New Year New You Premium Dialogue: Mrs. Frink (and Octoparrot)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Update time in Springfield my friends, and this time EA is bringing back everyone’s favorite phrase for the New Year…New Year, New You!  Let’s all take a New Year’s trip to chubby camp.

This mini-event ushered in one new premium character (who also came with an NPC) to help navigate this event.  Mrs. Frink (and Octoparrot) is an all-new premium character for Springfield, who not only helps earn event currency but also comes with a short questline.

So let’s take a look at the questline for Mrs. Frink, here’s the full dialogue for The Nature to Nurture…

More details on Mrs. Frink can be found here

The Nature to Nurture Pt. 1
Mrs. Frink starts

Mrs. Frink: For cryin’ out glayvin! Give me back that test tube!
Vicious Monkeys: *monkey noises*
Sebastian Cobb: Quick everyone, clear out! Ned Flanders is here!
Stephen Hawking: No — Not — That guy.
Sebastian Cobb: He’s leading his biweekly “crimes against nature” crusade!
Mrs. Frink: Now?! But I had that in my calendar for next week!
Sebastian Cobb: I’m afraid even we scientists don’t understand the meaning of “biweekly”!
Vicious Monkeys: *shrugging noises*
Sebastian Cobb: Ok, I’ll take the Monkeys and the Super Soldier Squirrels and you get rid of…you know…THAT.
Octoparrot: *croak*
Mrs. Frink: Octoparrot?! I’m not going to let them harm a feather on your head.
Octoparrot: Or tentacle!
Make Mrs. Frink Rescue Octoparrot- 1hr
Make Sebastian Cobb Wrangle the Monkeys- 1hr
Make Ned Harass Scientists- 1hr
Mrs. Frink: Hey honey, I’m home — and I’ve got a surprise.
Frink: Flayvin do I like a good surprise.
Octoparrot: Flayvin!
Frink: Hoyvin!
Octoparrot: Hoyvin!
Frink: What is with the flipping and the flapping and the repeating—
Mrs. Frink: I have to keep Octoparrot hidden in our house for a while.
Frink: But where the glayvin will we put this ink-shooting copy-cat?!
Mrs. Frink: The guest bedroom?
Octoparrot: *brawk* Master bedroom!

The Nature to Nurture Pt. 2
Mrs. Frink starts

Frink: By my calculations, this parrot doesn’t just display repetitive behavior, but communicates with advanced avian intelligence.
Octoparrot: Duh! *sprays ink*
Mrs. Frink: His octopus DNA makes him smarter than your average bird.
Frink: I still don’t recognize his scientific purpose.
Mrs. Frink: Octoparrot is just Phase One in our mission to one day merge the DNA of humans and parrots.
Octoparrot: I’m hungry! I’m hungry! I’m hungry!
Frink: He sounds pretty human to me.
Make Mrs. Frink Try to Feed Octoparrot- 4hrs
Make Frink Clean Up Ink-Stains With Lasers- 4hr

The Nature to Nurture Pt. 3
Mrs. Frink starts

Octoparrot: *burps*
Frink: Well, we’ve learned that this invertebrate bird likes to eat fish.
Mrs. Frink: I’m growing to like him as a pet.
Octoparrot: I’m hungry! I’m hungry! *ink spray*
Frink: Well, he’s good practice before we create our own children.
Mrs. Frink: Children… Miniaturize some of your clothes. I have an idea!
Frink: Miniaturize them? But that technology is far too advanced!
Mrs. Frink: We get it. You invented the Shrink Ray…
Frink: I did! But my shrink ray is very sensitive. If you shrink something, you can’t just zap it back and make it big again.
Mrs. Frink: Now that would be something worth investing in.
Frink: *zaps his clothes*
Make Mrs. Frink Disguise Octoparrot- 2hrs
Make Frink Miniaturize Clothes- 2hrs

The Nature to Nurture Pt. 4
Mrs. Frink starts

Squeaky Voice Teen: Welcome to the Childrarium. How can I help you?
Mrs. Frink: I would like to drop my son off to be nurtured and educated while I go get a mani-pedi and feel smugly superior to other parents because I’m paying to give my child a head start.
Squeaky Voice Teen: We really appreciate that kind of honesty here at the Childrarium.
Mrs. Frink: I just want the best for my child, Octoparrot.
Squeaky Voice Teen: His name is Octoparrot?
Mrs. Frink: Well, we prefer to call him by his nickname: Octo.
Squeaky Voice Teen: All right, Octo. Time for a fun-filled day at the Childrarium!
Octoparrot: *ink spray*
Squeaky Voice Teen: My eyes!
Mrs. Frink: He, uh, likes black licorice and sometimes spits at strangers. Sorry.
Make Mrs. Frink Get a Mani-Pedi- 8hrs
Make Squeaky Voice Teen Watch ViewTube While Kids Run Wild- 8hrs
Squeaky Voice Teen: Welcome back, ma’am. Here’s your son and— Oh, one of his mittens came off and OH MY GOD, IS THAT A TENTACLE?!
Mrs. Frink: Let’s just put that mitten back on and no it wasn’t.
Squeaky Voice Teen: I’m pretty sure it was!
Mrs. Frink: *zaps with shrink ray* Sorry, but you know too much.
Squeaky Voice Teen: I’m as small as the toddlers now!

The Nature to Nurture Pt. 5
Mrs. Frink starts

Mrs. Frink: I’m tired of putting in all the work to raise our 8-tentacled crime against nature while you futz around trying to generate cold fusion in your lab!
Frink: I knew Octoparrot would create a divide between us!
Octoparrot: *brawk* I choose neither of you in the divorce!
Frink: I never wanted a genetically-engineered faux-child. That was all you. You HAD to have one, and I supported you in that, but you always knew that I have very important science work.
Mrs. Frink: Yeah, doing what? Robotics?
Frink: Robots are the future!
Mrs. Frink: You just built another robot bartender didn’t you?
Frink: Yes! And Charles can make ice AND serve drinks, thank you very much.  But by Glayvin’s ghost, I can’t get him to stop crushing the ice cubelets!
Robot: *crushing noises* Here’s your margarita, sir.
Octoparrot: Can I get seven more for each of my tentacles?
Robot: Would you like them with salt, sir?
Make Mrs. Frink Complain About Frink- 5hrs
Make Frink Work on Robot Bartender- 5hrs
Ned: Hi-diddly-ho, science-a-reenos!
Mrs. Frink: Ned Flanders! Uh, what are you doing here?
Ned: Everyone in town knows you and Frink are hiding some sort of lab-grown monster.
Mrs. Frink: But how? I’ve been so careful!
Ned: Well, your octoparrot has been spraying ink all around town. But you can all relax. Some archaeologists just discovered a new stash of early Christian manuscripts — the Deader Sea Scrolls. And in it, there’s a new gospel that says abominations are okay as long as they’re cute!
Mrs. Frink: So our little Octo is safe?
Ned: Who’s the cute little octoparrot, who?
Octoparrot: *brawk* Get me away from this weirdo! And from all of you!
Mrs. Frink: Octo’s right. You belong in this world. Go and be free, little Octo!
Frink: So long, son.
Octoparrot: *brawk* I’ll send you a postcard from Rio! *flies away*

And that’s it my friends, the New Year New You premium dialogue.

Thoughts on the event?  Did you buy Mrs. Frink? Thoughts on the dialogue? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. Golly!

    I know there are Tappers out there who wanted a Voiced Mrs Frink …. I do, too – but she’s only been in a few Episodes (and the Vocal Talent behind her – Maggie Roswell who also does the voices of Elizabeth Hoover, Maude Flanders, Helen Lovejoy, Luann Van Houten – is known to quit when she isn’t getting paid the salary she wants! She’s not going to voice any characters for TSTO unless they want to pay her, it’s the same reason we don’t have Characters Voiced by Tres McNeille!)

    I had fun with this Premium Character, I typically don’t care for NPC’s but Mrs Frink and Octoparrot doing a Visual Character Task together is funny! 😀👍🏻

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