Woo to the Hoo! To Season 34 (and beyond?)!

Hey hey fellow tappereenos!

So I know what you’re thinking. Who the heck is The Wookiee?!? Or… that guy wrote a post finally?!? Isn’t he supposed to be mired in schoolwork or talking about life, the universe, and everything but mostly geek stuff? Well, I won’t bore you with 8 years of blog history or talk about graduate school or my own podcast but suffice to say… I’m the fuzzy older brother of Alissa the Amazing and once upon a time, I wrote here. While this isn’t necessarily a comeback so to say, I did have to pop on and share some news that has nothing to do with me writing or podcasting or the amount of Cheetos dust in my Attic.

What it does have to do with is the fantabulous, amazing, some might say surprising, NEWS that the beloved show on which this site and life-ruiningly fun game rests its tender yellow fingers upon is NOT ENDING. Is this not the Best. News. Ever.?!? I could write more but you know all the digital news outlets are writing feverishly about this announcement of two more season of the Best. Show. Ever. continuing as I also type with many grammatical errors I will need to fix. Also… when did WordPress change and become weird for this fuzzball to type a post on but as COG would say… I digress.

Here’s the news from Vulture and I share this particular page only because the headline makes me laugh.


This is such good news and honestly, I break this news here because I broke the story for Alissa and she dared me to write a post and here it is. Let’s see how long it takes for the writing bug to get me to type again.

What do you think of the News? Surprised? Elated? Still, wondering who the heck I am? Will the show outlive us all? Think Alissa and Safi talking about this very thing on their latest Addicts Live (Ep. 65) somehow changed the universe as we know it? Sound off in the comments. You know we love to hear from you and by we, I mean Alissa and Safi and Pat who will moderate the comments.

For all the tapa-tapa-tapping peeps/Addicts who remember this fuzzy hominid, all I can say is I hope you are well, and yes I’ve been around even if not writing regularly (read at all). All is well in Wookieeland aka Kashyyyk especially because this news is now a part of it. Until next time…

TTFN… Wookiee out!

Edit from Alissa…here’s some comments from the Twitterverse on the renewal…


9 responses to “Woo to the Hoo! To Season 34 (and beyond?)!

  1. Hey, Wook – nice to see you resurface, even if only for one post! 🙂

    One thing you said peaked my curiosity…. Are you really Alissa’s brother, or is that more just in the TSTO Addicts “family” sense? If you are her actual brother, I never knew that!

    So, are you done with grad school now? I know you said you wouldn’t “bore” is with info about that, but enquiring mind want to know! (Okay, maybe just my enquiring mind, lol?)

    At any rate….welcome back and I hope this won’t be the last we hear from you here for another couple of years (until the next renewal announcement)!

  2. Hi Wookie 👋🏻

    Just got done reading the great news at Deadline (very generous of Fox / Disney to renew the Simpsons for two more Seasons). 😊👍🏻

    It’s true that The Family Guy got renewed for one more Season (well Seth MacFarlane’s The Orville will have one final Season on Hulu). Then I saw again online that Fox / Disney what’s moving two of its Animated Series to Monday during the Summer (Duncanville and Housebroken will resume Monday nights in May). Strange times indeed! 🤔

  3. Great news! And great to see you posting here again. Long may the show (and you) run! I’m already looking forward to your post about renewing the show for season 35.

  4. Water 💦 on the brain?
    Fur on the brain?
    Jungle Boat ride on the brain?

    Thanks for checking in. Please do so with greater frequency — even if it is to simply growl or gargle or whatever it is that Wookiee’s do… so that we know you are still around.

    Good luck with grad school — I remember those days, many decades ago. Work at day, school at night, two or three classes each week, two or three 1,000. 2,000. Word papers each week. And a fantastic program called
    Spell checked and grammar checked.
    Sleep? What the heck is sleep?

  5. Certainly not surprised, there’s been announcements about the recasting of characters for months. Apu and Dr Hibbert are the most prominent examples. They obviously wouldn’t have recast them if there wasn’t another season coming. You can’t be a voice actor on a show that doesn’t exist 😛

  6. This is good news 🗞 🎊 🎉 . I was getting worried 😧 I really thought it was the end of the Simpsons. Glad they are sticking around for another two years. Glad 😃 to read your post Wookiee.

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