Update for Next Event In Files- Springfield Enlightened

Update: The update is now available in the app store, so really EA went public with the info first. So we’re going forward and sharing the spoilers with you guys now.  You can find them here.

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So, we’re in a bit of an interesting situation here….the files have updated with the next event from EA (multi-event) BUT we’re technically still not released from our NDA.
So…I have a TON of spoilers for you BUT I’m pretty sure I can’t share them just yet.  So I’d rather be safe than sorry.  As soon as the Facebook page updates, I will release a 💩 of SPOILERS.  So be ready!

Until then…be ready for the next event to hit our games tomorrow morning (Wednesday June 9th) at 11am ET.


5 responses to “Update for Next Event In Files- Springfield Enlightened

  1. I want to buy another Ultra Luxury Yacht for my game, but it is not showing up in the Springfield Heights section of the game store. Is this a glitch, or is the Ultra Luxury Yacht not permanent store item?

  2. Not sure if its worth mentioning but the update removed the Foodie Fight store items except for Chili Blasters so if anyone wanted to buy the Springfield Barbecue Festival & Tyler Boom and any of the returning items, you should buy them BEFORE you update for the new event.

  3. David Larangeira

    Golden goose realty? Lol

  4. I live in hope that the next update will return the login issue to normal, but I am not holding my breath. Just want to play my game of 8 years.

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