’t see a new event starting…
And those of you who were missing tasks…please let me know if this corrects that issue for you.  Thanks!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just wanted to let you know there is a new update on the server.  It hit about a half-hour ago or so.  So expect an app store update to hit within the next few hours….

That being said, the update will not go live in games until TOMORROW, January 20th. So don’t freak out that it hasn’t launched yet etc.  Just giving y’all a heads up that it’s coming.  The theme is the New Year…

It just isn’t Christmas without cults and crib-bound Messiahs. Luckily, Homer is home and safe from the Movementarians, and Baby Jesus is hanging with the Simpsons until King Herod gets over his hissy fit. Now it’s time for a normal Christmas full of mindless consumerism and hedonistic feasting, just as the Lord intended. We probably should have learned a lesson from all of this but who cares! Onward and upward!

More details as I pull files and the update hits the app stores…

P.S. The app store portion of this update (which isn’t live just yet) SHOULD resolve the character task issue….we’ll see what happens.

43 responses to “Incoming Update-New Year, New You! (Available on the App Store)

  1. Heather Hoherchak

    Hello, I’m still unable to complete my tasks.

  2. I’m still missing tasks.

  3. Susan Johnson-Dehn

    Some task duties still not back…yet. unfortunately.

  4. The new event just started for me at 9am et.

  5. android kullanıyorum ama olmadı..

  6. New Character and Skins in place too 🙂 New Year Event

  7. Hi @Alissa, I had an in game update and deleted and reinstalled the game. Mrs. Claus still does not have her final task, partying with the elves.

    Ms. Claws, the Crazy Cat Lady, does not have her sleigh riding task anymore.

    Do you have an idea what can be done? 🙁

    • At this point the best bet is to contact ea. The rep over the chat/ phone won’t be able to fix it but they’ll send a message to the studio for a patch

  8. Thanks Addicts! Any idea what time it will drop? Or which characters will be needed to start it? Cheers!

  9. hi everyone , first post here , i’m longtime reader of this wonderfull website , for every tsto addicts … i write this comment because i have an issue with the game i’m locked with a daily task ” got milk ” for 1h long but my 300+ characters can’t do anything since . when i press it they go out the Kwik-E-Mart and right back go inside . So i just need to kill the app and restart it and all characters are give they XP and money again and again . it’s a 3mins loop exploit in the whole process . i also see many 4 hours task wasn’t been available before the locked daily task appear . i have made all update and reinstall the game but nothing change . it’s look like a server synch error . let’s hope there is a fix soon . i’m still grabbing moutain of donuts in the waiting … ;D

  10. It snowed here all nights,5:30 am and heading to work in it, I like that it’s still in the game for now but roll on the spring and summer 😃

  11. Thanx as always, Alissa!!!🖤

  12. P.S.

    Kids no longer have 4 Hours “trick-or-treat” Character Tasks (boooo!) and nobody can “Ride Their Sleigh” (boooo!) 🙄

  13. Today was the first time I download tapped out on my iPad to my surprise it was 2597 MB usually on my phone it is 1200 mb. I switched to my iPad because my phone was constantly downloading all over again and again. Hopefully, on my iPad won’t be a problem.

  14. Downloaded Android Update (OG Login Screen is back aaand it stretches across my entire 6.7 Screen!). Thanks for the heads up, Alissa! 😀

  15. Sadly still no update available on my iPad. Hopefully I’ll have before the event starts.

    • Apparently my new iPad requires me to search through many screens for an update to this game. Finally downloaded the update so I’m all set for tomorrow, except for knowing exactly who to save for the event tasks. Looking forward to when you can release that info.

  16. Since the snow is staying for the next event, is this the first time that snow has stayed in the game until February?

  17. blackgypsyrose13

    The update is live on Amazon.

  18. Well, i can tell you that the Amazon Fire tablet has the update. I am installing it right now.

  19. It did not restore the missing tasks – ugh!

    • Cile

      no this Update didn’t bring back certain Character Tasks ….. we’ll see when the Event starts tomorrow IF L-EA-Z-Y fixed anything besides the Login Screen. 🤔

  20. When oh when can we get a collect all for the characters say every four hours 🙂

  21. Well, Jesus in both my games still seems to have lost his 8-hour task, that was definitely there before the last event.

    Hopefully it’ll turn up when the event starts, says the optimist 🙂

  22. I’ve updated and, sadly, the jobs are still missing. At least half a dozen characters no longer have 12 hour tasks in my game.

  23. Hi all, sadly I still cant do the 12 hour Crazy Cat Lady task with the cat sleigh. I’m not sure if this is linked to the glitch or because I won the CCL bundle as part of the 2020 update rather than the original 2018 one, but just thought I’d let you know x

    Happy tapping!
    Laura 🌹

    • That’s probably not glitch related, that’s likely you just need the item.

      Contact EA and tell them it’s missing from your game. Say “I had it, and it disappeared” they should be able to add it back in.

  24. Just updated on my iPad, the snow is still there though, is this expected?

  25. Maybe goodbye snow. Which is perfect timing for me as here in Lake Livingston Texas we passed the cold for this season 2days ago. I sure hope it’s a proper good Valentine’s event.There are was some rose bushes I had only heard about that was before I started ,which was the super second superheroes event. I hope for new Valentine’s day decorations.

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